Bill Simmons make a plea to HBO and Game the Throneson his brand-new talk show on Wednesday night to fix a character’ssevered manhood.

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Simmons ended his second show, Any provided Wednesday, likewise on HBO, through a short segment on the current season conclusion of the fantasy drama.

Simmons, a big fan of Thrones, an initial talked about the 3 levels the fandom, in his eyes, because that the insanity popular display — over-the optimal maniacs, those obsessed through the show only and the simpletons, i m sorry is wherein Simmons states he fits — prior to talking about poorTheon Greyjoy.

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“You can bring people ago to life on this show — offer this dude his penis back,” stated Simmons. “I feel like a pee-headingis means worse 보다 a beheading.”

The Greyjoy character, played byAlfie Allen, had actually his manhood reduced off by the deviousRamsay Bolton in one of the more disturbing moments of the already intense series.

“Poor Theon obtained his dick chopped off three season ago, and also I quiet can’t gain over it,” said Simmons. “No present has ever before made males appreciate your penises more.”




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