When Daenerys Targaryen learn of Jon Snow"s true identity on this week"s Game that Thrones, her reaction is dramatic—but not for the factor we expected. Yes, Jon does expose to Dany the he"s the kid of she older brothers Rhaegar Targaryen (and Lyanna Stark), for this reason making him her nephew; however she"s less interested about the truth that they committed incest and an ext concerned the he now has a stronger case to the iron Throne that she does.

"If it to be true, it would make you the last male heir of home Targaryen. You"d have a case to the steel Throne," she tells Jon tensely before they"re interrupted by the army of the Dead"s arrival.

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To be fair, this reaction renders sense for Dany. Ever since her an initial appearance in Season 1, she"s been functioning her means back to Westeros, acquiring allies and armies to win ago the iron Throne that"s been in her family members line for generations. Jon, ~ above the various other hand, just uncovered out he"s a Targaryen in the critical episode.

"There’s so much she’s seen and witnessed and also been through and also lost and suffered and hurt to obtain here… and also Jon doesn’t also want it!" actress Emilia Clarke called Entertainment Weekly.


"The connected thing, come her, is so normal," Clarke added to Entertainment Weekly, brushing off comes to that Dany has actually been sleeping with her own nephew. "She might have easily married she brother. It’s no a thing."

Clarke continued, "The key thing is we’re up because that the same promotion and also I’ve been functioning for it because that my whole existence."


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Meanwhile, Jon"s reaction come that reality that he"s in love with his aunt is a little an ext relatable. He didn"t point out his partnership with Dany once Samwell Tarly hit him through the large reveal in the critical episode, however it"s quiet on his mind.

"What yes, really upsets Jon is the he’s a blood loved one to the woman he’s in love with," GoT screenwriter Brian Cogman called EW. "Jon is bring away aback when essentially the very first thing she states is acknowledging the he has a insurance claim to the iron Throne."

The Targaryen household has a history for incestuous relationships, but that doesn"t typical it"s a widely accepted notion in Westeros. Our O.G. Brother-sister couple, Cersei and also Jaime Lannister, have kept your relationship mystery for years (although some nosy people in your circle know). Jaime even pushed a young boy the end of a tower as soon as he saw them together. (Hi, Bran Stark.) To peak it off, your father, Tywin Lannister, was in denial as soon as Cersei broke the news to him.

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It"s unclear exactly how the details of Jon and Dany"s kinship will affect their romance, but things don"t seem to look so good for the pair walk forward. The teaser for following week"s episode reflects them amidst a lover"s quarrel as the army of the Dead strikes Winterfell. "The dead are already here," Dany tells Jon frankly. Looks like their dragon-flying honeymoon step is over.

Game the Thrones return Sunday ~ above HBO in ~ 9 P.M. ET.

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