Galaxy note 8 has currently reached numerous hands and also people room satisfied by its powerful performance. This is a flagship from Samsung that people all across the globe waited because that long. This is certainly an amazing maker packed with big 6.3-inch display screen and dual cameras. But unfortunately, it comes v some issues, consisting of the difficulty with the Iris scanner. Countless of the Galaxy keep in mind 8 customers have proclaimed of dealing with this issue and also according to them, the iris scanner is no able to unlock the display screen anyway while others have stated that this scanner stopped working completely. We have disputed here just how to deal with Galaxy keep in mind 8 Iris scanner issues. So, have actually a read.

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How To deal with Galaxy keep in mind 8 Iris Scanner Issues

Restart the phone

First, restart her phone to check out if it can fix the iris scanner issue for you. In instance the iris scanner has actually stopped working, could be a faulty app is causing this issue. If this is the case, a simple restart will solve it up. However, if you space still left through the same, follow other methods.

Clear cache the Iris scanner

The cache can act as an obstacle and create various concerns including the iris scanner quit working. So, what you are said is clear the cache the the camera and also the iris scanner and also check if this can aid you solve Galaxy keep in mind 8 Iris scanner issue.

Update every app

The following workaround is come ensure that each and every single app on your maker is updated. This can be better checked through going come the Google pat store. So, launch the pat store and update all the apps. Also, update the device with the latest firmware available.

Boot in safe mode

Sometimes a culprit application can reason this iris scanner issue. So, you require to first ensure the an application is just the culprit and also then uninstall the from her device. To boots the Galaxy note 8 in safe mode press and hold down the power off options for few seconds and as you will be asked to go into safe mode, push it and also the phone will be booted. Upon perfect of the booting process, the maker will go into safe mode. Now examine if the same worry still persists or not. If not, uninstall third-party apps one by one till the problem is resolved, or do a manufacturing facility data reset.

Maintain an exact distance

While trying to unlock the device using iris scanner and getting failed outcomes every time, ensure you are following the said distance. Samsung normally argues users maintain a distance of 10-14 inches indigenous their encounters in order the scanner to work-related accurately. In instance you room holding the phone much away native your challenge or rather if it also close, the scanner will uncover it an overwhelming to check out the iris.

Clean the sensors

Dust, dirt, sweat, oil etc, gets built up on the screen and also sensors in time which altogether makes the sensors unable to read your iris properly. So, you are advised to clean the screen and sensors gently making use of a clean towel or microfiber towel. This have the right to fix Galaxy keep in mind 8 Iris scanner issues promptly.

Delete the saved data and collection it increase again

If you have tried all other methods defined here but still can not to solve it, climate the last tip is to remove the conserved data and also then collection them again. Therefore head in the direction of settings>Lock display screen & Security> Iris>Remove Iris and then collection it back. It will deal with the issue.


So, these the suggestions on just how to fix Galaxy note 8 Iris scanner issues. Just try performing every the methods explained here one through one.

Important Tips:

Here space some necessary tips come remember while unlocking the display screen through Iris Scanner.

Ensure to keep the precise distance, virtually 10-14 inch from your faceDo not relocate muchCome come the ideal lightingKeep your eyes vast openDo not blink.

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