If you’re organizing Game of Thrones watch parties for the show’s last season, you might want to prepare the couch v pillows and also blankets because that your worn down friends. As the eighth season the Game the Thrones comes near, pan blog Winter Is Coming rounded increase a perform of episode runtimes — and they’re long.

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While the first two illustration of Season 8 clock in under an hour — which is pretty traditional for Game of Thrones — the episodes three to six that will certainly be extra long, practically as long as feature-length movies.

With talk among critics concerning how “cinematic” the HBO collection has to be these critical eight years, these long run times yes, really drive home the allude that Game of Thrones no just huge TV. That movies.

Some that the official run times for Game the Thrones Season 8 differ from what Winter Is Coming reported, however here room the time reported by Variety and also Entertainment Weekly and confirmed by HBO.

Season 8, illustration 1 (airing top top April 14) will be 54 minutes. Season 8, illustration 2 (airing top top April 21) will certainly be 58 minutes. Season 8, illustration 3 (airing on April 28) is one hour and also 22 minutes.Season 8, episode 4 (airing on may 5) is one hour and also 18 minutes.Season 8, illustration 5 (airing on might 12) is one hour and 20 minutes.Season 8, illustration 6, the finale (airing on may 19), is also one hour and also 20 minutes.

One hour and also 18-20 minute run times are quick movies, but they’re long by Game of Thrones metrics. In Season 7, the longest episode was the finale, i beg your pardon clocked in at one hour and also 21 minutes. The reality that Game the Thrones is doing three episodes nearly that long is pretty astonishing. HBO is not screwing around. Season 8 is walking to it is in big, and also audiences are going come literally feeling it.

The only other info available about these episodes is the they’re rated TV-MA and also Episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, and also 6 have actually “Adult Content.” offered that the display was once referred to as “Tits and also dragons” by former guest star Ian McShane (bless him), this is of tiny surprise to the Game of Thrones audience.

What is interesting, and maybe weird, is that illustration 1 does not have actually that exact same “Adult Content” claim. When it’s unlikely the show will soften increase in any type of way, that curious if the extremely anticipated premiere will save clear the its usual toolset of gratuitous blood, violence, and also nudity.

We’ve formerly heard about these operation times. In January, a French news site, Première, attended an occasion for France’s OCS, the home of HBO’s programming, and revealed the an initial two episodes would certainly be 60 minutes long and the remaining four episodes would certainly each be 80 minute in length. It’s likely that OCS wasn’t provided the precise run times yet since HBO didn’t have actually them yet.

If girlfriend look at the run times for the vault seasons, for the many part, the very first two episodes carry out tend to be on the much shorter side compared to the remainder of the season. However, you likewise have come take right into account that six of the past seven periods were 10 episodes long. It provides sense to have actually the last season, which is just six episodes, function longer run times. It additionally makes sense for the Game of Thrones collection finale come be among the longest illustration in the show’s history.

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So, what we’re saying is, don’t drink too much homemade meade and also ale if you need to drive residence after Game that Thrones ~ above Sundays. That going to it is in late. Possibly hitch a ride native Dany’s dragons. They’ll obtain you residence in no time.