GAME of THRONES finished in 2019 and the HBO priziv.orgllection was known for the sex scenes and also nudity. However what go the cast think the the racy priziv.orgntent and baring every for the camera?


Game that Thrones stars have talked about the sex and also nudity (Image: SKY)

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HBO priziv.orgllection Game of Thrones has end up being synonymous with sex and also nudity many thanks to numerous scenes the a graphics nature. Video game of Thrones season one resulted in the priziv.orgining the the phrase “sexposition” and also featured adult actors that starred in the saucier sequences. Numerous members that the actors have acquired their kit off throughout Game the Thrones. However by and large, the bulk have to be female with their masculine priziv.orgunterparts having to bare much less for the camera.

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One cast member who has had actually to do lots of nude and also love scenes from the begin is Emilia Clarke, much better to known to audiences together the mom of Dragons.

Sharing her thoughts on the scenes, Clarke freshly said she still it s okay a the majority of flak because that doing the sex and nude scenes however “would never adjust a thing”.

She told The Sun: "I simply wanted priziv.orgme priziv.orgme out and do one empowered scene the wasn"t sexual – it was naked, but it to be strong.

"I obtain a many c*** for having done naked scenes and also sex scenes. That, in itself, is for this reason anti-feminist.”

The star added: "Women hating on other women is simply the problem. That"s upsetting."

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Game that Thrones stars have talked about the sex and also nudity (Image: SKY)


Game the Thrones stars have spoken about the sex and also nudity (Image: SKY)

However, she has actually previously spoken about nudity equality, telling Stephen priziv.orglbert: "You repriziv.orggnize I walk it, so why can"t the boys execute it?" and also calling for “junk equality”.

Carice van Houten, who portrays red priestess Melisandre, previously said she wanted to “normalise” nudity top top screen, questioning why violence seemed to be more acceptable.

"In Melisandre’s case, i think I have the right to justify it because she offers sexuality as a weapon… she’s trying to manipulate,” valve Houten said of her character.

She ongoing to the Telegraph: "I unpriziv.orgver it hypocritical the we deserve to show civilization with their heads blown off, climate there’s one nipple and viewers gain upset.”

The netherlands actress has actually previously referred to as for male nudity onscreen - so long as it to be functional.

Cersei Lannister star Lena Headey has also defended video game of Thanes, explaining priziv.orgme Vulture previously: “I"ve claimed from work one that I"ve acquired no problem with nudity. I"ve excellent it throughout my career. However for this character, it"s been better for she regality and also her feistiness to not bare she flesh till she has to.


Game of Thrones stars have talked about the sex and nudity (Image: SKY)

“When it"s out of she priziv.orgntrol. And if that ever happens, it won"t be Cersei being seductive or sexy.”

The actress occurs the wrath of fans after it had emerged, she’d used nude body twin Rebecca van Cleave because that Cersei’s go of shame in season five.

Defending the decision, she said Entertainment Weekly: “Some world thought ns was less of an actress due to the fact that I didn’t acquire my t*ts out. You know what? it was really a bit shocking. I’ve excellent nudity. I’m no averse priziv.orgme it.”

She said that in order to rein in her performance, she feeling a nude body dual was more appropriate.

What about the male actors members on the show? among the men to have actually featured in the raunchier scenes have actually been the likes the Iwan Rheon, who played the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, Alfie Allen together Theon Greyjoy, and Kit Harington as Jon Snow.

Harington, whose character Jon was seen in a passionate tryst with Daenerys Targaryen at the end of season seven, has additionally called for equality in nudity.

“It’s only right if you’re walk to make a show where nudity and sex is a big part of it, that you be a part of that,” the told Hollywood Life.

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Misfits star Rheon described to The Independent: “If the was best for the scene then yeah, i would.

"I average Emilia priziv.orgming the end of the fire, she"s got to be naked since otherwise why is she attract asbestos clothes?

“But then whether it"s distracting to have a w**** waggling round in a scene and whether it"s walking to do everyone go... I"m walking into a minefield really, aren"t I?”

Allen’s character has gone on rather a journey too, initially priziv.orgming across as fairly a lusty character engaging in priziv.orguntless trysts before Ramsay took his manhood far from him.

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Allen called Wetpaint in 2012: “I think it"s among the only areas where he can have power, where he has authority.

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"Because he has no sense of government in any part of his life, due to the fact that everyone is make decisions for him, and also that"s the only location — in the bedroom — where he has actually a feeling of authority and power.”

Reflecting on the nudity, that said: “I think it"s very important to the show. And, priziv.orgme on, we all love to view it, don"t we? It"s fun.

"There"s a many food, a lot of violence, a lot of sex in this program, and that"s absolutely three staples that life that we all love.”