The careers of Gael García Bernal and also Diego Luna will certainly forever be connected thanks come Alfonso Cuarón’s 2001 drama “Y Tu Mamá También,” which offered as an global breakthrough for all 3 gentlemen (although Luna had a head begin with “Amores Perros” the year before). Both actors have actually gone on come U.S. Stardom, Bernal v his gold Globe-winning duty in Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle” and Luna with his duty as Cassian Andor in “Rogue One: A Star battles Story.” Luna is reprising this personality in the upcoming Disney+ television series “Andor.” would Bernal sign up with him? The actor told The independent he’d certainly consider it.

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“If Cassian Andor ever before needs to find his shed brother or something, then maybe they can speak to me,” Bernal said as soon as asked about career attention in authorized the “Star Wars” franchise. “Or his antagonist. That would certainly be cool actually! In a galaxy far away! ns mean, ns am curious. If something comes along that is interesting like that…I would consider it, i guess.”



Bernal is a renowned actor, yet he’s only just gaining the opportunity to it is in the top star the a Hollywood studio tentpole. That would certainly be “Old,” the brand-new thriller indigenous M. Night Shyamalan. Bernal told The Independent that he to be “surprised and fully haunted” through Shyamalan’s script, so that was basic project to agree come star in.

“I was really curious come see how the hell Night want to shoot this, and also how he want to prepare this, how he want to placed this together,” Bernal said. “It’s placing on a play, in a way. How are us going to placed it together? i was like, ‘Man, ns really desire to be component of this.’”

Shyamalan is already an established filmmaker, but much of Bernal’s career has been defined by collaborations through promising young filmmakers that have due to the fact that become global auteurs. There’s “Y Tu Mamá” director Cuarón and “Amores Perros” film housing Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, both of whom have become two-time Oscar-winning directors, and there’s “No” helmer Pablo Larraín, who just directed Kristen Stewart in the Princess Diana drama “Spencer.”

“I raised and also nurtured ,” Bernal said. “I saw their first steps…It’s great to have actually friends re-superstructure these unforeseen experiences that challenged them…and we’re still functioning together, we’re quiet connecting, we’re still thinking about what to carry out next. And we’re every having different journeys. Working with them is prefer going back to the beehive in a way. Now the time would certainly be because that Alejandro González Iñárritu to contact me to work with that again. I dare him to carry out that!”

“Old” opens up in theaters July 23 from global Pictures. Luna’s “Star Wars” series “Andor” does no yet have a release date, but it won’t premiere till 2022 at the earliest.

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