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Game the Thrones Season 1 illustration 6 complete Episode :

While recovering from his battle with Jamie, Eddard is forced to operation the kingdom when Robert goes hunting. Tyrion needs a attempt by combat because that his freedom. Viserys is losing his patience v Drogo.

TV-Show: video game of Thrones

Director: Daniel Minahan

Cast: Amira Ghazalla, Amrita Acharia, Barrington Cullen, Barry man O"Connor, Brendan McCormack, Ciaran Bermingham, Dar Salim, David Michael Scott, Elyes Gabel, Emun Elliott, Esmé Bianco, Eugene Simon, Finn Jones, Gethin Anthony, Ian McElhinney, Julian Glover, Kate Dickie, Kristian Nairn, Lino Facioli, Miltos Yerolemou, Natalia Tena, Niall Cusack, Paddy Rocks, Ron Donachie, Roxanne McKee, Stephen Don, Susan Brown

Visits: 3932

Tv-Series/Episode: s01e06 game of Thrones S1E6

Episode Title: A golden Crown

Release Year: 2011

Quality: HD

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