GABRIELLE Union hasn’t always had straightforward journey as soon as it concerns love and also American soccer players. 

Here’s everything you need about Gabrielle Union’s ex-husband.

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Who is kris Howard? 

Christopher Howard is a retired skilled American football player born on might 5, 1975 in Kenner, Louisiana.

He played for the national Football organization (NFL) for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Howard was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 5th round of the 1998 NFL Draft.

However, his professional football career was plagued by fumble worries that eventually led come the Broncos releasing him before he had the ability to play a regular-season game.

Why walk Gabrielle Union and Chris Howard divorce? 

From 2001 come 2005, Gabrielle and Chris to be together.

After the proposed if munching top top KFC chicken, many believed their marital relationship was doomed.

As if that weren’t enough, she uncovered that he was cheating on her the next day. But she continued with the marriage.

In Union’s memoir, We’re Going come Need an ext Wine, she wrote around how her friends thought she to be making big mistake, together it said:’Dulé assumed this marital relationship was a disastrous mistake, so together he check out from 1 Corinthians, he preserved sighing dramatically, pausing to look at me favor ‘Are you gaining this?’

It come as no surprise once the two ultimately divorced because of Howard’s cheating scandals.

She defined in her publication that the marital relationship was all also rushed: ‘In my first marriage, the factor he love me became the reason he hated me’.

Union, regardless of not having actually much information around their divorce, has repeatedly proclaimed that she go not obtain a prenup with Howard. This is other she clearly regrets in interviews.

In 2014, during an interview v Arsenio Hall, a couple of months before her marital relationship to Dwyane Wade, she to be asked if she had always “chosen so perfectly” come which she gave many examples the her negative past choices, and also made it clear that v her upcoming marital relationship to walking she knew she wanted one thing to be various – to have actually a prenup.

Does Gabrielle Union and Chris Howard have children?


The couple did no have any type of children together, and also this can have been as result of Gabrielle feeling choose she “rushed to acquire that ring” as soon as she wedded at age 28.

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Union walk however end up being a stepmother come her current husband Dwyane and his three children from his previous relationships.