Kit Harington Says video game Of Thrones Starbucks Coffee Cup no His fault Kit Harington, who played Jon snow on video game Of Thrones, states the notorious Starbucks coffee cup wrong in the show’s season 8 wasn’t his fault.

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Kit Harington together Jon snow in game of Thrones
Kit Harington has actually said that the famous coffee cup wrong in Game that Thrones season 8 was not his fault. The brothers actor, 34, play heroic command Jon Snow, the bastard-turned-warrior, in all eight periods of the show. Game of Thrones ran ~ above HBO indigenous 2011 to 2019, and also the final season in 2019 observed Harington’s Snow compelled to concern his loyalties when faced with his identification as a mystery Targaryen.

Game that Thrones season 8 was met with several difficulties, consisting of an underwhelming response from long-term fans. Numerous felt the last six episodes of the fantasy drama to be rushed and also unsatisfying. Among the most derided moment was once a Starbucks coffee cup was spotted by viewers in the background of a banquet step in episode 4, “The last of the Starks,” having actually been left on display next come the seat of Emilia Clarke’s Danaerys Targaryen. Photos of the coffee cup instantly went viral online, with countless fans see it as a authorize of rushed editing and also a glaring monitor by producers. Subsequent re-runs the the episode had the goof edited out, but screenshots and footage continued to be a fight online.

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In an interview through Uproxx, while promoting Marvel’s Eternals, Harington talked about his skill at keeping spoilers under-wraps. As soon as asked if he’d ever slipped up before, the actor revealed he was once blamed because that leaving the coffee cup on set on Game that Thrones, saying it “wasn’t me.” Harington cases that co-star and also Sansa distinguishable actress Sophie Turner “blamed me for that, and also I swear it wasn’t.” Turner originally focussed attention on the gibbs in one interview back in 2019, whereby she dubbed Harington “lazy” enough to it is in responsible for the gaffe. Thus, the an enig of the Game of Thrones Starbucks coffee cup continues. Read Harington"s full comments below:

“I got blamed for leaving a coffee cup top top a shooting once, which no me … Well, blamed me for that. And also I swear the wasn’t! other than that, as much as spoilers, no, ns didn’t. I’m pretty good! ns pretty certain I didn’t chaos anything up.”

Game the Thrones Starbucks Cup
Harington’s reputation together a perfect artist is commendable, and also the star claims to have kept lots of tricks under-wraps because that his latest venture. Harington is set to sign up with the Marvel Cinematic world in the upcoming Eternals, whereby he plays human hero Dane Whitman. Whitman’s personality in the comics goes on to end up being superhero black color Knight, though due to Harington’s abovementioned tight lips, fans room still unsure whether they’ll obtain to check out the gibbs don the sword and armor in the phase 4 film.

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The actor"s revelation the he wasn"t behind Game of Thrones" well known Starbucks coffee cup mistake only deepens the mystery. Unfortunately, it’s skeptical fans will ever truly gain to the bottom the the mistake that turned right into a viral web meme. Meanwhile, the Game the Thrones cosmos is collection for one on-screen resurgence soon in the form of upcoming prequel series House of The Dragon. The HBO present will take place 200 years before the events of the original series, focusing on the reign of the Targaryens ~ above the steel Throne. Doctor Who alum Matt smith is collection to star as Daemon Targaryen alongside a plethora of exhilaration talent. Hopefully, the manufacturing team behind House the the Dragon is a little much more conscious of set details 보다 their predecessors.