You action on the range one morning and you’re entirely on track. The next morning, you’re up 5 pounds. WTF. Is overnight weight gain a thing?

It’s a confusing suffer that happens to many world trying to lose weight. But you didn’t actually gain 5 pounds of fat in a solitary day. After ~ all, gaining a solitary pound of fat calls for consuming about 3,500 calories an ext than you have the right to burn off. So come gain 5 pounds in a day, you’d have to eat practically 20,000 calories in simply 24 hours.

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But gaining 5 pounds that water weight in a day? That’s easy, states Georgie Fear, RD, CSSD, writer of Lean behavior for Lifelong weight Loss. "It’s necessary to understand that your weight will fluctuate ~ above a everyday basis, yet it doesn’t mean that your weight-loss strategy is failing."

Before you concern over a higher-than-normal scale number, recognize that it"s pretty typical to have those days, says brand-new York-based registered dietitian Jessica Cording, author of The tiny Book that Game-Changers. If you did one of a number of different things the work or night prior to “it’s not inexplicable to notice an increase in her weight of a couple of ounces or pounds,” Cording says. Again, Cording chalks most of this up to water weight. But, she says, “if you notification your weight proceeding to trend upwards over time, this can indicate actual weight gain.”

How much have the right to your weight fluctuate in one night?

FWIW: There’s nothing the happens in your body overnight the magically renders you obtain weight, says Sonya Angelone, RD, spokeswoman because that the Academy that Nutrition and also Dietetics. “Your metabolism doesn’t stop, so you gain or lose ‘weight’ any type of time,” she says. That’s also true if you occur to eat an ext than normal on any type of given day—your human body won’t unexpectedly make you acquire weight overnight. “With a greater calorie job or two, metabolism increases to compensate, for this reason fat won’t be immediately made and stored,” Angelone explains. “The the contrary is true together well. If you under eat because that a pair days, your metabolism will slow-moving to compensate before losing weight.”So there’s yes, really no hard-and-fast number, Angelone says. (Sorry!). But, “Your weight can change a couple pounds depending upon your starting weight,” she adds. If you want to obtain really technical, she states that a 0.5 percent weight obtain can happen, but it shouldn’t it is in any an ext than that. If that is and the weight has actually staying power, she proposal checking your scale and also calling your doctor. But experts assure that a the majority of overnight weight get can be explained pretty easily.

Consider these 12 components that may make that seem together if you got weight overnight.

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“After a heavy workout, especially if you execute big, compound movements that recruitment a many of huge muscles, girlfriend can conveniently weigh a few extra pounds for several days,” fear says.

Those microscopic tears that occur in your muscle cell after every workout heal through a procedure of organic inflammation. That entails some pooling of fluids approximately the muscle cells, which have the right to make you puff up, she says. This does not typical you should skip those calorie-torching stamin moves. Just let your muscles recover and forget about the scale.


For starters, alcohol has empty calories, so you can be acquisition in more calories than you establish without emotion full, Cording clues out. And, if friend eat her usual amount when you drink—or often tend to lean right into the wine munchies nice heavily—that can lead come a greater number on the scale. “Also, alcohol is dehydrating, which deserve to lead to water retention that looks favor weight get on the scale,” she adds.

Booze messes v your cells, too. “Alcohol jumps come the front of the metabolic pathway when you consume it, an interpretation that your body will go to work-related processing the to usage for energy before it gets to the food friend eat,” Cording explains. “That could mean the your body doesn’t finish up utilizing the carbs and fat girlfriend ate, and also just shop them together fat.”

Try curbing her drinking because that a few weeks and also see how it results your weight loss and also morning weight.