THE WINDS the WINTER release date hopes because that 2021 to be dealt a fatal blow by George RR Martins"s 2 latest announcements. The writer revealed how numerous pages space still left to write, plus he has actually taken on an additional TV project, on optimal of his existing video game of Thrones shows.

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Game the Thrones writer George RR Martin: publication 6 delays (Image: GETTY)


Game that Thrones Winds the Winter publication 6 delays (Image: PH)

Martin has been mainly writing in isolation at his brand-new hill retreat however has likewise priziv.orgntinued through his modifying work on various other publications.

He also currently priziv.orgnfirmed he will be more heavily affiliated in HBO"s residence of the Dragon 보다 he remained in the last years of the video game of Thrones show.

In a brand-new blog post, he opened up about much more new projects.

Martin said: "I am occurring a brand-new series for HBO, a scientific research fiction show based upon ROADMARKS, a novel by the late an excellent Roger Zelazny...


George RR Martin: HBO happen Dunk and Egg publications to TV (Image: GETTY)

Martin added: "I pitched ROADMARKS to HBO critical year — along with four various other SF and also fantasy functions (by various other writers) that i thought had actually the makings of an excellent shows.

"They all had (and have) lots of potential, however ROADMARKS to be the one they responded to."

The writer revealed that Zelazny"s works organize a special location in his heart.

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Martin said: "My career in television started in 1985 when I adjusted Roger Zelazny’s “The last Defender the Camelot” for THE TWILIGHT ZONE. It to be the very first script that mine ever before to it is in filmed...

"Roger was a friend, a mentor, and also one that the best science fiction writers who ever before lived. He passed away in 1995, but his occupational will live because that so long as people read SF and also fantasy.

"It to be an respect to have the ability to bring among his story to television. And now i am hoping us will be able to do the again."


George RR Martin: All video game of Thrones book release dates (Image: PH)

This news raises many questions and also quandaries for dedicated fans that the books.

Martin is a supremely gifted screenwriter and TV producer and also any job he functions on is a reason for excitement. That is a talented and highly regarded editor, so any type of work that pitches is tied to be of the highest quality.

His closer involvement with The residence of the Dragon is hope by numerous to prevent some of the priziv.orgncerns which dogged the final season of game of Thrones and resulted in a major backlash indigenous a huge and vocal part of the audience.


George RR Martin: video game of Thrones on HBO (Image: HBO)

There was additionally news the Martin"s other Westerosi books, the Dunk and also Egg cycle of novellas, was likewise heading priziv.orgme the small screen.

All that this is an excellent cause because that celebration. Except, many fear that any other tasks will necessarily delay the writing and also release that The Winds of Winter also further.

Martin has described to frustrated fans that nobody have the right to work every hour of every job on just one thing. That watches films and also American Football, reads novels and attends to his other business, all while 2020 to be his most fertile year writing publication Six.

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Martin said: "I will certainly make no predictions on as soon as I will finish... All I will certainly say is that i am hopeful."

But that is next priziv.orgmments that will certainly still problem many: "I have a zillion various other things to execute as well, though. Mine plate is full to overflowing. Every time ns wrap increase one thing, three much more things floor on me."

Except his latest news around the brand-new HBO present makes the sound like he has actually been including to the plate himself.