Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Matt Smith together Prince Daemon Targaryen | Ollie Upton/HBO
Emma D’Arcy together Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and also Matt Smith together Prince Daemon Targaryen | Ollie Upton/HBO
Well before Game that Thrones wrapped increase its eight-year run with thatcontroversial last seasonin feather of 2019, there was speak dating ago to 2017 the HBO to be planning on releasing not one, but several spinoff and prequel series set in A tune of Fire and Iceauthor George R. R. Martin"s fantastical universe. When one present that was supposed to take place thousands that years prior to the occasions of GoT and star Naomi Watts acquired the go-ahead to film a pilot prior to the network ultimately determined to traction the plug ~ above it, other optioned mirrors are still in the works.

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One the them will be here fairly soon, actually. House of the Dragon, i beg your pardon was provided a full-season order ago in fall 2019, is the very first of the spinoffs coming down the pipeline. If you"re familiar with the the publications or checked out the original, girlfriend should have the ability to recognize based on the location alone that the upcoming display is around the Targaryen family, the clan indigenous which Daenerys and Jon Snow space descendants. While HBO and George R. R. Martin begin to irradiate the embers top top their recent collaboration, here"s whatever we know about House of the Dragon so far.

HBO"s parent agency WarnerMedia reduce a video clip in December 2020 that offered an upgrade on the release dates of a number of its extremely anticipated titles. The clip confirmed that House the the Dragon will certainly arrive at some point in 2022. The question is when in 2022 exactly.

The very first half of 2022 is a possibility, considering HBO began teasing the relax of the display in October 2021. It"s precious noting, though, the the collection only entered production in April 2021 and filmed throughout the summer. Considering the display will need to go through some hefty post-production (because, friend know, CGI dragons), we"d guess: v the show will premiere sometime in spring 2022.

Set 200 years before the occasions of GoT, House the the Dragonchronicles the origins and also end the the power of residence Targaryen, follow to THR. As common by Entertainment Weekly, that includes the well known Dance that the Dragons, or the Targaryen civil battle that tore Westeros apart. It"s based on Martin"s 2018 bookFire & Bloodand—considering the announcement that the personality Viserys is top the actors (more on that below)—seems to particularly start that is timeline on the thing "Heirs that the Dragon" about the carry of strength from Jaehaerys Targaryen to Viserys. V that in mind, that sounds prefer at the very least in part the series will monitor Viserys" trip in coming to be (or failing come become) the leader of Westeros.

Aside from the vague description, over there aren"t plenty of other details of the plot—but in the meantime you could get to analysis the more than 700-page Fire & Blood for part background. (That"s just Volume 1, though; Volume 2 has yet to it is in released.)

Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon | Ollie Upton/HBO
Of course there will be! that is called home of the Dragon, and the Targaryens have actually long been just one of the couple of families of dragon lords, so obviously those beautiful, high-flying, fire-breathing CG beasts will be back.HBO shared ide art that the House of Dragon"s dragons on society media in so late 2020, and also they look at every little bit as gibberish as Daenerys" magnificent Drogon, Rhaegal, and also Viserion.

After HBO make the decision no to relocate forward v the prequel certification Naomi Watts, it ended up being a little less clear which that the other spinoffs, if any, still have a shot of a series order. Pan don"t need to worry any kind of more, though, since HBO has big plans come basically end up being an all Westeros, All the moment network. Deadline reported in early 2021 that HBO is occurring multiple mirrors based in Martin"s world, so at some point in the (probably distant) future, HBO will be house of the Songs the Fire and also Ice universe with several collection airing in ~ once.

One of lock is stated to be an adaptation of the Tales the Dunk & Egg novellas, and in march 2021 The Hollywood Reporter announced that the others space prequels around the house of Velaryon, Princess Nymeria, and the King"s Landing slum Flea Bottom. Because every one of the shows are in the beginning stages, details room scarce, but THR was able to provide a tiny bit of understanding on what come expect. Bruce Heller (Pennyworth, Gotham) is behindthe home Velaryon series, right now called 9 Voyages, which will follow The Sea Snake, mr Corlys Velaryon. It"s possible that the show could be up first, and even it is in a spin-off the House that the Dragon, considering that character shows up in both series. Not a whole lot is known about the Flea Bottom series, however the show about Princess Nymeria has the working title that 10,000 Ships. It can be the most various from everything else that"s in the workssince it"s claimed to take ar well before the occasions of Game of Thrones, set 1,000 year prior. That series would emphasis on the warrior queen together she founded the kingdom of Dorne, i m sorry devotees should know made her quite a legend.

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Plus, also further under the line, Deadline shared that it"s possible HBO can even pick up an man Thrones show. Castle reported the Bloys stressed the the talks v writers and animators have actually been "really, really embryonic," for this reason don"t gain too excited at seeing part bloody battle in 2D form anytime soon. Regardless, that"s a lot the GoT-inspired TV come look forward to—and at least in the meantime, we have actually House of the Dragon.