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Winter is finally coming! It"s a home-stretch for the eighth and final season the Game the Thrones, and fans that HBO"s epic fantasy show across the people are gearing approximately witness the grandest showdown in between mortal Dany, Jon and the Starks and the military of the Dead. Thus, us have dug the depths of net to carry a substantial list that when and also where to clock the final season of the show around the globe.

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Unlike the vault seasons, the ultimate season that Game that Thrones will be simulcast in India top top Hotstar, and also the new episodes will certainly be available for all premium subscribers. This way that got fans will have the ability to watch the collection at the exact same time as united state viewers subscribed come HBO. Game that Thrones season 8 will certainly premiere on Sunday, 14 April, in ~ 9 pm ET on HBO in the US, and also on Hotstar at the very same time, which converts to Monday, 15 April, 6:30 am IST, reports NDTV.

Apart from this, Game the Thrones will additionally be aired on Star civilization on Monday night.

United States

Fans in the US have actually several choices at their disposal to record the last season the Game the Thrones. Except HBO, which will certainly air the on Sunday night at 9 pm, new episodes can likewise be livestreamed ~ above HBO"s streaming service, HBO Go. It can also be live-streamed ~ above Hulu and also Amazon prime Video, follow to CNet.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Game that Thrones will certainly be simulcast on brother TV channel Sky Atlantic and Sky"s digital services Sky Go and Now TV in ~ the ungodly hour the 2am ~ above 15 April. Bustle reports for those who want to clock the show without having actually to sacrifice your sleep, can capture the episodes on Monday in ~ 9 pm on skies Atlantic during the repeat telecast. Because that those who wish come jog their obtained memory, all the seven seasons are available on now TV.


Australia has a fairly slim alternative to watch Game the Thrones via legitimate means. Fans must subscribe to Fox Showcase channel for the global launch ~ above Monday 15 April in ~ 11 am AEST. The illustration can likewise be live-streamed ~ above Foxtel Now.


Fans in joined Arab Emirates deserve to watch the Game of Thrones premiere on 15 April on Orbit Showtime Network (OSN). The previous periods can likewise be binge-watched ~ above the satellite transfer channel.


According to Finder, Canadians will have the ability to stream Game the Thrones exclusively on Bell Media’s Crave premium service, referred to as Crave + movie + HBO. The present will be telecast in ~ the precise same time together in the US, at 9pm EST/8pm PST ~ above Sunday night. The present no longer airs on HBO Canada.

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Game of Thrones will air in Philippines in ~ 9 to be Monday on 15 April, end on HBO and also HBO GO, Rappler states.