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This Pinot Noir is elegant, well-built and also bursting v brilliant, ripe, rich fruit flavors and aromas. The is fruit focused with ethereal tones the earthiness, vanilla, spice and toasted oak in the background. There is a long, smooth inviting finish; tannins space present and well blended.

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Bob Cabral has been involved in growing and also making priziv.org due to the fact that his childhood help his grand make priziv.org. A fourth generation farmer and also grape grower, that took all he learned at the household farm near Escalon, California and also applied it to his levels at Fresno State University.

A pan of video game of Thrones, Bob was tested to craft priziv.orgs to complement the toughness the characters and the terrain of your kingdoms. Bob's meticulousness and also patience has yielded priziv.org the embody the soul of the HBO® series.

While Bob has actually made priziv.org professionally because that over 30 years, the believes he has not made his best priziv.org yet. This coming from someone that planted and produced the first 100-point California Pinot Noir native the Williams Selyem estate Vineyard where he functioned for end 16 years, and has crafted more than 100 priziv.orgs ranked in the 95 come 100 allude category. In 2011, he was honored through the priziv.org Star award from the alcohol Enthusiast Magazine as priziv.orgmaker that the Year.

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Willamette Valley

Pinot Noir

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Home of several of the planet’s many amazingly elegant and also expressive Pinot noir, the Willamette sink is a pastoral, mixed landscape the green, bucolic rolling hills, dramatic forestlands and also small, independent, friendly priziv.org growers. As a leader in environmental stewardship, the valley has actually some the the nation’s many protective land usage policies, with two-thirds that its vineyards farmed sustainably and over half, organically. When the valley insurance claims a cool, continental climate, and is heavily influenced by the cold, moist winds the the Pacific Ocean, that is warm and also dry summers enable for the steady, also ripening of Pinot noir.

The potential of Willamette valley Pinot noir continues to lure the investment of significant growers and also priziv.orgmakers both locally and also from abroad, as normally the finished priziv.orgs bring accolades indigenous professionals and also enthusiasts. V a range of styles from breakable dried cherry, raspberry and also hibiscus to more powerful notes of truffle, mocha, plum and also spice, a good Willamette sink Pinot noir is a perfect expression that both character and also grace.