Not pictured: the craft services cup of coffee that gained scrubbed from this illustration of Game that Thrones.Helen Sloan/HBO

Behold Ser Latte of house Starbucks, very first of his name, guest at the table the Queen Daenerys Stormborn of home Targaryen, hero that the worst Game that Thrones illustration to date, "The last of the Starks." we shall never see his likeness again, since HBO has currently edited him into oblivion. However fret not; uneven his an in similar way missing brother, Ser Pounce, his time ~ above the display screen is no over. It's only simply begun.

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People have been roasting Game of Thrones all week ~ a an extremely anachronistic white disposable coffee cup appeared in Sunday's episode. Viewers noticed the gaffe practically immediately, spreading blurry screenshot of the offending vessel across the web. Tweeters have actually imagined exactly how Thrones characters' names would certainly be misspelled by baristas ("Latte because that … Denise?"), and also what the cup would look prefer if friend crammed Daenerys' whole title top top it. There have actually been lord of irradiate (Roast Coffee) quips and also Flat Wight jokes.

On Monday, HBO admitted its mistake, albeit in a way that's confused about the cup's contents: "News indigenous Winterfell," the network tweeted indigenous the Game the Thrones account. "The latte that appeared in the illustration was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an organic tea." (A item of advice: Considering just how uneven this season has actually been, now is not the moment for jokes about poor planning.) the remark only attracted corporate sass native Starbucks itself, which feel Dany would have ordered a Dragon Drink, one apparently actual product it describes as "a combination of sweet mango and also dragonfruit flavors."

It didn't matter that Game the Thrones' arts director revealed that the cup wasn't from Starbucks at all—it's a share craft services cup—the visibility of the coffee chain in Westeros is currently all yet canon. Through Tuesday, the cup had been scrubbed from presence in Westeros, however not online. Some, maybe in retaliation come Ser Latte's digital disappearance, have started editing the cup into other standard narratives, choose Star Wars: illustration IV—A brand-new Hope, or just directly onto the stole Throne. The image is not likely to disappear any time soon.

People have always been obsessed through bloopers and also movie mistakes—finding lock is favor peeking behind the curtain and also seeing Oz. However reactions to the Westerosi latte vacillate between schadenfreude and genuine, if good-humored, irritation. Numerous reactions come the gaffe sneer in ~ Game that Thrones for missing the cup despite having two years to finish the season and a reported budget of $15 million every episode. Worse, the showrunners have actually a cameo in the scene v the cup in question and still nobody noticed, which part viewers room taking as the ultimate authorize of carelessness. For some, detect the cup isn't around spotting a mistake, it's around locating proof that the show's fist to detail this season has been lacking.

With rushed and wavering episodes choose "The last of the Starks," which cure its beloved characters like chess pieces rather than people, the seems most likely that this mistake—and the meme approximately it—could finish up among the last season's many memorable moments. Also though they're still laughing, that's sad because that Thrones fans. The cup has come to be a symbol for just exactly how sloppy Game of Thrones has become. The display has been commodified; it's quick food, no French press. It serves you four pumps that sugar, natural flavors, and potassium sorbate and also expects her tongue to taste pumpkin. In the end the only winner is Starbucks: They've gained an estimated $2.3 billion in complimentary advertising, and the cup isn't also theirs.

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