Based ~ above the publications of George RR Martin, HBO’s smash-hit fantasy TV collection tells the story of warring factions in Westeros fighting for control of the coveted Iron Throne in king Landing. Yet all the if “winter is coming” and also north that the wall a ferocious frozen army is around to attack everything that the human being of Westeros organize true.

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Over the past few years game of Thrones has actually gone native cult-hit to among the biggest shows ~ above television, watched through millions across the globe.

Now it’s all pertained to an end after nine-years, 73 episodes and eight seasons.

Is video game of Thrones on now TV?

Game that Thrones aired ~ above Sky and also all eight seasons are currently easily accessible to clock on currently TV. Friend can obtain a 7-day totally free trial for a now TV entertainment pass, after which that £8.99 every month.

To watch every one of Game of Thrones, you need the entertain Pass. The an excellent news is now TV has a new 2 for 1 offer. If friend take advantage of it friend only have to pay £8.99 for two months.

If you loving for film provides there’s also a 2 for 1 Cinema Pass easily accessible now.

Is game of Thrones ~ above Amazon?

Since game of Thrones has finished airing Amazon has picked that up. You can watch season 1-8 ~ above Amazon, yet you need to buy each season or buy it every episode.

Season one costs £19.99, and also prices differ per season, and an episode prices £2.49.

If you want your own copy there’s likewise the DVD. Video game of Thrones: The Complete series is on revenue now. Friend can likewise buy the individual seasons:

Is game of Thrones top top Netflix?

Game the Thrones is no currently obtainable on Netflix UK.

What is video game of Thrones about?

Game the Thrones is based on George R.R. Martin’s epos fantasy series, A track of Ice and Fire. The publications are renowned because that the information with which they describe the fantasy people of the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros.

Martin based countless segments of the publication on British middle ages history. Anyone acquainted with Scottish middle ages history, for example, may an alert the similarities between one of the show’s most famed episodes, ‘The Red Wedding’ and the infamous ‘Black Dinner’, i beg your pardon took location in Scotland in 1440.

The result fantasy civilization sees bleak medieval-style plot lines combined with an ext typical fantasy. Because that example, dragons, giants and undead creatures every exist, however many personalities in the seven Kingdoms have actually no real call with them and also live a life comparable to that of a medieval peasant.

The plotline follows a number of ‘houses’ who regulate the seven Kingdoms, under the preeminence of the King or Queen, who rules from queens Landing.

One the the residences followed most carefully by the twisting, eight season plot, is house Stark. The leader the their home holds the title ‘The Warden the the North’ and their relatively Spartan visibility is contrasted with the monarch judgment the capital, king’s landing. This create the idea of a north-south division in the seven Kingdoms and also many other reliable political divisions are created and also developed transparent the series.

How plenty of seasons of game of Thrones are there?

There are eight seasons of game of Thrones, totaling 73 episodes.

Where was game of Thrones filmed?

Filming areas spanned north Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Gozo and also even Los Angeles.

Dubrovnik, in Croatia, ended up being a vital shooting place from series two onwards together it ended up being the capital, king’s Landing. Game of Thrones tours are currently a well-known tourist attraction in the city. Lock Ward, in northern Ireland, and Doune Castle, in Scotland, were both offered as shooting areas for Winterfell, house of the Stark’s, and also have attracted similar collection tourism come the region.

Who is in the actors of video game of Thrones?

Many that the stars of game of Thrones were relatively unknown prior to their parts in the series but have actually gone on to much more starring functions since. One exception to this was the already an extremely well-known, Sean Bean, who plays Ned distinguishable in season one.

Richard Madden (The Bodyguard) plays his son, Robb. His daughters, Sansa and also Arya, were played by Sophie Turner (Dark Phoenix) and Maisie Williams (Early Man). Bran and Rickon Stark room played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Art Parkinson, and Ned’s illegitimate son, Jon Snow, is played by series lead Kit Harrington (How to Train her Dragon: The hidden World, Gunpowder).

Also prominent are Alfie Allen, Joe Dempsie, Iwan Rheon, Gwendoline Christie, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Over the series of eight seasons many characters come and also go and Game that Thrones became infamous for killing off central characters.

Who wrote game of Thrones?

Game the Thrones is based on a series of books by American author, George R.R. Martin. They are entitled, A song of Ice and also Fire. However, in the final collection of the programme, the plot the the television series managed come overtake the existing plot of the books, as Martin to be still working on the last book of the series, the is not yet released. This led to collection writers having actually to build the plot themselves and their finishing was met through widespread criticism.

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Martin told The Observer: “I don’t think to be very great for me… The an extremely thing that should have actually speeded me up in reality slowed me down. Every day ns sat down to write and even if I had actually a an excellent day… I’d feeling terrible due to the fact that be thinking: ‘My God, I have to complete the book. I’ve only written four pages once I should have written 40.”

What game of Thrones house are you?

Take ours quiz to discover out!

How did video game of Thrones end? (Spoilers. Obviously.)

In its last episode, game of Thrones upset numerous fans through a controversial ending, which easily led come a petition to re-write the final season. Over a million signatures were built up and the series’ stars were forced to rush to the writing team’s defence. George R.R. Martin has since stated the the ending of his publications will be different to that of the TV series.