game Of Thrones: 10 Season 7 Easter eggs You to let go Season 7 of video game of Thrones had actually a totality lot for fans to take it in - so it"s no surprise that countless missed these cameos and references.

The eighth and last season of Game that Thrones finished an almost decade-long honeymoon between show creators and fans. Yet the seventh, the penultimate season in the series, still had a lot of praised moments. Many important twists happened as the characters revealed their last moves in this complex life-and-death game. It lasted 7 episodes, and it consisted nearly exclusively of initial content, together it significant the present surpassing the books.

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It"s not hard to miss out on a few details in this large-cast, complex plotline drama fantasy series. There room so countless things happening at every times that most fans need to will to outside sources to store track the everything. A lot of of Easter Eggs to be noticed, however some slipped by.

The Game the Thrones" title succession is basically a show of its own. Native the theme tune to the in-depth animation, every episode"s advent brings the fans joy, expectation, and information around what"s coming. Season 7 lugged two new locations to the interactive map the a many fans missed. Go you catch it? Oldtown and Eastwatch an initial appeared in the location sequence in season 7. Oldtown is the second-largest city in the 7 Kingdoms and also home come the stimulate of Maesters" headquarters, the Citadel, and Eastwatch is a castle and also port located at the far eastern finish of the wall and among three manned castles left on the Wall.

In the season 7 premiere, Game that Thrones presented their fans through a huge Easter Egg: a celebrity cameo. Ed Sheeran played a Lannister soldier that runs into Arya and performs the song, Hands that Gold, originally from the book. But Sheeran wasn"t the just musician to it is in a guest star this season.

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The American hefty metal band, Mastodon, came ago for the saturday season finale after your cameo as wildlings who get brutally murdered in season 5. Two seasons later, the trio from Atlanta, Georgia, returned as wights. Because the army of the Dead was so populous, many people missed the metalheads" appearance. Still, their comeback is not only a gift come the fans of hefty metal and GoT but additionally proof that the display creators to be attentive to details and continuity.

because that the literature buffs out there, this is a book-related Easter Egg. In episode 4, "The Spoils of War," Arya finally returns home to Winterfell. And also she is not recognized by the guards, that not just don"t let her in but attempt (and fail) to damage her. In the HBO featurette Inside The Episode, aired after ~ each gained episode premieres, the present creators, David Benioff and also D.B Weiss have confirmed that this is a referral to Homer"s epic poem The Odyssey, where Odysseus" return home after his 10-year voyage is met through unrecognition and rejection from the guys in charge. Words odyssey derived from Homer"s poem, and it intended "the story the Odysseus," a long and arduous journey. We can all agree that what Arya went with can really easily be described together an odyssey.

7 Arya"s struggle Moves

remaining on the topic of Arya"s return, an additional Easter Egg is uncovered in her spar with Brienne. This is a call-back one. After ~ witnessing Brienne training v Podrick, Arya asks come participate. The women show they room two of the best sword fighters in the GoT world. Yet a closer look into Arya"s move reveals this struggle is a clear recommendation to all her ahead teachers, from Jaqen and the Waif come Syrio Forel. Including the end with the pair pointing their swords at every other. A well-done homage.

Game the Thrones pays big attention to consistency within its story and characters. In season 7, illustration 7, one of the most beloved anti-heroes in the show, Tyrion Lannister, calls ago to something the said about brothels in the very first season. One of Tyrion"s favorite tasks is having actually sex. A good place because that a single man to communicate in such task in Westeros is going to a brothel, therefore there"s no surprised he knows a lot about them. When Jon snow arrives in King"s Landing for the very first time and can"t understand why who would prefer to live there rather of the North, Tyrion states the brothels are far superior. To the distracted fan, this deserve to be seen as simply a funny remark. But to those paying attention, the inside hoax has more layers as Tyrion claimed the same thing in season 1 while in a brothel outside of Winterfell.

5 The harry Potter Reference

In season seven"s opened episode, Samwell Tarly asks the Archmaester Ebrose around gaining access to the "restricted section" in the Citadel"s library. This reality alone would be sufficient for Harry Potter and Game that Thrones pan to connect Westeros come the wizarding world, as Hogwarts" library also has a one-of-a-kind area with the same name. However, the referral goes further, making that clear that this was no a coincidence at all. In Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince, Tom Riddle, aka young lord Voldemort, asks Professor Slughorn around said section because he"s feather for much more information about Horcruxes. And also what do these 2 mentor figures, Ebrose and also Slughorn, have in common? They"re both played by gibbs Jim Broadbent. Coincidence?

In episode 4, Littlefinger offers Bran the Valyrian steel dagger offered in the attempted killing Bran suffered in season one. Regardless of what the grasp of manipulation had actually in mind v this symbolic gift, the is left quiet ~ Bran interrupts his speech with the above line, "Chaos is a Ladder." Littlefinger understands the message and also shuts up.

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This heat is a call-back to a speech Littlefinger offered Varys in season 3, in which he states these specific words. This exchange can seem mysterious to a distracted eye, however in a depth look, Bran is telling Littlefinger he knows around his past. And also as someone that constantly lied and also betrayed human being to acquire what the wanted, Littlefinger has a lot come lose with the truth being revealed.

3 Is it Or Is It not Nymeria?

This season had a lot of Stark reunions, however there"s one that left fans rather confused. That"s once Arya comes face-to-face with her wolfy companion, Nymeria. Or was it her? top top her method back to Winterfell, after finding out her brother, Jon Snow, is the King that the North, Arya runs right into a fill of wild dire wolfs led through a bigger one Arya recognizes together Nymeria. Arya asks the wolf to go ago home through her, but the wolf decides to walk away, leaving Arya momentarily heartbroken. She then smiles, relieved, and says, "That"s no you." numerous viewers construed this scene together the dire wolf no being Nymeria, however Arya"s heat is in reality a call-back come something she told around herself. When Ned speak Arya the she"ll it is in married with youngsters one day, she replies this is no her. Arya smiles together Nymeria go away since she recognizes and respects she companion"s personality and won"t force her to be trained if that"s no what she is.

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one more well-known challenge to do a special (and brief) illustration in season 7 was the new York Mets pitcher noah Seth Syndergaard, aka Thor. The player and his gold locks can be seen in the climactic battle between the Lannister army and also Daenerys combined forces. Yet if girlfriend blinked, you might have missed him. Syndergaard have the right to be discovered using his athletic muscle to toss a spear in the direction of his enemies, and a great tip to allude him the end is the reality that he conveniently has actually his helmet"s visor up.