Story Highlights36% in U.S. Have a "great deal" or "fair amount" of to trust in massive media68% of Democrats, 31% of independents and 11% the Republicans to trust mediaDemocrats' and also independents' trust is down five points because 2020, GOP's flat

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' trust in the media come report the fully, accurately and reasonably has edged down 4 percentage points since last year come 36%, making this year's reading the 2nd lowest in's trend.

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In all, 7% that U.S. Adults say they have "a an excellent deal" and 29% "a fair amount" that trust and confidence in priziv.orgpapers, television and also radio reporting -- which, combined, is 4 points over the 32% document low in 2016, amid the divisive presidential election campaign in between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In addition, 29% the the public right now registers "not really much" trust and also 34% have "none at all."


Line graph. Americans' to trust in the massive media once it concerns reporting the fully, accurately and fairly, since 1997. In 2021, 36% have a good deal or same amount of trust in the fixed media, and also 63% have not very much or none in ~ all. This is the shortest rating due to the fact that 2016, when trust was 32%, the shortest on record.

These findings, from a Sept. 1-17 poll, are the recent in's tracking of the public's trust in an essential U.S. Institutions, which began in 1972. Between 1972 and also 1976, 68% come 72% of americans expressed to trust in the massive media; yet, by 1997, when the inquiry was following asked, trust had dropped come 53%. Trust in the media, which has actually averaged 45% due to the fact that 1997, has not reached the majority level since 2003.

After hitting that is lowest point in 2016, to trust in the media rebounded, gaining 13 points in 2 years -- mostly since of a surge amongst Democrats between President Donald Trump's antagonistic partnership with the press and increased scrutiny that his management by the media. Since 2018, however, it has fallen a full of nine points, together trust has slid amongst all party groups.

Democrats' trust in Media Dwarfs Republicans' and Independents'

Partisans' trust in the media continues to be sharply polarized. Currently, 68% that Democrats, 11% the Republicans and 31% that independents speak they trust the media a good deal or same amount. The 57-point space in Republicans' and also Democrats' to trust is in ~ the 54- come 63-point selection for the two groups due to the fact that 2017.

While both Democrats' and also independents' trust has slid five points end the previous year, Republicans' has actually held steady.

Historically, Republicans' to trust in the accuracy and also fairness that the media's reporting has actually not risen above 52% over the previous quarter century. At the very same time, Democrats' confidence has not fallen below the 2016 reading of 51%. For your part, independents' to trust in the media has actually not gone to the bulk level because 2003.


Line graph. Partisans' to trust in the fixed media as soon as it concerns reporting the fully, accurately and fairly, due to the fact that 1997. In 2021, 68% the Democrats, 31% of independents and 11% the Republicans have actually a an excellent deal or fair amount of to trust in the mass media. Republicans' trust is one portion point higher than the ahead low, recorded last year. Democrats' to trust is currently eight points reduced than their highest possible on record, from 2018, and independents' to trust is one point greater than their document low.

Bottom Line

Just as Americans' to trust in the 3 branches of government is faltering, so as well is their confidence in the 4th estate -- the media. Confidence in the media amongst Republicans end the past five years is at unmatched lows. ~ a short recovery in trust among Democrats and independents early on in the trump card administration, your trust has fallen turn off a tiny in recent years. Autonomous trust remains well above where that was prior to Trump came right into office and made assaults on the media a core blog post of his presidency.

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Survey Methods

Results because that this vote are based on telephone interviews performed Sept. 1-17, 2021, through a arbitrarily sample of 1,005 adults, aged 18 and also older, living in all 50 U.S. States and the ar of Columbia. For results based upon the complete sample of nationwide adults, the margin of sampling error is ±4 percent points in ~ the 95% to trust level. Every reported margins of sampling error include computed style effects for weighting.Each sample of national adults includes a minimum quota of 70% cellphone respondents and also 30% landline respondents, with additional minimum share by time zone in ~ region. Landline and also cellular call numbers are selected making use of random-digit-dial methods.