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Samsung exit their much anticipated S7 phone series over the weekend, and also while some world headed come their regional stores come buy the phone because that their an individual use, others, favor the team in ~ SquareTrade, picked the phones up to test their durability.

Device protection setup provider SquareTrade puts all of the brand-new smartphones come the test with their breakability tests, dropping, dunking, bending and tumbling castle to determine just how much pains they deserve to take before they walk to the great smartphone graveyard in the sky.

Samsung’s S5 line to be water resistant, yet fans of the Galaxy collection were disappointed once the S6 and S6 edge weren’t (no one wants a toilet to be the final resting ar of a phone). Samsung brought ago the coveted function for the S7s, saying on your site, “It repels spills, splashes and even dunks there is no a bulky security case.” After being submerged five feet in SquareTrade’s Deep Water Dunkbot because that 30 minutes, the Galaxies still worked, however their audio came to be muffled and distorted. They walk fare far better than the iphone 6s and also 6s Plus, i beg your pardon either shed all audio and got water under the screen or totally died, respectively.

SquareTrade’s tests additionally show the Samsung is still experiencing from Bendgate Syndrome. The S7 edge cracked through 110 pounds that pressure and catastrophically failed at 170 pounds. The S7 could take 170 pounds, similar to the iphone 6s. The iphone 6s Plus might take approximately 180 pounds.

Samsung’s phones were additionally prone to cracks. In the tumble test, both S7s “suffered far-reaching damage” on their ago faces. In the drop test, in which the phones space dropped on their corners from 6 feet, the S7 cracked after four falls and also after seven, the S7 leaf wasn’t usable. Top top the facedown test, the S7’s display screen cracked ~ above the first fall, while the S7 edge cracked on the second. Apple’s Ion-X glass got the ideal of Samsung’s display, through the 6s making it through the tumble test and also the 6s and also 6s Plus gift rated far better on the corner drop tests. Listed below are SquareTrade"s breakability ratings, with greater numbers suggesting easier breakability.

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It’s always really fun to watch these phones acquire put come the test, at least until it’s your very own phone. For that, you’re walking to need some top quality insurance.