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Winter is here, but The Winds the Winter release date? Well, that’s one more story.

Trying come foretell the resulting the sixth publication in George R.R. Martin’s A song of Ice and also Fire collection has become an annual ritual. Which is why you are below reading this post and why ns myself have written it. (It’s pretty to it is in a component of tradition, isn’t it?)

So together we wind under 2019, the year that brought us an finishing to the collection courtesy the HBO’s game of Thrones adaptation, let’s take stock of what us know and also what we don’t know about The Winds the Winter relax date.

The (Latest) Potential The Winds of Winter Release Date

“When’s the nextGame the Thrones publication coming out?”

It’s the concern that haunts us all. There was a time when Winds of Winter release day discourse associated months and also calendar years. But it’s been eight years due to the fact that the release of A Dance with Dragons, and, well, us of the realm have moved past the principle of “dates.”

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Time is a construct and also is not an especially useful when stating the presence of The Winds that Winter.

The closest thing we need to a day for book six comes courtesy the the great people of new Zealand. To note the game of Thrones series finale in might 2019, airline Air new Zealand extended an invite come Martin because that a be safe visit/writing retreat come the nation so he might finish The Winds that Winter.

The author’s reply? He’s already got to plan to it is in in new Zealand for the human being Science Fiction Convention in summer 2020. And also if that hasn’t finished the book by then, the Kiwis room welcome come imprison him.

What George R.R. Martin Says

Assuming Martin wants to prevent lockup in brand-new Zealand, we have the right to circle next summer together a potential release window. However other 보다 that vast promise, the author has stayed fairly mum—as that late—in regard come release date expectations.

In October the this year, Martin satellite down with NPR because that a rare interview. He offers some amazing notes on craft and the civilization of A song of Ice and also Fire, however when it comes to The Winds that Winter, well, the discussion gets a little an ext vague.

“It’s an extremely important me to end up A track of Ice and Fire,” he tells NPR. “I desire to complete it. Ns still have two an ext books come do, and also I want to finish it strong.”

(As one aside, please avoid heckling the guy so he will give more interviews.)

Prior to the October interview, the last public comment native Martin ~ above his forthcoming publication (that I’m mindful of) to be a might 20 blog post, tied come the finale of video game of Thrones. In the post, that reiterated the eventual resulting winter (and spring):

“THE WINDS of WINTER is an extremely late, ns know, i know, but it will certainly be done. Ns won’t to speak when, I’ve tried that before, just to burn friend all and jinx myself…but i will finish it, and then will certainly come A DREAM that SPRING.”

Further Speculation AboutThe Winds that Winter

Those are the facts, and also yet, specific The Winds of Winter releasedate eludes us. So currently comes the shameless, speculative detective work.

In a Nov. 18 blog post, Martin discussed his yearly trips to new York, which include meetings with publishers, editors, and also “colleagues at HBO.” suspect those same meetings developed on this year’s trip, it seems likely the the long-anticipated continuation of a best-selling series came up in conversation.

If you’re lean to view conspiracy in the world, you’ll desire to cross-reference this blog post with a viral November 25 tweet from the account because that the video game of Thrones TV series, i beg your pardon read, simply, “Winter is coming.”

In all likelihood, it’s a seasonal marketing tweet trying to keep momentum going for the newly announced Targaryen-focused spinoff series House that the Dragon. But then again, that tweet arrived merely a week after the boy name blog post discussing brand-new York meetings—meetings that may have involved HBO representatives.

So perhaps that society media manager knows something we don’t.

What us Know about Book 6

When it involves The Winds the Winter, it’s no feast no one famine. Martin has doled out little morsels of content on his website (some of i beg your pardon he’s because removed), in ~ conventions, and in various other readings and also appearances.

In total, 11 chapters have been exit in part form, and you can find a running list of castle on the A track of Ice and also Fire reddit community. (It’s worth noting the the last released chapters are from may 2016, therefore who’s to say if they’re all still in the present draft the the book?)

Assuming, however, those 11 chapters make it into the finished novel, The Winds the Winter will function (at least) the following POV characters:

Aeron Damphair (one of plenty of Greyjoys reduced from the HBO adaptation)Arianne Martell (remember: Dorne is quiet a thing in the books!)Arya StarkBarristan Selmy (also still lively in the books!)Sansa distinguishable (under the alias Alayne Stone)Theon GreyjoyTyrion LannisterVictarion Greyjoy (another the the Greyjoys silenced by HBO)

The solid representation the the stole Islands and Dorne in the exit chapters room reminders the the path forward for the books will be substantially different 보다 the show’s, also if both stories eventually end in the very same place.

Regardless that the plot, we understand the concluding books are walk to be looong. In his may 20 blog post, Martin claimed he expects The Winds that Winter and also the succeeding A Dream of spring to fill at least 3,000 manuscript pages—and most likely more.

All of this, that course, is reading portents, and also it may be of minimal comfort come those who’ve plowed through video game of Thrones read-alikes already. Cross your fingers for next summer’s Worldcon, folks. It’s our next ideal hope.

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