After Star India, now HBO Spain leaks obtained S07E06 –Game the Thrones Season 7 illustration 6 “Death Is the Enemy” Leaked

Looks favor 2017 is a poor year because that HBO. Not that the didn’t have leaks in the previous seasons of video game of Thrones yet GoT Season 7 seems to be jinxed from words go. First, we had actually hackers hacking into HBO servers and also stealing 1.35TB of data including episode clips, emails, and also internal memos. Also as HBO was managing the hacking mess, the news that Star India application Hotstar app employees leaking video game of Thrones episode 4 “Spoils the War” surfaced,

The employees apparently had privileged accessibility to the acquired S07E04 “Spoils of War” and also were able to leak a low res buggy variation of the episode two days before its telecast. The airing of following episode i.e. Video game of Thrones S06E05 “Eastwatch” went fairly smoothly as the original server hackers leaked the episode script however the illustration itself was not leaked.

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How come the bombshell. HBO Spain has accidentally have leaked the upcoming game of Thrones Season 7 illustration 6 “Death Is the Enemy” full 5 days before it is claimed to be aired top top Sunday 20th August.The accidental leak was enough for hackers come copy the article and also spread it with torrent websites.

While us cannot offer the links to the leaked acquired S07E06 “Death Is the Enemy,” Googling or keeping your eye on her social media network will provide you the 6th episode link.

Game the Thrones Season 7 illustration 6 “Death Is the Enemy” Aired by Mistake


The supposed leak concerned light as soon as users reported that illustration was available to watchon HBO España’s website for a few hours as the screenshot posted over on Reddit shows. Plenty of other individuals have also reported the the illustration was additionally streaming top top Twitch and YouTube prior to they acquired taken down. Since then, there have been no reports of the illustration being available, one of two people on the website or via a torrent. However, that has not stopped individuals from sharing smaller clips and also screenshots the the episode that seem to check that the leaked episode was no a hoax. One together clip deserve to be seen below.

Unfortunate Incident

This leak in the latest enhancement to the long list the unfortunate incidents that have influenced HBO recently. In July, there to be reports that around 1.5 TB of content was steal from the company. Since then, hackers have actually released episodes of different series includingBallers, Room 104, and Curb your Enthusiasm, script of unaired game of Thrones episodes and even personal information of actors functioning for HBO.

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As we claimed earlier, 2017 definitely seems to it is in jinxed for HBO as its gold egg laying hen is being reduced to piece episode ~ episode.