The Real Housewives of brand-new Jersey star and also her ex-husband Joe share 4 daughters: Gia, 20, Gabriella, 16, Milania, 15, and Audriana, 11


On Thursday, the second eldest daughter of Teresa and Joe Giudice attend prom, i beg your pardon the Real Housewives of brand-new Jersey star, 49, excitedly recorded on her Instagram Story.

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As the 16-year-old acquired her hair and also makeup done, Teresa exclaimed "Gabriella's getting ready for the prom" in a singsongy tone. "Gabriella girlfriend look so beautiful," she added.

While Gabriella ongoing getting glam, the proud mom told she daughter, "Wow! five my God, you look stunning," resulting in the teen to blush and playfully press her mother's camera away.



In one of the last shots mutual by Teresa, Gabriella do happily through her prom date in she ruby red dress from Cocos Chateau Gowns. In a sweet sibling pic, Milania, 15, kissed her huge sister ~ above the cheek before the big dance.

Parents to 4 daughters, Teresa and also her ex-husband likewise share Gia, 20, and Audriana, 11 

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When Gabriella turned 16 in October, Teresa threw she a birthday bash come ring in the milestone – v a prom-like party theme!

"You looked for this reason absolutely beautiful last night celebrating & I'm in awe of girlfriend everyday," the RHONJ mainstay praised her daughter in ~ the time. "You space so smart, kind, funny & committed to school and soccer, ns can't wait to check out the an excellent things you carry out in the future!"

Joe, 49 — who continued to be in Italy — also celebrated his daughter for she birthday, posting two video montages of infant photos the Gabriella, too as a sweet note from "Daddy."

"How have the right to it be feasible that you room sixteen years old? You to be born with a smile on your face. You were born fierce, unbreakable, and a leader. I'm so proud what a beautiful, confident, smart, athletic, and also most the all exactly how caring girlfriend are. Friend shine in every little thing you do. Your sisters all look approximately you," the father of 4 wrote.

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The proud dad continued, "Gabriella constantly know just how thankful and incredibly proud i am of you. I recognize I have been hard on you at times. I set high expectations the you periodically feel are difficult to reach. Girlfriend never ever disappointed us. We set those expectations because we want you to attain everything girlfriend have ever wanted. Ns want all of your greatest desires to come true. You deserve the absolute ideal that life has to offer. You aided mommy and also me through your sister so much and also still do."

He climate told his daughter the he wants her come "be i was sure always," even as she makes mistakes. "You have probably taught me more than ns think I've taught you. You've taught me patie . You taught us never ever before be late!!!! ns admire your stamin in whatever we endured. Friend keep relocating forward, never ever letting s--- drag you down," Joe said.

"I hope her birthday is whatever you dreamed it might be," he ended his note. "Remember just how loved friend are. You room my sweet baby, her daddy's tiny girl, your sister's heroes. Happy Sweet 16 baby girl!"

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