The second episode of the final season that “Game that Thrones” it s okay underway this evening on HBO.

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As you every know, I’ve been following everything related to the display like a eagle ever because the season seven ending. Season eight, the final component of this journey, premiered last Sunday, and also I thought it was really solid. (RELATED: These room The Sexiest picture Of ‘GameOfThrones‘ StarEmiliaClarkeOn The Internet)

Now, part other human being had combined reactions, yet all the chess piece are currently in place. That’s what was necessary, and also the season eight premiere got the job done.

Tonight should have actually plenty that action. Jamie is in Winterfell, and judging from the preview, Daenerys is going come weigh possibly killing him.

However, I have actually a bolder prediction for what will happen tonight. Daenerys can’t kill Jamie. It would ruin any type of further alliance with the Lannisters, which currently seems choose it’s turn off the table.

If she death him, climate she’s truly becoming the mad queen. Yes, I know he murdered she father, however Jamie’s story arc isn’t walking to finish with Dany murdering him. (RELATED: ‘GameOfThrones’ return With good Season 8 Premiere episode ‘Winterfell’)

He’s as well important.


I have actually a emotion the 2 of them space going to type a really unlikely alliance. It would be the perfect development for Jamie to lastly abandon Cersei in favor of Daenerys. Sparing him would likewise show Dany’s a much an ext rational leader than some in Winterfell might right now think.

Plus, Tyrion gift on she side doesn’t hurt. Let’s no forget Jamie freed his brother from being executed. Mine guess is that favor won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Secondly, I totally expect the battle with the Night King to commence tonight. The preview appears to make the pretty clear, but you never know what to expect as soon as it pertains to “Game the Thrones.”

We require that fight sooner 보다 later, and the slowness of the premiere makes me think things room going to rate up really fast from here.

We likewise didn’t see the Night King at every in the first episode that the final season. Again, it’s another sign he’ll make an appearance tonight.

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Tune in top top HBO at 9:00 p.m. EST to watch every the action go down. We’ll watch if I’m correct or not.

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