As the final series of Game the Thrones airs, captures up v Lena Headey around life on set and the wildly anticipated priziv.orgnclusion that the blockbuster fantasy.

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What’s her favourite memory from gift on set?

Ah, that's impossible. The been around 9 years the we’ve been filming. I’ve had 2 kids in that an are of time. We've just bepriziv.orgme this huge dysfunctional family. There are too plenty of wonderful storage to pick from.

How has the role of the female characters in video game of Thrones advanced throughout the series?

I feel prefer David Benioff and also D. B. Weiss priziv.orgnstantly intended for the female characters to show their strength and resilience as the plot wore on. None of them realised how an effective and capable they were at the start of video game of Thrones. Now, in the final series, every one of them are still here and still fighting.

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Which characteristics do you many admire in Cersei Lannister?

Erm...! Circe’s qualities. I’ve priziv.orgnstantly said the she loves her children past all reason – and also she never, ever gives up. If she was in a fight with a tiger she would simply stay there until it provided up. So, ns admire that. She tenacity.

Which stunner plot twist from game of Thrones surprised you the most?

When Melisandre - who's really hot - bring away off she necklace and also is suddenly a thousand year old. The was rather shocking. I was like, that’s my future!

What would your home sigil it is in in genuine life?

Probably a harried parent with screaming children. A working mom sigil!

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Which video game of Thrones character is many relatable?

Samwell Tally. The is the "everyman" the the Game that Thrones world.

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Which game of Thrones personality is the sexiest?

Cersei Lannister, obviously.

If you had to amount up the suffer of working on video game of Thrones in three words, what would certainly they be?