The gold State Warriors are a step closer to finding out the identity of your 2019 NBA Finals opponent.

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After opened the east Conference finals through back-to-back losses, the Toronto Raptors rallied to success three straight over the Milwaukee Bucks and also now sit a win away from the organization"s first appearance in the championship round.

"This is a hell the a team," Raptors coach Nick Nurse said of the Bucks, that won one NBA-high 60 gamings this season. "We need to play ours asses turn off to win them."

As the series shifts ago north the the border for Saturday"s game 6, the Warriors deserve to only sit and wait to uncover their an initial non-LeBron James-led adversary in the last round throughout their present run. However they"ll store themselves lot of busy with rest and also recovery, as multiple far-reaching players are handling injuries.

We"ll update their health instances after looking front at the Finals schedule.

2019 NBA Finals Schedule


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While this will certainly be the Warriors" fifth straight Finals, it will be a fully different experience.

Each that the past 4 trips have involved tussling through James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Because neither to be playoff entrants this season, the Dubs have actually known because that a while their postseason route would head in a various direction.

But the ar is various for reasons past the absence of Northeast Ohio. This will be the an initial Finals in i m sorry the warriors don"t gain home-court benefit since both the Bucks and also the Raptors (58) won an ext games than the Dubs (57).

So, also though the Finals matchup isn"t set, the schedule is locked in for everything other than gold State"s counterpart and will play out together follows:

Game 1: Thur, might 30, gold State at MIL/TOR, 9 p.m. ET top top ABC

Game 2: Sun, June 2, gold State at MIL/TOR, 8 p.m. ET ~ above ABC

Game 3: Wed, June 5, MIL/TOR at gold State, 9 p.m. ET on ABC

Game 4: Fri, June 7, MIL/TOR at golden State, 9 p.m. ET top top ABC

*Game 5: Mon, June 10, golden State in ~ MIL/TOR, 9 p.m. ET top top ABC

*Game 6: Thur, June 13, MIL/TOR at golden State, 9 p.m. ET ~ above ABC

*Game 7: Sun, June 16, golden State at MIL/TOR, 8 p.m. ET top top ABC

*if necessary

Warriors" Injury Watch

Considering golden State is coming off a conference finals sweep, it can be straightforward to forget this team is absent two of its top-four scorers.

"I feeling good," Cousins said reporters. "A lot much better than ns was. I"m maybe to acquire up and down the court more. I"m able come play a little competition basketball."

Warriors coach Steve Kerr claimed Cousins" accessibility for video game 1 will come down to conditioning. The skipper additionally stopped short of committing to beginning Cousins when he"s completely healthy, which provides sense offered all the frontcourt combinations at golden State"s disposal.

The Warriors survived last round without Durant or Cousins, however the Finals space a different type of test. The stakes space higher, the spotlight is brighter and also the opposition is an ext formidable.

Golden State shed both regular-season matchups with Toronto. The split against Milwaukee, yet the Bucks likewise steamrolled castle 134-111 despite shooting simply 9-of-35 from street in the win.

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While the Warriors could (and should) it is in favored against either team at less than complete strength, their championship forecast grows a lot of cloudier if Durant and/or Cousins can"t gain right.