While new York children (including mine) still have two mainly left that the summer, numerous kids across the country have already headed ago to school. Whether this is a great thing or a bad thing different from kid to child, and from parent to parent. Although, I find most parents space pretty happy to obtain their kids out the the house. I mean, to start or further their child’s education. So IMPORTANT.

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As is customary at this time of year, I choose to host a photo challenge for the funniest very first day of school photos. Whether her idea of funny is your child jumping for delight when the sees his new teacher or lie in a pond of his own tears at the foot of the school is totally up come you.

23 Hilarious an initial Day that School photo Fails

1) The mom that forgot to do a sign so she gave her kid a blank piece of file so that she can photoshop the words in ~ a later on date


2) The boy who barely do it out the front door there is no staging one anti-school protest


3) The sibling who did not inherit the institution spirit gene like her sisters


4) The child who tooted ~ above his sign instead of speak “cheese”


5) The preschooler who was literally around to live every high schooler’s worst nightmare


6) The kid who was around to make her teacher’s life a living hell

7) The kid who stayed up method too late the night before

8) The son who want a Wonder mrs backpack!

9) The child who is willing to stand still because that you photo, yet if you desire a smile, you’re walking to have to pay her

10) The underclassman that was currently experiencing hazing and also she hadn’t even left her house


11) The dad that really demands to obtain out of her photo

12) The small brother who desires to understand why he isn’t walking to institution too

13) The youngsters who room like, “You can make us wear your fancy uniforms yet you can’t take our FREEDOM!”


14) The child who would conserve her sparkle because that Day 2

15) The boy who acted prefer you were sending out him away to boarding preschool

16) The boy who would rather be homeschooled

17) The pair who made decision to make it a tiny easier come tell them apart

18) The youngsters who recognize the drill and are walk to make you job-related for it

19) The child who will certainly smile as soon as she fulfills she lifelong dream of ending up being a fox or a pony


20) The boy who refuse to leaving the house


21) The boy who friend can lug to the step but you can’t do her avoid crying


22) The mom who admits this photograph isn’t because that the memories. It’s because that Facebook

23) The mom who forgot to take a photo on job 1, so she did the next best thing (FYI, that mom is ME!)


Share your back-to-school outtakes top top the Mommy Shorts Facebook web page or ~ above Instagram through the hashtag #firstdayphotofail (tagging

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I can’t wait to watch your very first day the school photograph outtakes!

Winner Update:

View this year’s winner and also all the funniest submissions here!


This post was funded by Mini Babybel but all school-hating children are her own.