“He took treatment of me in an environment where ns didn’t recognize I required to it is in taken treatment of."



Clarke and also Momoa"s characters, Daenerys Targaryen and also Khal Drogo, were in a politically convenient arranged marriage.The actors" very first scenes with each other were potentially awkward, however Clarke states Momoa"s energy helped.

Imagine you"re a 23-year-old actress report to collection for her first-ever major role. Your character"s debut scene? Stripping under naked, getting into a bathtub, and also preparing to marry a gruff, gigantic stranger. The was the instance Emilia Clarke uncovered herself in after being actors as Game that Thrones" Danaerys Targaryen back in 2010. Then a freshman (she only had a few minor TV roles and also a theater school degree), Clarke could have had actually an uncomfortable endure signing up for sex scenes v full-frontal nudity, yet that wasn"t the case.

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Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa Reunite

In an interview v Dax Shepard top top his podcast Armchair Expert, Clarke credited former GoT co-star Jason Momoa because that helping her emerge from the very first season unscathed. Various other actresses have of course talked about your negative, and at times traumatizing, experience filming sex scenes in film and TV. And as of 2018, HBO currently hires intimacy coordinators because that sets, ensuring for sure experiences for every involved.

“He took care of me in an atmosphere where ns didn’t understand I necessary to it is in taken care of,” Clarke said. “Jason to be an experienced actor who had done a bunch of stuff before coming onto Game of Thrones. That said, ‘This is how it’s expected to be and how it’s not intended to be. I’m going come make certain that’s no the case.’ so he was constantly like, "Can we acquire her a robe? She"s shivering!"

She also added that Momoa cried much more than she did during those scenes.

Now the she is older and more experienced, Clarke appreciates Momoa"s active duty more. “It’s only currently I realize just how fortunate i was. The could"ve unable to do many, many different ways. He to be so kind and considerate, and cared about me as a person being,” Clarke said.

Since the show"s 2011 premiere, many thanks in part to the #MeToo movement, cultural conversation roughly the subject of sexual attack has evolved. As such, the show, and some of its actors" comments, have not age well.

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In 2017, Momoa do headlines for a controversial joke he made in ~ a Comic Con panel in 2011, not lengthy after the display arrived come HBO. Momoa said he loved exhilaration in the sci-fi genre since "there room so countless things you deserve to do...like rape beautiful women." later that year, Momoa made an additional offhanded comment around raping Clarke"s personality to the New York Post.

Following the blowback to his uncovered remarks, Momoa posted a public apology ~ above Instagram. "I to be still severely disappointed in myself at the insensitivity of my remarks the day. I understand my sincerest apology now won’t take away those hurtful words. Rape and also sexual harassment can reach anyone and I have actually seen very first hand its pains torment amongst members of my very own family and friends. I made a important tasteless comment. That is unacceptable and also I sincerely apologize v a hefty heart for the words i said."

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Similarly, your characters" love story has additionally sparked part criticism.

Yes, the doomed love story of Momoa"s Khal Drogo and also Clarke"s Daenerys Targaryen stands out for that tenderness—Etsy is teeming v couples’ jewel emblazoned v the Dothraki phrase of devotion (“Moon of mine life, my sun and stars”). Yet the glorification the Drogo and Daenerys eclipses the vexed start of their relationship. Daenerys was effectively sold to the Dothraki leader to fuel her brother’s, Viserys’s, politics strivings (he acquired his). On your wedding night, Drogo rapes the future mom of Dragons. It’s a painful step to watch — and also a start to the show’s controversial habit of utilizing rape as a plot point.

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But adoring Clarke and Momoas"s connection off-screen is much less complicated than shipping your characters. Their friendship is adorable, as confirmed by Clarke’s comment in the podcast.

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"He"s among those very rare people—their personality and their spirit is as big as he is. He just takes up the totality world. It"s fucking beautiful," Clarke said.

If friend need more of your chemistry in your life, monitor both Clarke and also Momoa ~ above Instagram. They periodically stage quick Game the Thrones reunions on your pages.

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