Every Upcoming Netflix show From game Of Thrones Creators Weiss & Benioff video game of Thrones David Benioff and D.B. Weiss signed a multi-film and also television resolve Netflix in 2019. Here are all their upcoming projects.

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Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and also D.B. Weiss space working on numerous upcoming Netflix projects, and also here"s what we know around them so far. In 2019, adhering to Game the Thrones derided season 8, the showrunners signed a five-year, $250 million writing, producing, and also directing address the streaming service. Follow to Variety, the compete to lure the an imaginative duo away from HBO to be fierce and came down to a three-way bidding war between Netflix, Amazon Studios, and also Disney. Prior to signing Weiss and Benioff, Netflix had efficiently forged agreements with other powerhouse talents Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy, Jenji Kohan, Brad Falchuk, and Janet Mock.

Even prior to Game the Thrones reached its conclusion, Weiss and also Benioff were lining up their next projects. In 2018, THR announced the twosome would be writing and also producing a brand-new trilogy of Star Wars movies for Disney"s Lucasfilm. The first of i beg your pardon was set to be exit in 2022 (In October 2019, Weiss and also Benioff would certainly no longer oversee the films due to their new commitment to Netflix.) The duo was also developing the controversial slavery sci-fi drama Confederate because that HBO. The series took ar in an alternate timeline, through the South effectively seceding native the Union and slavery staying a lauded and also integral college (In January 2020, Confederate to be canceled.) In the wake of their deal with Netflix, Weiss and Benioff signed on to create a film based on the graphic novel Lovecraft for Warner Bros. Due to the fact that announcing the transaction in December 2019, the untitled project appears to have stalled.

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As HBO moves ahead through its Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, which starts filming in April and chronicles the story that the home of Targaryen 300 years prior to Daenerys Targaryen dominated multiple cities and reduced King"s Landing come rubble, there are three an ext Game the Thrones spinoffs room in the works. However, Weiss and Benioff, the driving an innovative forces behind Game that Thrones, have left Westeros behind. Since their move to Netflix, Weiss and also Benioff have actually been sluggish to churn out content (they directed the 2020 stand-up distinct Leslie Jones: Time Machine), reinforcing doubts about whether castle can build multiple jobs simultaneously after gift singularly focused on Game the Thrones. However, the duo shows up to it is in hitting their stride with 3 shows and one movie in the plan and/or manufacturing stage.

Game the Thrones Creators set Sci-fi present Three-Body problem At Netflix
Weiss, Benioff, and also Alexander Woo (True Blood) are collection to write and also executive produce an English language adaptation that Liu Cixin"s Remembrance of Earth"s Past trilogy. Also serving as executive producers room Rian Johnson because that T Street Productions (Knives Out), Brad Pitt for arrangement B entertain (Moonlight), and Rosamund Pike because that Primitive Streak. The series will cover all three of the critically-acclaimed Chinese writer"s books: The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, and Death"s End. The novels phone call the story of humankind"s attempt to call alien civilizations, resulting in the revelation of an impending invasion. Cixin made background in 2015 as soon as he ended up being the first Asian to win the Hugo compensation for finest science fiction or fantasy novel for The Three-Body Problem.

This is the very first project Weiss and Benioff space attached to as writers because joining Netflix. “Liu Cixin’s trilogy is the most ambitious science-fiction collection we’ve read, taking readers on a trip from the 1960s until the finish of time, indigenous life on our pale blue period to the remote fringes of the universe,” Benioff and also Weiss said in a joint statement. The project is tho in the early developmental stages, and given the breadth that the material, there"s no accurate timeline for when the show will drop.

The Chair

Sandra oh in killing Eve
Weiss and Benioff offer as executive producers ~ above The Chair, a six-episode, half-hour dramedy series. The present stars Killing Eve"s Sandra Oh, who plays Ji-Yoon, the English department chair at a significant university. The Chair was developed by actress Amanda Peet (Benioff"s wife) and also Annie Julia Wyman. Wyman co-wrote the pilot, and also Peet will serve as showrunner. The display will additionally feature regulars Nana Mensah (New Amsterdam), Bob Balaban (The Politician), David Morse (Blindspot), and Everly Carganilla (Yes Day), who room joining Oh, The Morning Show"s Jay Duplass, and Two and a Half-Men"s Holland Taylor. Ji Yong Lee, Mallory Low, Marcia DeBonis, Ron Crawford, Ella Rubin, and also Bob Stephenson will have guest roles. Not lot is known about the plot, but Mensah will play Yasmin "Yaz" McKay, a well-known professor and also Ji-Yoon"s colleague. Balaban plays professor Elliot Mentz. Morse theatre Paul Larson, the university"s dean, and Carganilla plays Ji-Yoon"s daughter, Ju-Hee "Ju Ju" Kim. No main release day has been announced, yet production is underway in Pittsburgh, PA.

Star Wars video game of Thrones Benioff Weiss
Metal Lords will certainly serve together Weiss and also Benioff"s very first Netflix film. Jaeden Martell (Knives Out), Isis Hainsworth (Emma.), and Adrian Greensmith, who will it is in making his film debut, will star in the movie around two children trying to start a hefty metal band that attempt to recruitment a cellist to assist them win a battle of the Bands. Peter Sollet (Nick and also Norah"s limitless Playlist) is directing. Weiss penned the script without long-time writing partner Benioff who will executive, management produce together with Bernadette "Bernie" Caulfield (Game of Thrones) and Robin Fisichella (Ma). Rage versus the maker and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello who has showed up in the music documentaries Metal: A Headbanger’s JourneyIron Maiden: flight 666, and Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes, serves as Metal Lords executive, management music producer. The Netflix movie is slated because that a an international release later on this year.

Weiss and Benioff are also adapting Richard Powers" Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Overstory right into a television display for Netflix. Powers" 2018 book follows the stays of ripe characters, consisting of a Vietnam veteran, the son of Indian immigrants, an artist, an attorney, and a stenographer who all become energetic in avoiding deforestation after occurring close relationships with trees. Richard Robbins (12 Monkeys) wrote the pilot script and will offer as an executive, management producer alongside Benioff, Weiss, X-Men"s Hugh Jackman, a self-proclaimed fan of the book, and also Caulfield. Powers has actually signed on come co-produce.

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Netflix described The Overstory as "a sweeping, impassioned job-related of activism and also resistance that is likewise a stunning evocation the the herbal world." According to Deadline, Jackman could act in the series, but his joining in former of the camera relies heavily on the length of the development process and if and when the series gets greenlit by Netflix. CEO Reed Hastings gushed about The Overstory during one interview through The brand-new York Times in November 2020, a an excellent sign because that the small-screen adaptation relocating forward.