Announced Tuesday, The “Game that Thrones” showrunners have actually lined up their very first TV project due to the fact that the HBO fantasy series concluded its run last year. As part of their profitable deal with Netflix, Weiss and also Benioff will partner with Alexander Woo (“The Terror: Infamy” to write and also produce a collection inspired through the “The Three-Body Problem” trilogy the novels through Chinese author Liu Cixin.

The an initial book in the Hugo Award-winning series, i m sorry is enormously renowned in China, opens throughout the social Revolution, together an imprisoned student provides a surprise military operation to make contact with an alien race and also encourage lock to invade Earth. Like “Game the Thrones,” adapted from George R.R. Martin’s collection of epos novels, “The Three-Body Problem” creates a meticulously detailed alternating universe and also is ambitious in scope.

“Liu Cixin’s trilogy is the most ambitious science-fiction collection we’ve read, taking readers on a journey from the 1960s till the end of time, native life on our pale blue dot to the distant fringes that the universe. Us look front to spending the following years of our resides bringing this come life for audiences roughly the world,” stated Weiss and also Benioff in a statement Tuesday.

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Times writers talk through Derek Mio and also Alex Woo, the star and showrunner the the AMC series, collection during the incarceration that Japanese american during people War II.


“The Three-Body Problem” trilogy, indigenous Chinese sci-fi author Cixin Liu, will quickly be adapted into a Netflix series.
Rights holders The Three-Body Universe and also Yoozoo group granted the rights to one English-language adaptation come Netflix. Cixin and also Ken Liu, who analyzed two that the novels in the trilogy, will certainly serve together consulting producers.

“It’s a privilege to it is in adapting one of the an excellent masterpieces the Chinese science-fiction,” Woo said in a statement Tuesday. “‘The Three-Body Problem’ trilogy combines so plenty of things ns love: rich, multi-layered characters and true gift stakes — all told together an elegant and also deeply person allegory. Ns thrilled come kick off my partnership v Netflix through this accomplished an imaginative team.”

The team of executive producers likewise includes Rian Johnson, director of “Knives Out” and also “Star Wars: The last Jedi,” and Bernadette Caulfield, who worked carefully with Benioff and also Weiss on “Game the Thrones.”

The news was announced in a blog write-up by Peter Friedlander, vice chairman of original series at Netflix.

“David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Alexander Woo have experience tackling ambitious sagas over time and also space. Rian Johnson and also Ram Bergman have actually long dazzled fans with thrilling and mind-bending epics. They are all fierce supporters of ‘The Three-Body Problem,’” Friedlander wrote in the post. “As ardent fans, it was especially meaningful to united state to get the support of Liu Cixin who produced this expansive universe. Us all re-publishing the very same goal: to salary homage to this incredible story and also take members top top the adventure of a lifetime.”

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