Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower and also Rhys Ifans as otto Hightower in residence of the Dragon.(Image credit: HBO)
- It will stream ~ above HBO Max and Sky Atlantic- Release day anticipated for spring 2022- Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Emma D"Arcy, Matt blacksmith and an ext all confirmed to star- The show is based upon George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel, Fire and Blood- An main trailer has given us our first look at characters in action

It"s to be two whole years since Game that Thrones ended with a whimper quite than a bang – yet Westeros is finally coming back.

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House the the Dragon, a 10-episode collection based top top George R.R. Martin’s 2018 novel, Fire and also Blood, is collection to tell audiences the backstory that the Targaryen dynasty, ensuing 200 years before the occasions of the initial show.

The highly-anticipated collection is shown to land part time in 2022 ~ above HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK (or HBO Max in both regions, by the point).

We actually understand a fair bit about House that the Dragon currently – HBO exit official details surrounding the main cast of characters and actors front of leaks – and below, we"ll get in everything we know so far about the show, from its latest trailer to expected release date.

Release date: We don"t have an exact date yet, but a 2022 release has been confirmed. We"d intend to see residence of the Dragon relax in the second fifty percent of next year.

Cast: Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Emma D"Arcy, Matt Smith, Sonoya Mizuno and also Steve Toussaint attribute in the series as component of its huge ensemble cast. Scroll under for much more on who they"re each playing in residence of the Dragon, as well as the various other confirmed cast members.

Story: no much has been said about the plot yet, but being set 300 years before Game the Thrones tells united state a lot around this time in Westeros" history (as does the book), and also we"d mean Targaryen infighting to kind a huge part of the series" story. And yes: there will certainly be dragons.

House the the Dragon release date

There isn"t a shown release date for house of the Dragon simply yet, though HBO has actually said it"s comes in 2022. Given the amount of effects work forced on a display that"ll feature many fire-breathing dragons, we"d it is in surprised to view it arrive much before next spring.

That"s the timeframe George RR Martin"s working to, quiet – in an interview v Chicago"s WTTW TV terminal (reported by the Sun), the Westeros creator said: “It"ll probably be on following spring, i guess."

We did gain our very first trailer in October, which friend can discover further under this article, despite footage was limited and it"s likely that a whole lot more post-production work is needed prior to we check out the last product.

Fire will reign 🔥The
HBO original collection #HouseoftheDragon is officially in production. Coming shortly to
HBOMax in 2022. Pic.twitter.com/tPX8n2IvGWApril 26, 2021

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As for just how the ongoing global pandemic has affected production, proceedings on residence of the Dragon was briefly halted in July 2021 after ~ a member of the production tested hopeful for Covid-19. Follow to to chat Weekly, however, shooting resumed 2 days later, and also the hold-up is not meant to hold-up the release date.

As well together launching top top HBO and HBO Max in the US, the collection has been evidenced for relax on Sky and Now TV in the UK, adhering to a new deal sky TV signed through HBO in October 2019 the will keep HBO shows on the communication "for numerous years come come."

By the time 2022 roll around, HBO Max will certainly have likewise found its means to european regions, too, so residence of the Dragon will certainly be obtainable to watch, one method or another, in more places than ever.

House that the Dragon cast

The vital House that the Dragon cast looks favor this:

Paddy Considine together King Viserys TargaryenOlivia Cooke as Alicent HightowerEmily Carey as Alicent Hightower (younger, us presume)Emma D"Arcy together Princess Rhaenyra TargaryenMilly Alcock together Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (younger, us presume)Matt Smith together Prince Daemon TargaryenSteve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon – or The Sea Snake, together he"s knownEve best as Princess Rhaenys VelaryonRhys Ifans as rose oil HightowerSonoya Mizuno together MysariaFabien Frankel as Ser Criston ColeWil Johnson as Ser Vaemond VelaryonJohn Macmillan as Ser Laenor VelaryonTheo Nate together Ser Laenor Velaryon (younger, we presume)Savannah Steyn together Lady Laena VelayronGraham McTavish – character unknown

Now that home of the Dragon has begun filming, HBO has actually been quite open around who"s in the cast, and who"s playing which characters. This will no doubt head turn off leaks around the present – though there"s one additional cast member who"s evidenced his involvement in the collection before an main announcement, which we"ll detail below.

We"re going to be careful on spoilers, here, since if you go digging right into the events of Fire and Blood, you can end increase ruining component of the show"s story. Below, we"re going to stick come what HBO has revealed for this reason far, for this reason you only know just how the characters are starting off in the show.

First up, Paddy Considine is play King Viserys Targaryen, who"s selected through the lords of Westeros as the follower to the ahead king – Jaehaerys Targaryen. HBO explains him together a "warm, kind and also decent man", whose main goal is to proceed his grandfather"s means of law things. But because when does being a "decent man" ever before get you almost everywhere in Westeros, except dead?Viserys is additionally the namesake that Daenerys"s older brother.

Let"s walk to the highest-profile item of spreading in the show. Play Viserys" younger brotherPrince Daemon Targaryen is Matt Smith of The Crown and Doctor Who. Described as an unprecedented warrior, he"s the heir come the throne of Westeros – he"s also capable of riding dragons, and he sounds choose trouble wait to happen. No everyone in Westeros seems to be a pan of Daemon, as we"ll touch on below.

Matt Smith and Emma D"Arcy ~ above a beach in residence of the Dragon. (Image credit: HBO)

Let"s upper and lower reversal to one more Targaryen. Reality Seekers’ Emma D"Arcy theatre Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Viserys" first-born son – that sounds like her only big drawback in this display is being a woman, as soon as the world about her favors men in positions of power. Yet hey, she"s additionally capable that riding dragons, and she"s that pure Valyrian blood. Milly Alcock will play a younger version of Princess Rhaenyra.

Ready Player One’s Olivia Cooke dram Alicent Hightower. She"s politically savvy, and also is very closely aligned with the king and also his allies – and also she"s the daughter that Rhys Ifans" rose oil Hightower, the Hand that the King. Hightower doesn"t trust Daemon, and regards his condition as heir come the throne as a fraught state of affairs. The younger version of Alicent will certainly be play by Emily Carey.

Steve Toussaint plays mr Corlys Velaryon, also known together the Sea Snake. He"s got huge nautical energy, own the largest navy in Westeros, and being a famed adventurer ~ above the high seas himself. The Velaryon bloodline is as old as home Targaryen, HBO says. Interestingly, in in march 2021, it to be reported by Deadline the HBO to be considering a spin-off concentrating specifically on this character.

Eve finest plays Corlys" wife, Princess Rhaenys Velaryon. She remained in contention to preeminence Westeros, except the good Council bypassed her standing as succession to elect her cousin, Viserys, together king. The reason? He"s a man, and also she is not. That"s tied to it is in the source of some major tension top top the show.

Sticking with loved ones to Corlys, Wil Johnson plays his younger brother, Ser Vaemond Velaryon, that is likewise a commander in the Velaryon navy. Savannah Steyn stars together Lady Laena Velayron, daughter that Corlys and Rhaenys, when both John Macmillan and Theo Nate play their son, Ser Laenor Velaryon (older and also younger, respectively).

Other personalities include Devs" Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria, that HBO says has actually been "sold much more times 보다 she have the right to recall". She"s escaped a life of degradation, however, and now find herself as the closest allied of Prince Daemon Targaryen, making her a fairly an effective figure in Westeros.

Last that the official announced cast is Dornish lad Ser Criston Cole, play by Fabien Frankel. He"s a commoner, but since HBO note he kicks ass through a sword, you can expect him to play a crucial role in the larger story of residence of the Dragon.

Finally, The Hobbit actor Graham McTavish confirmed to Stylist that he"s part of the actors for the show, after the was apparently spotted on-set. That he"s playing, though, remains a mystery, because he hasn"t been officially added to the cast by HBO yet. The actor"s clearly in an epos fantasy ar right now, seeing together he"s also got a function in The Witcher season 2.

We"ll upgrade this cast list together we learn more about who"s participating in this substantial show.

House of the Dragon story

The brand-new Game that Thrones prequel series focuses on house Targaryen, so mean ambition, incest and, the course, winged, fire-breathing reptiles. George RR Martin confirmed the last on his blog, admitting, "I can to speak there will be dragons. Everyone else has actually said that, for this reason why no me?"

Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon in house of the Dragon. (Image credit: HBO)

As mentioned, the brand-new show is based on Martin"s 2018 publication Fire and Blood, which regulated to stroked nerves a section of the fanbase through not being The Winds that Winter, the long-awaited 6th novel in the A song of Ice and also Fire saga– it"s been 10 years because the ahead instalment, A Dance through Dragons, landing in bookstores. Instead, the book is a history of the dragon-riding Targaryen family members – the writer himself has defined it together the "GRRMarillion", a nod come the thick JRR Tolkien non-novel that recounts the pre-Lord the the Rings history of Middle-earth.

In terms of chronology, house of the Dragon will be collection 300 years before Game that Thrones. The collection promises to tell the story of house Targaryen – but nothing else has actually been shared about the plot, various other than what we"ve learned in the personality descriptions above.

We"ve had actually our very first trailer, i m sorry you"ll uncover below, inside an ominous Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) utters the cryptic lines, “Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood. Dreams didn’t make united state kings. Dragon did” – though that doesn"t give too much away as regards the show"s plot.

Still, we have the right to speculate. There"s likely to it is in plenty that familial in-fighting – the Targaryens were dysfunctional long before Viserys and also Daeneryscame along – alongside origin stories of other significant Westerosi houses like the Baratheons, Tyrells and also Lannisters.

In other words, home of the Dragon looks collection to have the very same mix of epic battles, politics intrigue and betrayals as video game of Thrones, v one significant difference – this gift a prequel, us know precisely where it"s heading.

House of the Dragon creators: who"s making it?

A Twitter notice in October 2019 revealed that George RR Martin created the brand-new Game of Thrones prequel collection with Ryan Condal. Condal is finest known for showrunning USA Network alien intrusion drama Colony, and scripting Dwayne Johnson-starring video game adaptation Rampage.

Condal will write the show and also share showrunning duties through Miguel Sapochnik. Sapochnik directed some of game of Thrones many epic illustration – consisting of season 6"s "Battle of the Bastards" and season 8"s "The long Night" – and will helm multiple episodes of house of the Dragon, including the pilot.

Other confirmed producers encompass Vince Gerardis, Sara Lee Hess and Ron Schmidt. Director Clare Kilner, Geeta V Patel and also Greg Yaitanes are additionally working on the series. Variety reports that residence of the Dragon will certainly be the first show to manipulate the V stage, a new virtual manufacturing stage at Warner Bros Studios" in Leavesden, UK.

Composer Ramin Djawadi returns from video game of Thrones to score home of the Dragon.

House that the Dragon trailer

We gained our first official watch at home of the Dragon via the show"s debut teaser trailer, i m sorry dropped in October. You can watch the below.

Other game of Thrones spin-offs

What occurred to the game of Thrones prequel series, Blood Moon?

The other prequel series looked collection to be massive. One of five potential spin-off reflects ordered into advancement by HBO, a show set 8,000 years before the events of game of Thrones looked the most likely to obtain a greenlight. HBO even shot a pilot illustration over the summer of 2019.

Scripted by jane Goldman – that boasts Kick-Ass, X-Men: an initial Class and Kingsman ~ above her outstanding resumé – the untitled collection would reportedly have actually told the story that the very first Men, the children of the Forest, and also the production of the White Walkers. Naomi watt headed increase an impressive cast that likewise included john Simm (Life ~ above Mars, physician Who), Miranda Richardson (Blackadder II, an excellent Omens), Jamie Campbell Bower (The Twilight Saga: new Moon, King Arthur) and Naomi Ackie (Star Wars: The climb of Skywalker, The finish of the F***ing World).

All looked promising till October 2019, once it turned the end HBO had chose not to pick up the show. For this reason what provided the broadcaster the fear?

"In development, in pilots, occasionally things come together, sometimes they don"t," HBO president of Programming Casey Bloys said Deadline. "One of the things I think woman took on beautifully, which to be a challenge, there to be a lot much more world creation due to the fact that she collection hers 8,000 years prior to the show, so it required a lot of more. One of the points aboutHouse of dragon ,there is a text, there is a publication so that made the a small bit an ext of a road map because that a series order.

"I think Jane walk a beautiful job, it was a big an obstacle but there to be nothing that ns would point to and say, "Oh, the one aspect did not work." Just in its entirety it go not fairly gel."

As because that whether residence of the Dragon will at some point be join on HBO by more shows collection on Westeros, Bloys just said: "For me for best now, i think gettingHouse the the Dragonon the air will be the number one priority. There space no various other blinking eco-friendly lights or anything favor that. At some time down the roadway who knows, yet there are no prompt plans."

In February 2021, Bloys again weighed in ~ above the franchise"s future past House the the Dragon. "I"ve never wanted to do this v a mandate the you must have actually three series by this time or you must manipulate adult computer animation or you must do that,” that told Deadline. "It’s really coming from, would that be interesting, is that good, do we have a writer we think in. That’s type of the approach we are taking. Ns think you have to because if you don’t execute that, that would lead to putting mirrors on for the sake of it."

This remained he instance in June 2021. “Any script that is breakthrough or script that is pitched i do not care news and it inevitably obtain reported and also people i think they space in production,” Bhoys told Deadline. “OnlyHouse of the Dragonis in production, the rest is in development, and also we will certainly make a decision.”

While HBO is continuing to be tight-lipped, other Westeros-set reflects reportedly in breakthrough include 9 trips (focused on home of the Dragon character mr Corlys Velaryon) and The story of Dunk and Egg (about the beforehand days of King Aegon Targaryen). The Hollywood Reporter likewise reports that numerous animated byproducts are in development, but says the Flea Bottom (a potential live-action series set in majesties Landing slums) has been abandoned. Because that now, however, home of the Dragon is the only video game of Thrones spin-off you need to worry about.

Should girlfriend care around House of the Dragon?

By the time home of the Dragon arrives, we think curiosity for a game of Thrones prequel series will be higher than that would"ve been two years ago, as soon as the display ended divisively. The huge names in the actors and change in timeframe perform make the collection sound attractive – the pressure will simply be ~ above to do the stakes feel as grand as they to be in the key series, which is challenging when we eventually know what wake up to residence Targaryen.

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Still, we have actually missed see CG dragons damage stuff over the past couple of years. If naught else, hopefully this collection will have actually plenty the that.