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In search of a great laugh? Hulu"s movie library is below to help.

From cult classics to recent gems, Hulu boasts a large collection that comedies. The possibility of wading through every one of them have the right to be daunting, especially since some movies might require one add-on subscription come watch. There"s no streaming sorrow worse than finding the perfect movie come watch before realizing friend don"t have the right arrangement to watch it.

No must panic though: We"ve gone with Hulu"s catalog currently and narrowed it under to the cream of the comedy crop, all of which have the right to be watched without any type of extra subscriptions. Any of these movies will have you chuckling in no time.

Here, in no details order, room the 15 best comedies on Hulu.

1. Booksmart (2019)


A brand-new teen classic.Credit: Francois Duhamel / Annapurna Pictures

Olivia Wilde"s Booksmart appears destined to it is in this era"s Dazed and Confused, i beg your pardon is to say that teen comedy full of unknowns and up-and-comers who"ll all go on to come to be big, large stars. Regardless of what becomes of that is cast, though, it"s earned instant-classic condition in its very own right, serving up both belly laughs and heartfelt tears. It"s a most emotions, is what I"m saying, but in a method that feel true to the heaven and also hell the is the finish of high school.

Even together the movie veers off into borderline surreal direction (Billie Lourd is particularly magical together a party girl through a knack because that being in the right ar at the right time), Booksmart grounds itself in the unimpeachable bond between defiantly uncool BFFs Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and also Amy (Kaitlyn Dever). This one"s for all the nerds the end there that were forced to learn, eventually, that there"s much more to life than what go on in books. — Angie Han, Deputy entertainment Editor *

How come watch: Booksmart is currently streaming top top Hulu.

2. Shrek 2 (2004)

Yes, Hulu likewise has Shrek, yet Shrek 2 is hands-down the best movie in the franchise about everyone"s favourite ogre. It proceeds the article of self-love and also acceptance established in Shrek while presenting Shrek (Mike Myers), cheat (Eddie Murphy), and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) come a boatload the hilarious brand-new characters. Who have the right to forget the dashing Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), the Jaime Lannister-esque Prince Charming (Rupert Everett), or the villainous Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders)? Shrek 2 is full of laughs, however it"s precious the watch for the "Holding the end for a Hero" sequence alone. We"d storm a castle with Mongo anytime. — Belen Edwards, to chat Fellow

How to watch: Shrek 2 is currently streaming ~ above Hulu.

3. Barb and Star walk to Vista Del Mar

It takes maybe five minutes because that Barb & Star go to Vista Del Mar to elicit its an initial "WTF?" and to the comedy"s tremendous credit, it just gets weirder native there.

There are life-saving culottes, and also elaborate lies about turtles, and a supernatural sea sprite called Trish, and also a rogue commanding an army of mosquitos, and a music number that has Jamie Dornan climbing increase a palm tree prefer a cat up a palm tree who"s decided to go up a palm tree, and...look, you"ve just acquired to clock it to acquire it. And at the center of every one of it is the dear sweet, reliably rock-solid bond in between Barb (Annie Mumolo) and also Star (Kristen Wiig). Barb & Star walk to Vista Del Mar came to be to united state what Vista Del Mar was to Barb and Share: the breezy small break from truth we needed to acquire our bright back. — A.H.

How to watch: Barb and also Star go to Vista Del Mar is now streaming top top Hulu.

4. Palm Springs (2020)


When Palm Springs come in July the 2020, many movie releases were postponed inevitably because of the pandemic — yet here was a movie, a brand-new movie, a festival darling, about people going quiet insane through monotony and also losing tight on time itself. 

Max Barbakow’s movie showcases a cheerfully nihilistic Andy Samberg, together with Cristin Milioti in her finest work to day as his progressively frenzied companion, in “one the those limitless time loop instances you could have heard of.” their chemistry makes Andy Siara’s script soar, leaving ample room because that J.K. Simmons’ sinister interludes and also just the ideal amount the time take trip interrogation. That a sharp, original comedy worth revisiting again, and also again, and also again. — Proma Khosla, entertain Reporter *

How come watch: Palm Springs is currently streaming on Hulu.

5. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Steve Martin and John candy (RIP), both transporting rip-roaring funny comedic performances in ~ the peaks of their particular careers. (To be fair, Martin"s entire career is basically one, never-ending peak.) once Martin"s straight-laced Neal page is left stranded in new York City with just two job to reach his family members in Chicago prior to Thanksgiving, he"s compelled into an undesirable road trip with travel salesman Del Griffiths (Candy). Del is one obnoxious and also oblivious — however easily lovable — loudmouth who trusts easily and also has a penchant for making terrible choices. 

Their odd pair pairing fuel a hilarious road expedition comedy in which the two endure setback ~ setback together their connection grows progressively contentious. However like any great story, there"s genuine heart underpinning their entire journey and also an arc that"ll leaving you v a wholesome smile in the midst of all the laughs. There"s additionally this certain legendary scene where an out-of-patience Martin goes ham on a completely game Edie McClurg, the Ferris Bueller fame. — Adam Rosenberg, an elderly Entertainment Reporter

How come watch: Planes, Trains, and also Automobiles is currently streaming ~ above Hulu.

6. Dear White People

Before it was a Netflix series, Justin Simien’s to ~ White people was a function film written, directed, and co-produced through Simien in 2014. Racial tensions change the ladder at the fictitious Winchester University, whereby Sam (Tessa Thompson) broadcasts the radio show “Dear White People.” when white students on campus litter a blackface party, Sam butts top not just with the university’s conflict-averse faculty and also uncomfortable legacy, however with fellow students like cacao (Teyonah Parris), trojan (Brandon P. Bell), and freshman Lionel (Tyler James Williams) around the national politics of Blackness at a primarily white institution. 

There is just no iteration of dear White civilization without Simien’s searing comedic and also artistic voice, together confident right here as it would be three years later when the present debuted top top Netflix. That in the hands of a formidable actors of promising black color actors led to ~ White people to make rather the impression in that is theatrical run and also the movie festival circuit — Thompson and Parris are an especially outstanding, and also a particular comics movie franchise appears to have noticed. — P.K.

How come watch: too ~ White human being is now streaming on Hulu.

7. The Nice guys (2016)


If you"re a sucker for black color comedy, witty dialogue, "70s style, and/or odd-couple comedic duos, it doesn"t acquire much nicer than The nice Guys. Russell Crowe and also Ryan Gosling pat a pair the washed-up private investigators who reluctantly join pressures to search for a missing woman (Margaret Qualley) in 1977 Los Angeles — with occasional help from the former"s clever teenage daughter, played by Angourie Rice. Though the secret takes the corridor to the the furthest reaches that the city, burrowing deep right into rabbit holes and also brushing up against all path of eccentrics, it"s the unanticipated chemistry between Crowe and also Gosling the really keeps this engine running, and it"ll leave you wishing for more where that came from. — A.H.

How come watch: The Nice males is currently streaming ~ above Hulu.

8. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This 2016 adventure around bad egg Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) and also his curmudgeonly foster dad Hec (Sam Neill) is the type of eccentric joy that writer/director Taika Waititi specializes in (this time co-writing with Barry Crump, who wrote the initial book).

After shedding his foster mother, Ricky flees into the forests of brand-new Zealand, pursued by Hec just to discover that the older man likewise feels no have to return come civilization. With each other they come to be the wilderpeople; living off the land and evading capture from authorities, including Thor: Ragnarok"s Rachel House.

Wilderpeople is equal components stirring, hilarious, and also absurd — story of found family and also adventure that deserve to be loved by all. — P.K.

How to watch: Hunt because that the Wilderpeople is now streaming on Hulu.

9. Logan Lucky

Director Steven Soderbergh defined Logan Lucky as the "anti-glam variation of one Ocean"s movie," however what this film lacks in glam it renders up for through inventive twists, winning humor, and an absolutely stellar cast. Channing Tatum and also Adam Driver space pure dynamite as brothers Jimmy and also Clyde Logan, who decide to plunder the Charlotte engine Speedway. What adheres to is a heist of epos proportions, entailing cockroaches, gummy bears, and also a delightfully unhinged performance by Daniel Craig. Come reveal lot else would spoil the fun (and the surprises), so I"ll store quiet. Remainder assured though, after ~ watching Logan Lucky, you"ll never ever hear the word "cauliflower" the same means again. — B.E.

How come watch: Logan happy is now streaming top top Hulu.

10. Heathers


Teen movies obtain a killer twist in Heathers, a black color comedy about high college life, teen angst, and also murder. Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) is a member the a high-power clique at her high school known as the Heathers, however she doesn"t really treatment for her famous friends or their harsh therapy of others. Everything changes when she meets J.D. (Christian Slater), a misanthropic rebel who appeals to Veronica"s darker side... And also whose come at Westerburg High sets turn off a chain of gruesome deaths. This 80s cult classic isn"t afraid to walk to some dark places, plus it gives us with very iconic fashion moments and also dialogue. Exactly how very! — B.E.

How come watch: Heathers is now streaming top top Hulu.

11. Hearts to win Loud

Brett Haley’s 2018 indie is one of those movie fills her soul. Single father frank (Nick Offerman) and daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons) record a hit tune that goes viral (a track you’ll bop to throughout the movie). In spite of Sam’s resistance to proclaiming themselves a band, Frank desires to start a band and also see wherein it goes. Offerman and Clemons produce an authentic and also beautiful link on-screen, buoying the film’s music, conflict, and also tender moments that will leave girlfriend longing to watch anything as good. — P.K.

How come watch: understanding Beat according to is now streaming on Hulu.

12. 50/50

Too frequently films about chronic disease swap sickness for character and platitudes because that thoughtfulness, yet 50/50 is a exorbitant exception. Joseph Gordon-Levitt leads as Adam, a shy twenty-something that discovers he has a rare type of spinal cancer after visiting the medical professional for ago pain. Adam’s journey facing his illness can be tragic. Instead, it’s uproariously funny and also surprisingly light-hearted, v only choose scenes committed to the story’s an ext dramatic aspects. 

Supporting performances through Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anjelica Huston, and also especially Seth Rogen make this a heavy ensemble effort. Still, that Gordon-Levitt that shines brightest here, send the overwhelmingly psychological stress of dealing with a cancer diagnosis with incredible care. He’s ethereal with, yet unafraid of, 50/50’s subject matter, and also it reflects the totality movie through. — Alison Foreman, to chat Reporter

How to watch: 50/50 is currently streaming on Hulu.

13. Plan B


When sunny (Kuhoo Verma) has sex at a residence party, she demands the morning after pill yet can’t gain it thanks to southern Dakota’s regressive pharmacy policy. She and also best girlfriend Lupe (Victoria Moroles) embark ~ above a wild road expedition that includes illegal drugs, a catfish near call, an insane gas station encounter, and also a penis piercing. Verma and Moroles hold the film with each other superbly, their chemistry elevating every step of Prathi Srinivasan and Joshua Levy’s manuscript riotous script. The a killer directorial debut for Natalie Morales, who recognizes the star strength in former of the camera and also the load of story about strong female friendship and women of color living authentically. — P.K.

How to watch: Plan B is currently streaming ~ above Hulu.

14. Office Space

Mike referee has constantly had a knack because that finding the pulse the things. It"s Idiocracy that (understandably) has tendency to gain the many credit in our post-Trump world, yet 1999"s workplace comedy Office Space is an in similar way perfect.

Starring Ron Livingston and also Jennifer Aniston, the strongly quotable and also clip-worthy laughfest is wall-to-wall through iconic examples of comedy. Every little thing from Lumberg come the trials the Michael Bolton; native the Red Stapler come the ignoble fatality of an uncooperative printer, collection perfectly come music. Office Space beautifully, hilariously records the mundane tortures, inane logic, and also cathartic escapes of an unsatisfying office job. Together true and also accurate currently as it was in 1999. — A.R.

How come watch: Office Space is now streaming on Hulu.

15. Ingrid walk West

Aubrey Plaza stars together the titular Ingrid in this dark comedy native writer-director Matt Spicer. Set against the Instagram-worthy (if not constantly sincere) SoCal influencing scene, Ingrid goes West adheres to a troubled young woman who decides to embark on a new chapter in Los Angeles ~ the fatality of she mother. The inspiration for her drastic life overhaul, we learn, is Taylor Sloane, a self-centered social media star play by Elizabeth Olsen, that Ingrid has actually never met however is determined to befriend. 

Spicer and also co-writer David Branson Smith effectively explore themes that authenticity and social alienation in the comedy the errors the ensues, with Plaza channeling their message through same conscientious acting choices. In ~ the very same time, Plaza and Olsen work-related with one one more so exciting they make this regularly melancholic story laugh-out-loud funny. It"s a an excellent watch, if no a true-blue comedy. — A.F.

How to watch: Ingrid goes West is now streaming top top Hulu.

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