Game that Thrones fans deserve to attest come a big truth: if one doesn"t salary close sufficient attention come what"s happening on screen, they"ll miss out top top a ton of small details. This certainly used to the an initial episode of Thrones" eighth and also final season. The premiere featured plenty of buzz-worthy moments — choose the heartwarming reunion in between Jon (Kit Harington) and also Arya (Maisie Williams), the awkward reunion in between Jon and also Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright), the dramatic reunion in between Bran and Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), plus that dragon joyride and also Jon learning he"s a Targaryen and Cersei obtaining sassy around Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk) not bringing her any kind of elephants and also Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) not giving a single hoot around telling Sam (John Bradley) she burnt his family members alive. 

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What has human being talking even more than every that are the 2 blink-and-you"ll-miss-them cameos that most world didn"t choose up ~ above the very first time approximately — you know, top top account of every little thing else happening during the episode. 

About 28 minutes into the season 8 premiere, there"s a step in which Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) storms his uncle Euron"s ship, make his method to his sister Yara (Gemma Whelan), whom he cowardly however ultimately cleverly left in the lurch in season 7. Before he can rescue her, however, Theon needs to pick off (or need to we say "poke through"?) a few members the Euron"s fleet. Theon"s hand is steady as the fires an arrow clean right into the back of one man"s skull, sending it shooting out his eye. He and two men behind him put several more arrows v the heads of various other random males on deck. The siege is successful, the route to Yara is clear, and Theon is totally free to return to Winterfell while Yara looks over the Ironborn as Queen of the stole Islands. 

On the surface, the step doesn"t seem the end of the ordinary: it"s a calculated act of violence executed to meet an end goal. Look at closer in ~ the people playing Theon"s victims, though, and also you"ll watch that the succession is anything yet normal, together it features cameo appearances from It"s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia actor Rob McElhenney and Silicon Valley star martin Starr. 

We"ll break points down for those who completely missed the cameos: McElhenney plays the an initial person Theon kills, showing up at the 28:15 note of the episode with an arrow sticking the end of his eye; Starr can be spotted automatically after, at 28 minutes and also 17 seconds, as the dude who gets an arrow to the brain. They aren"t on display screen for very long and also the dim lighting makes it challenging to identify their faces, so it"s straightforward to check out why so numerous never recorded McElhenney and Starr top top the season 8 premiere of Game the Thrones



With each passing season, the collection has gotten better at sneaking in celebrity cameos that can only the most eagle-eyed viewers can immediately find. Over the years, Game that Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have managed to include musicians, other actors, and also even politic figures on the series. Former U.S. Chairman George W. Bush"s likeness proved up on Thrones as a severed head on a spike, Coldplay drummer will Champion appeared as (what else?) a drummer throughout the well known Red Wedding, the members of heavy metal tape Mastodon twice popped up together Wildings whom the Night King turned into wights, comedian Steve Love cameoed as a victim of the Hound, and also professional baseball player Noah Syndergaard had actually a tiny role as a soldier in Jaime Lannister"s army. Even Weiss and also Benioff us made cameo appearances, their mugs seen in the hall of faces at the House of Black and White. And very couple of could forget the moment singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran showed up on Thrones, play a singing Lannister bannerman Arya met as she was traveling come King"s Landing.

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While numerous Game of Thrones pan weren"t to crawl on Sheeran"s cameo, most everyone is love that McElhenney and Starr acquired to be a component of the series, if just for a couple of seconds each. In a way, the marks a full-circle moment: McElhenney is nearby friends v Benioff and Weiss, who formerly wrote the season 9 It"s Always Sunny illustration "Flowers for Charlie" and made your own little appearances ~ above the season 12 installment "The corridor Goes come a Water Park." A longtime Thrones fan, McElhenney was thought to have currently cameoed on the show back in season 6, showing up alongside his Always Sunny co-star Charlie Kelly as Unsullied soldiers, however that ended up simply a rumor. Despite his Thrones call may have only lasted 2 seconds rather of 15 minutes, McElhenney lastly got come cameo — and just in time for the collection to end. 

McElhenney and Starr"s cameos here may be just the pointer of the iceberg because that the last season of Thrones. Probably the show, which has actually only 5 episodes left before it"s gone forever, will feature an ext familiar encounters in little scenes moving forward. Billy Eilish as a White Walker? Jeff Goldblum as a man who it s okay roasted by one of Dany"s dragons? Thrones star Sophie Turner"s fiancé Joe Jonas appearing as a Lannister soldier? We"d pay good money to view those cameos happen. 

Unfortunately, there"s one human being who absolutely won"t appear on the final season of Game the Thrones: the mastermind behind the entirety thing, George R.R. Martin. As it transforms out, the A tune of Ice and also Fire author had the opportunity to cameo ~ above season 8, yet turned it under in donate of functioning on finishing The Winds that Winter, the long-awaited sixth book in his novel collection upon i m sorry the display is based. In the video game of Thrones cameos, you either accept and also play a character who most likely dies, or you decline and supply on your previous promises. McElhenney and also Starr may have actually had an ext fun, but Martin chose wisely.