A galaxy far, much away is Disney theme parks in California and Florida later on this year. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a enormous Star Wars experience housed inside brand-new Disneyland and Disney civilization expansions is comes soon.

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Pack her lightsaber and reserve her spot top top an royal light cruiser now. Here’s whatever you need know about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge front of that 2019 launch, from opening dates to the in-universe food and also merchandise you’ll have the ability to buy come the interactive rides Disney is quiet building.

When will Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge finally open?

The park will open up this year in 2019, and also it will certainly be a many sooner 보다 you think! Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge will open up at Anaheim’s Disneyland Park on may 31, and on respectable 29 in ~ Walt Disney world Resort in Orlando, Florida.

However, not every little thing at Galaxy’s Edge will be open immediately. While guests will be allowed to watch the park, some attractions such as “Rise the the Resistance” will open a small later. Iger arourted the ride as “the most technologically advanced and immersive attraction” ever in Disney history, therefore you can be sure that the extra time is necessary for Imagineers to acquire it right.

Is over there a trailer for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Yep, Disney aired a quick look at the theme park critical year. You have the right to watch it in ~ the height of this article.

I heard yes sir a distinct Star wars hotel too?

There wasn’t a many revealed around the many hotels in the collection visit articles, yet earlier reports revealed that Disney is plan a completely immersive hotel to go with Galaxy’s Edge. Guests will reportedly play their very own characters and live the end their own distinctive storyline throughout their stay.

If you’re familiar with the Michael Crichton/HBO collection Westworld, the Star battles hotel is said to it is in a lot choose that (minus the rebellious fabricated intelligence, we hope). Therefore if you’ve ever before wanted to live inside a Star battles movie, your dreams will ultimately come true.

These hotels carry out not yet have actually an opening date.

What is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s leaf is a new mega-immersive Star Wars template park. Extending 14 acres of brand-new space in ~ Disney’s parks, the park “takes place” in the civilization of Star Wars, meaning you’re not simply going come a design template park. The idea is that you’re actually stepping right into the Star battles universe.

All of this means: Yes, you gain to hang out around the Millennium Falcon, built to 1:1 life-sized scale. You have the right to drink blue milk at a seedy cantina that’s a hive the scum and villainy. And also you can even develop your very own lightsabers in a surprise storefront far from the prying eyes of the very first Order. And Disney, apparently, is make a mindful effort no to encompass evidence that the exterior world, such as not marketing Disney-branded park merchandise in ~ Galaxy’s Edge however authentic items you might actually buy in ~ a distant alien outpost.

In various interviews through the attending press, Disney’s Imagineers expressed and also emphasized the park’s principal method of immersion.


The park is collection on black Spire Outpost, a busy method station ~ above the earth Batuu, situated on the fringes of the galaxy’s outer Rim. (Hence, “galaxy’s edge.”) black Spire station is a notorious, somewhat lawless port “for explorers, smugglers, and traders who want to paris under the radar—literally and figuratively,” describes the official D23 blog.

There’s even a certain time period for the park. The set design, attractions, and also Disney employee — every one of whom create and play their own characters — exist in a specific duration in the Star battles timeline in in between 2017’s Star Wars: The critical Jedi and this year’s Star Wars: episode IX. However, that been stated that the park will adjust its qualities depending on the story told in brand-new Star wars media.

As Lucasfilm Vice chairman of advance told io9, “There space things that exist in ~ the land that suggest there are stories still waiting to be told … and those things can be combined with several of the story that may go into the future.”

When the park opens, the story will certainly be that the first Order has occupied Batuu in search of something — or someone. And also the neighborhood flavor space none as well happy to have actually a bunch the nosy Stormtroopers gaining up in their business.

What space the rides at Galaxy’s Edge?

At a dimension of 14 acres, there’s walking to it is in a lot come do and explore at black color Spire Outpost, which has actually curiously condensed a universe’s worth of canon into one area.

When the park opens up there will certainly be two key park attractions:


“Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run,” a ride centered around Han Solo’s iconic ship. Certification Hondo Ohnaka indigenous Star Wars: Clone Wars and also Star Wars: Rebels, Ohnaka has actually bargained with Chewbacca to smuggle part stuff, and also park guests have actually been rental to help him out. (There room multiple cockpits because that the ride, however guests will just see theirs.) The drive is a completely interactive endure where guests, in teams of six, must regulate different facets to paris the Falcon (pilots, gunners, engineers).

What of merchandise have the right to I buy at Galaxy’s Edge?

There are additionally several shops that will market you the ideal souvenir items you might possibly take it home. These include:

Droid Depot, a one-stop shop to build the radio-controlled droid of your dreams with mix-and-match parts. As soon as they explore roughly the park, the droids can communicate with park elements.Bina’s creature Stall, a storefront selling toy and plush version of Star wars creatures such together tauntauns, porgs, rathtars, and also more.Resistance Supply, a store that sells Resistance clothing to help you look at the part.First stimulate Cargo, same deal, this time with first Order couture. Black Spire Outfitters, which will sell authentic Jedi attire the you’re free to mix and also match pieces. Cosplayers, rejoice.

What food will Disney serve at Galaxy’s Edge?

Notably, Disney no satisfied just food preparation up more burgers and also fries. This is Star Wars, baby! The food will reflect its world, too.

Oga’s Cantina, a watering feet reminiscent of Mos Eisley yet with different features. Guest are complimentary to just walk ideal up to the bar and also order something, yet please nothing chop off anyone’s arms, though. And also yes, it does offer alcohol, serving Star battles variations that margaritas, rum punch, Bloody mar (“Bloody Rancor”), and cosmopolitans. There’s also a drink called the “Jedi mind Trick.” over there will additionally be a selection of beers and also wine that will be exclusive to the parks.Docking just 7 Food and also Cargo, the main food location and quick business spot operation by chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs who apparently supplied to work for Maz Katana. Some of the original food creations incorporate smoked kaadu ribs (from the animal Jar jug rides in The Phantom Menace), fried endroian tip-yip (chicken v a crusty crunch), yobshrimp noodle salad (chilled noodle salad with shrimp), felucian garden spread (a vegetables dish), and oven roasted burra fish or roasted tip-yip.Ronto Roasters, an additional eatery through dry meats like turkey jerky. It’s additionally the only place to gain the Ronto Wrap, a handheld sandwich filled through Portugese sausage, pork, and also cabbage slaw sheathe in a grilled pita.

Milk Stand, wherein you deserve to actually drink blue milk. But due to the fact that of Florida and SoCal’s warmth temperatures, the parks came up v a smoothie concoction made up of berry and also melon flavoring. Butterbeer? never heard that her. Over there will additionally be environment-friendly milk, tied to Star Wars: episode IX based on a drink that will be watched in scenes set in Ach-To.Kat Saka’s Kettle, i beg your pardon sells only one thing: “Outpost Mix,” a variant of popcorn and kettle corn packed v different, vibrant spices that create a sweet, salty, and also spicy bite every in one.

What’s this around my phone?

Not solve to have actually guests just tweeting their stay, Disney Imagineers space integrating the beat Disney Parks app to store you lived in while waiting on long lines for rides or just experimenting the park. You deserve to hack, scan, translate, or song things around the park that require hacking, scanning, translating, or tuning. Girlfriend can also accept “freelance” jobs, which come to be games the will bring you to different locations of the park.

Furthermore, you’re not going to it is in a phone zombie. The games are designed come actually store your challenge away from your phone and paying fist to the world approximately you.

There is also an ongoing, Pokémon Go and also Ingress-style interactive video game that will certainly encourage guests — aligned with either the Resistance or the first Order, i m sorry are chosen by her actions and also not your own preference — to catch territories roughly the park. Your development will be saved to your own profile, which friend can accessibility the next time you visit the park.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s leaf will open up on may 31 at Disneyland and on august 29 at Disney World.