Aside from gift the house of the stars that the future that us will gain watching on ours favorite groups for years to come, the minor leagues space all around cheesiness and entertainment.

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Whether in the form of strange promotions or between-innings entertainment, the entirety minor league experience is one large production.

One of the wackiest, and greatest, things connected with minor organization baseball room the team names.

Here is my perform of the 25 best minor league names.

Feel complimentary to add your top-25 list or any kind of omissions in the comment ar below.

25) vermont Lake Monsters
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The vermouth Lake Monsters room a Short-Season Class-A affiliate that the Oakland Athletics in the brand-new York-Penn League.

The surname "Lake Monsters" is another result of a "name-the-team" contest. The alternating option was "Green mountain Boys." I"m not sure which is better, to be ethical with you...

The Lake monster just came to be an affiliate that the A"s this season. Castle were formerly the minor league affiliate that the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals native 1994-2010.

24) Montgomery Biscuits
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The Montgomery Biscuits are a Double-A affiliate that the Tampa bay Rays in the southern League.

I selected this team name since of that is seeming randomness.

It turns out the the name was selected by Montgomery"s owner from a "name-the-team" contest.

His reason for selecting the surname was since he chosen the marketing and also pun possibilities such together "Hey, Butter, Butter, Butter" and also the team"s souvenir store, the "Biscuit Basket."

The Biscuits have actually been a minor organization affiliate that the Rays due to the fact that 1999.

23) james town Jammers
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I admit, i picked the jamestown Jammers because I want to placed them right after the Montgomery Biscuits.

Yum, Biscuits and Jam.

The Jammers are the Short-Season Class-A affiliate that the Florida Marlins in the brand-new York-Penn League.

The team earned their nickname in a pan vote, miscellaneous I have a feeling we will begin to see as a common theme in this slide-show.

They have actually been one affiliate that the Marlins because 2002.

22) Kannapolis Intimidators
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The Kannapolis Intimidators space a class Low-A affiliate that the Chicago White Sox in the south Atlantic League.

With a name favor the Intimidators, the White Sox might be trying to instill some confidence and also swagger in their players in ~ the low levels of the minors, or probably they just embraced the surname after the nickname given to their former owner, Dale Earnhardt.

Earnhardt, "The Intimidator," to buy the team earlier in 2000, at the time they were a Philadelphia Phillies minor organization affiliate.

They have actually been connected with the White Sox due to the fact that 2001.

21) Clinton LumberKings
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Clinton is among the longest created minor-league franchises in existence.

They joined the Midwest organization in 1954 and also have unable to do through numerous name changes and also affiliations due to the fact that that time.

They embraced the surname "LumberKings" in 1994 and also have kept the title since.

The team provided to take on the surname of their significant league sponsor before 1994.

Since 2009, they have actually been the Class-A minor league affiliate that the Seattle Mariners.

20) ft Wayne TinCaps
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The fort Wayne TinCaps are a Class-A affiliate of the mountain Diego Padres in the Midwest League.

The team embraced their surname to begin the 2009 season alluding to man Chapman, much better known as Johnny Appleseed.

The tin cap is a recommendation to a fictionalized explicate of Johnny Appleseed attract a tin food preparation pot ~ above his head in the 1948 Disney movie, Johnny Appleseed.

The team has been a minor organization affiliate the the san Diego Padres because 1999.

19) Savannah Sand Gnats
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Can you seriously not start laughing in ~ this name?

The Savannah Sand Gnats room the Class-A affiliate team that the brand-new York Mets in the south Atlantic League.

They have actually been well-known as the Sand Gnats dating back to 1996 after changing their name from the Savannah Cardinals.

They ended up being a Mets affiliate in 2007.

18) Inland empire 66ers
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The Inland realm 66ers are the Class-A advanced affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The 66ers pat in the California League.

The team adopted their surname after the famous Route 66 the runs through San Bernardino, whereby the team is located.

They just came to be an affiliate of the Angels this season after formerly being affiliated with the Los Angeles Dodgers indigenous 2007-2010.

17) Auburn Doubledays
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The Auburn Doubledays are a Short-Season Class-A affiliate that the Washington Nationals in the brand-new York-Penn League.

The team is called after Abner Doubleday, a Civil war general and also Auburn native who is often credited with inventing the video game of baseball.

You can see why I favor the name, even if that is just mistakenly credited as the founder the the game, a case he never ever personally made.

The team has actually played in the new York-Penn league dating back to 1958.

They became the Doubledays in 1996.

16) south Bend silver Hawks
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The southern Bend silver Hawks are a Class-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Midwest League.

The team name is in recommendation to the Studebaker silver Hawk, a auto that was once produced in southern Bend.

The team has been the minor league affiliate the the Diamondbacks since 1997.

15) Omaha Storm Chasers
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The Omaha Storm Chasers room the Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals in the Pacific shore League.

They just embraced the surname "Storm Chasers" this season. Castle were formerly the Omaha Royals indigenous 1967-1997 and again from 2002-2010.

They became the "Storm Chasers" after a fan vote to pick the brand-new name, as well as vote ~ above finalists.

They have been a Kansas City Royals affiliate continuously due to the fact that 1967.

14) Bowling eco-friendly Hot Rods
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I admit, ns am a little of a vehicle guy, for this reason of food the Bowling eco-friendly Hot Rods are one of the peak minor organization team surname (in mine opinion).

The warm Rods room a Class-A team of the Tampa only Rays in the Midwest League.

Their surname originated indigenous the connection the city of Bowling Green, Ky., has to the automotive and also racing industries.

They used to it is in a minor organization affiliate that the Los Angeles Dodgers before ending up being affiliated v the beam in 2007.

13) West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx
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I chose to grandfather-in the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx.

The team adjusted their surname this year come the Jackson Generals, a reflection of the original minor league team the played in Jackson in the early part of the 20th century.

Regardless, the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx and also their new identity, the Generals, are the Double-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners in the southerly League.

The team has actually been affiliated through the Mariners due to the fact that 2007.

12) Colorado Springs skies Sox
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The Colorado Springs skies Sox room the Triple-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies in the Pacific coastline League.

The sky Sox nickname originated from their affiliation v the White Sox back in the 1950"s and the teams place in the high-altitude Rockie Mountains.

The sky Sox have actually been the just Triple-A affiliate because that the Rockies because they entered the organization in 1993.

11) Quad cities River Bandits
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One that my favorite minor league team names.

The Quad cities River Bandits room the Class-A affiliate the the St. Luigi Cardinals in the Midwest League.

The nickname "River Bandits" was favored in an additional "name-the-team" contest, a layout that seems typical in minor league baseball.

Their present affiliation with the Cardinals has actually lasted since 2005.

10) Richmond paris Squirrels
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The Richmond flying Squirrels space a Double-A affiliate of the san Francisco Giants in the eastern League.

The paris Squirrels acquired their name in a windy "name-the-team" challenge in 2009.

Although the team has actually not to be continually called the paris Squirrels, or situated in Richmond, Va., they have actually remained one affiliate that the Giants since 2003.

9) brand-new Orleans Zephyrs
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The new Orleans Zephyrs are one more franchise that has actually been roughly since the early on 1900"s, in fact, 1901 to it is in exact.

The Zephyrs are the Triple-A affiliate that the Florida Marlins in the Pacific coastline League.

I have to admit, i don"t exactly know why the Zephyrs" mascot is a beaver; or is the a badger?

Regardless, the team has a rich history and has maintained their current name dating ago to 1985 (prior to the they were recognized as the Kansas City Blues and Denver Bears.

Their current affiliation through the Marlins dates ago to 2009.

8) las Vegas 51's
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The las Vegas 51"s is another an individual favorite that mine.

The Triple-A affiliate the the Toronto Blue Jays in the Pacific coastline League adopted their name after the well known "Area 51" i m sorry is located about 80 mile north of las Vegas.

Almost poking fun at the regional hysteria bordering UFO"s and government extraterrestrial coverup conspiracies, the team has a grey alien together their mascot.

The team has been affiliated through the Blue Jays because 2009. They were formerly affiliated with the Dodgers and Padres.

7) Toledo mud Hens
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The Toledo mud Hens are the Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, play in the global League.

The team has actually used the surname "Mud Hens" every season dating earlier to 1965. They also used the surname Mud hen from 1902-1913 and 1919-1952.

The team additionally has an extensive background of affiliation with the Tigers. They have been the tigers Triple-A affiliate dating earlier to 1987, although castle were likewise affiliated v the many tigers from 1934-1935, 1949-1951 and also 1967-1973.

6) Reno Aces
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The Reno Aces are a Triple-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

They gained their name because of the association through the city of Reno come gambling, although over there is also a baseball edge to the name together well.

"Ace" not only refers come the top card in a video game of poker, the is likewise the term for the peak pitcher top top a team (not the you didn"t currently know that, though).

The Aces pat in the Pacific shore League and have been connected with the Diamondbacks company dating back to 1998 once they were recognized as the Tucson Sidewinders.

They relocated to Reno and also became the Aces in 2009.

5) Chattanooga Lookouts
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The Chattanooga Lookouts are currently the Double-A affiliate that the Los Angeles Dodgers in the southern League.

The Lookouts are one of the oldest teams in the league, having actually played in the Southern organization off-and-on due to the fact that 1885.

They have actually kept the name "Lookouts" the whole time native 1885-present.

The Lookouts have actually been affiliated through the Dodgers because 2009. Castle were previously the Reds affiliate from 1987-2008.

4) Round absent Express
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The Round rock Express is the Triple-A affiliate that the Texas ranger in the Pacific coast League.

The express earned their name in honor of Nolan Ryan, "The Ryan Express."

The team was established by Reid Ryan, the room of Famer"s son, and has continued to be under Ryan ownership because its founding.

The team came to be a ranger affiliate start this season.

3) Albuquerque Isotopes
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The Albuquerque Isotopes room the Triple-A affiliate the the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Pacific coastline League.

This team gained their surname from the fictitious Springfield isotope in TV"s The Simpsons.

And thus, the factor they make my perform as among the ideal minor league names.


The team has actually been affiliated with the Dodgers because 2009. Castle were previously affiliated v the Florida Marlins indigenous 2003-2008.

2) Frisco stormy Riders
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The Frisco RoughRiders room the Double-A affiliate that the Texas ranger in the Texas League.

The RoughRiders earned their nickname in respect of the first U.S. Volunteer mounties Regiment throughout the Spanish-American War.

The American push bestowed the surname "Rough Riders" ~ above the group, led by President-to-be Theodore Roosevelt.

The RoughRiders have actually been a rangers affiliate dating back to 2003.

1) Lehigh valley Iron Pigs
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The Lehigh valley Iron Pigs are conveniently one the the most creative and ideal names in minor league baseball.

The iron Pigs space the Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies in the global League.

The name Iron Pigs is in referral to pig iron, i m sorry is offered in the manufacturing of steel. The Lehigh Valley an ar of Pennsylvania is world-renowned for your steel manufacturing.

The stole Pigs to be previously well-known as the Ottawa Lynx native 1993-2007 prior to relocating to Lehigh Valley.

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They have been a minor organization affiliate the the Phillies because the 2007 season.