Georgia recount finds no voter fraud 08:53 Georgia Secretary that State Brad Raffensperger on Friday certified President-elect Joe Biden"s win and also the results of every the other races in the state. In a statement, Raffensperger stated this "will affirm that all 159 counties have provided to the state the full votes tabulated for each state and also federal candidate."

The results came ~ a strange series of occasions Friday afternoon, beginning with Raffensperger issuing a statement saying the results had actually been certified, climate making a repair statement within a half-hour that they would be certified later Friday. The certified the results about 4 p.m., one hour before Governor Brian Kemp is set to organize a push conference top top the results.

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Raffensperger called reporters previously Friday that Mr. Biden had definitively winner the state, afterthe state"s hand recountwas perfect on Thursday.

"I believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct. The numbers reflect the will certainly of the people," Raffensperger, a Republican, said.

He likewise called for law to it is in passed to enhance the state"s vote system, such as reforms in absentee voting and also implementing audits in locations where there were voting discrepancies.

The hand recount upheld the original outcome produced by the an equipment tally the votes cast, follow to a statement native Raffensberger ~ above Thursday.

"Georgia"s historic an initial statewide audit reaffirmed that the state"s new secure document ballotvotingsystem correctly counted and reported results," Raffensberger said. "This is a credit transaction to the difficult work of ours county and localelectionsofficials who moved easily to undertake and complete together a momentous job in a short duration of time."

The hand recount was part of one audit the is compelled by a new state law. The is not connected to any suspected problems with the outcomes of this election or an main recount request. The law requires the audit to it is in completed before the counties" results have the right to be certified by the state, which must be excellent by Friday.

Now the the results have been certified, Mr. Trump has two organization days to request an additional recount, due to the fact that the outcomes still present a margin the 0.5% or less. If the Trump project does questioning for another recount, it will be a maker recount.

Georgia to be one of five statesMr. Biden flipped from chairman Trumpin 2016. Mr. Biden winner the state by one 0.3% margin. The state has actually not voted come send a Democrat come the White House since former President invoice Clinton winner it in 1992.

Mr. Trump has alleged without evidence that illegal votes to be counted in the presidential election and also declared Georgia"s recount a "scam." Mr. Trumped has likewise falsely asserted that the state would "flip Republican" as soon as all votes are counted. "Get it done!
BrianKempGA," he tweeted Thursday to the state"s Republican governor.

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In response to Raffensberger"s notice Thursday, the Trump project said in a statement that "This so-called hand recount went specifically as us expected because Georgia just recounted every one of the illegal ballots that had actually been contained in the total." The statement go not provide any evidence of illegality.