Oh, exactly how the mighty have actually fallen. “Game that Thrones,” which used to reliably rest award-show documents with that high variety of nominations, has scored simply one measly gold Globe nod for its last year.

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In the Monday morning announcements, Kit Harington has been nominated for ideal performance by an gibbs in a television series, drama, and will confront off against Brian Cox because that “Succession,” Rami Malek because that “Mr. Robot,” Tobias Menzies for “The Crown” and also Billy Porter for “Pose.”


This is an objectively funny selection since Harington’s wooden performance has actually never been the show’s strongest. An especially in Season 8, his character, Jon Snow, had actually nothing come do except mope around not wanting to take the throne native his lover-aunt Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), mope about not wanting to death Daenerys and also then mopily death Daenerys.

The HBO juggernaut finished in might to considerable backlash, with countless fans even signing an digital petition come reshoot the eighth and also final season. The six-episode last stretch the a once-lauded drama to be filled through rushed writing, slapdash plotting and also characterization and also baffling choices — not to mention sloppy gaffes such together the well known coffee cup.

Even so, there space legitimate locations that can have been much more deserving of gold Globe nods — such as directing or acting from performers who actually had actually things come do. No issue the incompetence of the writing, the season tho boasted its common well-orchestrated action collection pieces and also excellent performances through Gwendoline Christie, who had actually the season’s just critically acclaimed moment when Brienne to be knighted in “A knight of the 7 Kingdoms.”

Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau both didn’t get much come do, as Headey’s Cersei Lannister to be resigned come looking out a home window all season while Coster-Waldau’s Jaime Lannister was consummating a love 7 years in the making, then an altering his mind five minutes later on to go die instead. They’ve both been the finest actors in the cast for years, but have yet to be recognized. Clarke got a thankless job trying to make feeling of nonsensical writing for Daenerys — but she did an admirable project with what she was given. She had actually to convey a fan-favorite character transforming evil with only facial expressions due to the fact that the script didn’t offer her anything rather to job-related with. This, too, would have actually made an ext sense to reward v a gold Globe nod.

Instead, the present was shut out, and only a mediocre power from its best nothingburger that a character was recognized. The a man choice, but due to the fact that Season 8 to be ridiculous television, this is strange fitting.

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The 77th gold Globe Awards will be organized on Jan. 5, 2020, organized by Ricky Gervais.