Between two brutal battles and also the all-out destruction of king’s Landing, you can think much more of our favourite Game the Thrones characters would have perished in the final season. That was constantly a given that we would check out some gruesome deaths—some of lock warranted and also some of them not so much. After all, Game the Thrones i will not ~ be Game of Thrones without characters dying, and also that"s exactly what we got. So come commemorate every one of this season’s fallen characters, here’s a perform of every major death that made us either reach because that a organization or shout through joy.

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1. Eddison Tollett // passed away in “The lengthy Night," Season 8, episode 3

One of the an initial deaths throughout the battle of Winterfell to be Eddison “Dolorous Edd” Tollett, faithful brother of the Night’s Watch. After conserving Samwell Tarly indigenous a load of wights, Edd to be stabbed in the ago by one of them.

2. Jorah Mormont // died in “The long Night," Season 8, episode 3

Iain Glen and Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones.Helen Sloan, HBO

Jorah Mormont’s critical moments observed him fighting to the death to defend Daenerys Targaryen, the woman he loved.

3. Lyanna Mormont // died in “The lengthy Night," Season 8, illustration 3

Lyanna Mormont showed that size really didn’t issue when she take it on a vast undead giant and stabbed the in the eye as it crushed her. She was among the true heroes the the fight of Winterfell.

4. Beric Dondarrion // died in “The long Night," Season 8, illustration 3

We lastly learned why Beric to be brought earlier to life so many times: during the fight of Winterfell, we experienced that the was expected to protect and also sacrifice self for Arya Stark as he blocked the end wights and permitted her to satisfy her destiny of death the Night King.

5. Theon Greyjoy // died in “The lengthy Night," Season 8, illustration 3

Theon Greyjoy certainly made some questionable choices throughout the series, including betraying the Starks. Yet when he determined to return to fight for Winterfell, that was ready to appropriate his wrongs. He passed away protecting Bran Stark throughout the battle, and finally gained his redemption.

6. The Night King // passed away in “The long Night," Season 8, episode 3

Maisie Williams and also Vladimir Furdik in Game of Thrones.HBO

No one expected among the biggest villains to be defeated so easily. Arya swung out of nowhere and also stabbed the Night King v the dagger Bran had previously provided her. The Night King burst right into shards of ice, and also so did every one of of his other White Walkers. There is no the White walker magic come animate them, the horde that wights collapsed, too.

7. Melisandre // passed away in “The lengthy Night," Season 8, episode 3

Returning to Winterfell in spite of being banished, Melisandre knew she required to bring out her destiny together well. She provided her sorcery an abilities during the fight of Winterfell and lit the trenches on fire, forming a barrier against the undead army. And when she reminded Arya that the prophecy she had actually told her back in season 3, her job was complete. When the fight was over, she go out into the snow, dropped her necklace, and disintegrated.

8. Rhaegal // died in "The critical of the Starks," Season 8, illustration 4

Rhaegal and Drogon soar in Game the ThronesHBO

Sadly for Daenerys, Rhaegal—one of she two staying dragons—was taken out by Euron Greyjoy"s scorpion-equipped iron Fleet together the mother of Dragons"s crew headed back to Dragonstone. The was no an finish Rhaegal deserved, nor to be it one that viewers to be necessarily expecting.

9. Missandei // died in "The critical of the Starks," Season 8, episode 4

Missandei’s death was among season 8"s many shocking. ~ being captured in the assault by the iron Fleet, she was executed in front of both Grey Worm and also Daenerys. In a way, Missandei"s murder to be the first major relocate in the fight between the 2 queens.

10. Lord Varys // died in "The Bells," Season 8, illustration 5

Varys’s intentions were pretty collection when that learned that Jon to be the true heir to the iron Throne. He quickly took action to spread the secret, and that that course to be a hazard to Daenerys and also her claim. In the end, Varys to be torched by Drogon’s fire for treason—as Daenerys claimed he would be if he ever before betrayed her.

11. Qyburn // died in "The Bells," Season 8, illustration 5

One of the much more satisfying deaths the the season goes to Qyburn, who was conveniently tossed and killed by The Mountain simply for gift in the way. ~ The Hound approached his brother, clearly ready for their highly-anticipated fight, the zombie-like gigantic killed the male who lugged him ago to life before taking top top the human being who really mattered ...

12. And 13. The Hound and The hill // died in "The Bells," Season 8, episode 5

Rory McCann and also Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson face off in Cleganebowl—finally!—in Game that Thrones.HBO

Everyone knew that Cleganebowl was coming. When Daenerys was liven burning king Landing and also its many innocent citizens, The Hound set out to discover his brother, The Mountain—and Cleganebowl commenced. But due to the fact that The Mountain had been brought earlier from the dead, that was almost impossible for his brothers to death him. In the end, The Hound was forced to sacrifice his own life—by throwing self off the measures of the Red Keep along with his brother—in order to accomplish his goal.

14. Euron Greyjoy // passed away in "The Bells," Season 8, episode 5

Everyone wanted Euron to gain what that deserved, and also he ultimately did as soon as he combated with Jaime. As both were wounded, Jaime discovered the toughness to stab Euron and also kill him.

15. And also 16. Jaime and also Cersei Lannister // passed away in "The Bells," Season 8, episode 5

Lena Headey and also Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to speak their final goodbyes in Game that Thrones.Helen Sloan, HBO

When Jaime left his fight with Euron badly injured to go find Cersei, we knew that wouldn’t do it. The pair went down to the basement to uncover a way out, but every one of the exits to be blocked. In the end they died embracing each other, together the wall surfaces of the lock caved in top top them.

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17. Daenerys Targaryen // died in "The iron Throne," Season 8, episode 6

This to be arguably the many shocking fatality of the whole series, allow alone the season. After Dany began exhibiting comparable traits to she father, "The foolish King," Jon realized over there was only one method to prevent her ... And also that was to death her. The mom of Dragons passed away in Jon’s arms, and also was taken far by a heartbroken Drogon.