We freshly asked members that the priziv.org community to call us about the last time lock peed themselves. Right here are their stories.

1. The soggy commute.

Over the course of five hours, I"d drunk 3 cups of tea and a pint the cider there is no a toilet break. Top top the train indigenous Essex come London, i couldn"t uncover a toilet in any kind of carriage for this reason I got off the train and also ran come the tube. Throughout my 20-minute pipe journey, ns proceeded come pee myself 3 – yes, three – times.

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I had the ability to briefly prevent a pair of times, just to it is in overwhelmed by the advice again. Mine suede tan talk boots to be ruined.

Submitted by kaitlinf4565323fe

2. The false alarm.

When i was 4 years old, my mom was extremely pregnant with my small sister. My mommy took me come the park, and also after play for a while, I come over to my mom and also sat on her lap. Ns then hugged she tightly, and whispered, "I love you, Mommy" in she ear and also proceeded come pee everywhere her. However my mother thought her water had actually broke and also didn"t realise she in reality was just drenched in my pee.

Submitted by Mitra Karami, Facebook

3. The best intentions.

When ns was 6 years old, ns was at synagogue v my dad and also he was leading the service. He told me no to interrupt him because that anything. Towards the finish of the service, ns really had to pee. I wanted to hold it till he had actually finished. Instead, i peed everywhere the floor in prior of 20 people. My dad had actually to obtain someone else to take end the service while that cleaned up my mess. I had to ride residence wearing a garbage bag.

Submitted through daniellecarmen

4. The misheard mishap.

I was on a ar trip in seventh grade. Us were prepare to walk snorkelling in November in southern California. It to be cold and also raining. Ns was talk to a friend so ns wasn"t paying attention. The instructor said, "If you room cold, just pee in your wetsuit in the water and also you"ll warm yourself up." ns misheard this as "If you space cold, simply pee." for this reason I started peeing myself. On land. In prior of 30 people.

Submitted through Laura Miller, Facebook

5. The unintended comedian.

In sixth grade, i was sat through the boy ns liked and also he made me laugh so hard that i peed mine pants. This to be at lunchtime, so as soon as everyone walk in because that class, ns stood up. I had peed everywhere. But he go later come to be my boyfriend.

Submitted through cassies433b70615

6. The eager student.

When ns was 7 year old, ns was law a reading quiz, i m sorry awarded point out to success prizes. I had to pee yet I wanted to end up the quiz. I couldn"t organize it in so i ended up peeing everywhere the computer room floor. Ns was banned native doing the quizzes. Ns was for this reason sad.

Submitted by wordsmith12

7. The oh-so-close bicycle ride.

I provided to stay those cool exercise pants that switch all the method up every side. Together I to be unlocking my bike to ride home after, I all of sudden really needed to pee. I lived relatively close by, for this reason I thought I can make it. I couldn"t. Those cool trousers didn"t absorb water for this reason I had actually to cycle home on mine sad, wet bike.

Submitted by Becky Hill, Facebook

8. The quick thinker.

About 10 month after offering birth, i did a four-mile race. I bumped into a friend along the route, who encouraged me to run rather of walk. Mine postpartum bladder couldn"t handle all that bouncing. I overcome the finish line and poured a totally free bottle of water over myself to hide the evidence. Told my husband the this to be so I could cool down and he journey us house while i sat ~ above a towel. That still doesn"t know about my little accident.

Submitted through Virginia Kirby, Facebook

9. The classy date.

I to be on a an initial date and it was going really well. We"d had dinner and also I had actually drunk a many water to calm my nerves. Afterwards, we were in his apartment parking lot, just talking for hours and also I had actually to pee prefer crazy. However I didn"t want to protect against our conversation. Eventually, it was too late and also it started flowing down my leg. Thankfully, it was dark outside. Ns don"t know if the noticed but there to be no 2nd date.

Submitted by mckenzied43a8a6df1


10. The savvy camper.

I was walking with a campsite after ~ day-drinking to fulfill up through my boyfriend. Halfway v my 30-minute walk, i couldn"t hold my pee and so ns let if flow. Luckily for me, I had a beer in mine hand and came up with the genius arrangement of pouring the drink over myself to cover it up. I met mine boyfriend and told him I"d tripped and spilt mine drink. He seemed to believe me and also never doubted my story.

Submitted by Anonymous, Facebook

11. The poor swimmer.

I to be alone in a pool and really had to pee. Therefore I got the ladder and also got right into position come pee in the pool. When I"d finished, ns tried come swim away but suddenly slipped top top the ladder. Ns went under the water and also swallowed few of it therefore I"m reasonably sure i drank a small bit the my own pee.

Submitted by SunnySnow

12. The commando clubber.

I remained in a club, put on a dress and going commando. I"d had a many drinks so i really essential to pee. The toilet to be on the other side that the crowded dance floor. Halfway there, right in the center of the dance floor, the smoke machine blew smoke right into my face. I sneezed hard, so hard that I cleared my bladder in one push. My pee was everywhere and some to dance people approximately me slipped on the currently wet floor and fell over.

Submitted by Ratih Aida Mayangsari, Facebook

13. The devoted athlete.

I remained in a four-person team for a run rope competition at high school. I had to pee yes, really badly yet it was our rotate so I determined to hold it in. I failed miserably at that and also ended up letting out a small pee every time ns jumped. we made it come 78 continuous jumps but my yoga trousers were thoroughly soaked.

Submitted by kellim490a808fb

14. The involuntary bump.

During high school, mine choir went to Disney World. Some of us were wait in line because that the bumper cars ride. I really had actually to pee but here wasn"t a bathroom surrounding so I made decision to wait. We acquired into the car and also as it was around to end, someone rammed into our car really hard. The pressure of hitting the steering wheel an unified with the tightening of mine seatbelt about my waist just made all my to pee come out.

Submitted by epictothemax

15. The oh-so-close car ride.

I was stuck in web traffic and almost bouncing roughly my car, frantically do the efforts to host my urine in. Finally, i couldn"t host it anymore and proceeded come pee myself in my car. Ns got to my parents" home 15 minutes later with a huge wet spot on mine pants. It"s to be a year because this happened. There"s tho a stain on my driver"s seat.

Submitted by nantyc

16. The experimentalist.

I"m 31. My girlfriend dared me come wear adult diapers because that a week. One evening, ns decided to check them to view if they hold pee.

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lock didn"t.