just how Are Jon eye & Daenerys Targaryen Related? & 9 various other Surprising connections In video game of Thrones video game of Thrones featured many of unique and also interesting personalities who were connected in means that pan most most likely overlooked.

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there is no doubt that the fantastical civilization in which Game of Thrones takes place is far much more vast and expansive than what fans have obtained to see, v the story told to viewers contained mostly in Westeros, and also its bordering areas. Considering so lot of the story is kept mostly within one vast location, with there being many characters, over there is a pack of surprising connections in between them.

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Daenerys and also Jon Snow had a familial connection that got theorized among fans because that a long time, and, on optimal of them, over there are many surprising means in which personalities in the present are linked, whether it it is in by blood, marriage, or some various other strange feat.

2 of the pillars of Game the Thrones met in season seven of the display for the first time after Daenerys lastly made her means to Westeros, through a romantic ignited in between the two.

As the two gain together because that the first time, however, fans are given the full confirmation that a longstanding theory and also something that acquired pretty much confirmed earlier, i m sorry is that Jon eye is in reality Aegon Targaryen. The R+L = J theory came to be, an interpretation that Jon eye was the blood nephew that Daenerys.

Lyanna Mormont to be an absolute star in her recurring appearances in the later seasons the the show and had among the an extremely best deaths of season eight.

Since castle are never together before the fight of Winterfell, the is basic to forget that Jorah and also Lyanna are related, cousins, to be exact. This relationship makes Lyanna the nephew of the former Lord commander Jeor Mormont, a an excellent character who sadly happen long before fans were aware of Lyanna"s existence.

2 of the most famed women in the series who space the top of their corresponding houses throughout their time, who might not be much more different, space Lady Lysa Arryn and Lady Olenna Tyrell. Yet, castle are linked by a ladder known as chaos.

Littlefinger is the connective tissue between the two, through both the psychotic Lysa Arryn and also the Queen of thorn conspiring v Baelish to poison someone to additional their wants, too as assist Littlefinger"s place in the game. Those being Jon Arryn and also Joffrey, the course.

7 Tyrion Lannister & Sandor Clegane/Oberyn Martell & Vardis Egen

The Hound and Tyrion video game of thrones
Tyrion Lannister and also Sandor "the Hound" Clegane, room two that the show"s continual standout characters, and are together for a chunk in ~ the begin of the show, and stayed personally brilliant long after they separate.

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Forgetting their at an early stage allegiance to the Lannister house, castle are associated in the they are the only two world seen in the show to be given a attempt by combat. In the very same vein, Oberyn Martell and also Vardis Egin are associated by being the only males to be killed in a psychological by combat in the series. Martell by the Mountain, offering Tyrion a loss, and Egin by Bronn, enabling Tyrion to survive. Beric Dondarian also dies in ~ the hands of the Hound, but certainly walk not stay dead.

Ramsay Bolton might not be the most genuinely hatable human in the present as Joffrey quiet does exist, however he is by much the many sadistic, and also in regards to Sansa Stark, over there is an noticeable connection there.

However, due to the fact that they obtained married and non-consensually consummated it, Ramsay is the brother-in-law to Bran, Arya, and also the young he killing in cold blood, Rickon. It"s a very strange thought.

5 Littlefinger & Sansa Stark

In that exact same vein, Littlefinger and also Sansa are a pair that spend rather a most time together and are forever linked in the manner. But a less thought around connection comes, once again, in the regards to marriage.

Since Littlefinger married Sansa"s aunt Lysa Arryn prior to murdering her and becoming mr of the Vale, he came to be Sansa"s uncle-in-law. That is reasonably non-creepy that he consistently hit on his niece-in-law in terms of what goes on in Westeros, however in reality, Littlefinger truly ended up being the creepy uncle.

Going earlier to Ramsay Bolton, he filled Joffrey"s shoes in a big way. Unequal Joffrey, he did not get carried up with riches, comfort, and also adoration indigenous his family, as he was a bastard.

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That is one layer of how he connects v Gendry, yet there are lots of bastards in Westeros. What important connects these two is the they space the just two bastards who, in the show itself, get legitimized. Ramsay by his father Roose, do him the heir come the North for a time, and also Gendry by Daenerys, making him the just living member of residence Baratheon and Lord that the Stormlands.

3 Varys, Theon Greyjoy, & The Unsullied

The connection in between these three very different and distinct people/groups is obvious and also gets individually mentioned to every of them throughout the show. However, they space not thought of together a group as they are never ever really together.

All three have actually been castrated and also made into eunuchs. Varys by the hand of a sorcerer, the Unsullied by their Masters, and Theon/Reek through Ramsay Bolton. Varys and the Unsullied execute not it seems to be ~ to treatment overly much, while it to be a far-reaching part of breaking Theon.

Jason Mamoa was picture-perfect casting for one of the first seasons standout characters Khal Drogo, who never made it come the point of season two, nevermind come Westeros through Daenerys.

Jon eye was with Daenerys in Westeros, however the connection of love for the mom of dragon is not distinct to them, as Daario and also Jorah, and also maybe even Tyrion, hold that. Their connection is that - going ago to that abovementioned in-laws - due to the fact that Drogo and also Daenerys to be married because that a brief time, Drogo was the uncle the Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen.

1 Tyrion Lannister, Gendry, Robin Arryn, Yara Greyjoy, & Jon Snow

Westeros is composed of a range of family houses, v a select few known together the great Houses. However, with the events of the war of the five Kings, the war versus the dead, and the "Mad Queen" Daenerys, as well as others, a lot of these residences were depleted. That is what connect these random characters; they are the only members the their an excellent Houses left.

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Tyrion is the last recognized Lannister in the show, Jon eye is the last well-known Targaryen (although that is not just how he will certainly identify), Yara is the very last Greyjoy, and also the irritating Robin Arryn is the last remaining member of house Arryn at the show"s end. Bronn"s house, residence Tully, and House distinguishable all have actually at the very least two members, with residence Martell under the dominance of an unnamed Martell who might be a singular critical Martell, however likely not.