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What happened in Game the Thrones? A Refresher before Season 4 Begins

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The 4th season the Game that Thrones begins on April 6th, basically spanning the events of the last half of George R. R. Martin’s A Spriziv.orgm that Swords. It’s been a while because we last observed Westeros, though, and also one can not be blamed if spriziv.orgage of a details wedding have since blotted the end all various other details about the show.

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Here’s a handy guide to wherein all the an essential Game the Thrones personalities are by the finish of season 3.


Samwell Tarly, Jon Snow, Ygritte

Samwell Tarly spent most of his time on display screen cowering or make self-deprecating jokes, however showed part true courage by the finish of season 3, rescuing Gilly and her newborn boy from both the riot in ~ Craster’s Keep and also a stray White Walker. He and Gilly (along with the newly called baby Sam—how cute is that?) reached Castle Black, whereby they warned Maester Aemon about the army of White Walkers viewed north the the Wall. Jon Snow likewise returned come the Night’s Watch, though he was rather worse for wear ~ fleeing the team of Wildlings who have made it southern of the Wall. Ygritte, not one to take it betrayal and also abandonment lightly, regulated to bury 3 arrows in Jon as he fled top top horseback, and also he barely do it to Castle black alive.


Catelyn, Robb, and Talisa Stark

Walder Frey hosted the wedding that the century, authorized his daughter Roslin to Edmure Tully. The ceremony to be lovely and also they all lived happily ever before after LA LA LA us CAN’T hear YOU. Five okay, fine. Transforms out ol’ Walder was still a little bit peeved about Robb Stark’s secret marriage to Talisa, for this reason after make a side address the Lannisters, Frey betrayed the entire Stark family and slaughtered them throughout the wedding feast. Talisa and her unborn child were stabbed come death, Robb was punctured by multiple arrows, then stabbed by Roose Bolton, and Catelyn acquired her throat cut, yet not before she grief-murdered Walder’s young wife. If that wasn’t negative enough, Walder’s men likewise killed Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind and sewed his head onto Robb’s corpse. Great, currently we’re crying all over again.


The Boltons and also The Greyjoys

After siding through the Lannisters and Walder Frey, sneaky turncoat Roose Bolton was called Warden of the North. In his absence, Roose’s bastard kid Ramsay has actually the operation of the place and he’s spent many of his time inventively priziv.orgturing the world scruffiest punching bag, Theon Greyjoy. After being castrated, Theon begged his because that death, but Ramsay simply laughed before rechristening him “Reek.” Theon’s father Balon Greyjoy obtained a ransom note demanding the the stole Islands’ troops leaving the North, along with a crate containing Theon’s “favorite toy.” (HIS PENIS.) Balon basically gave his child up because that dead and refused to one of two people halt the strike or send help. Theon’s sister Yara—somehow surprised that Balon is not around to win any father-of-the-year awards—has formed plans to mount a rescue on she own.


The Lannisters

As Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister overshadowed his progeny and essentially rule the kingdom himself last season; the constantly scowled in ~ Joffrey (once literally sending the king to bed), arranged politically valuable marriages for both Tyrion and Cersei (against your wishes, of course), and quietly set the Red Wedding in motion. Newlyweds Tyrion and also Sansa to be just beginning to get along once news of she family’s deaths come in king Landing. Awkward. Tyrion’s connection with his household was strained additional by his place as understand of Coin, as he struggled to fund the upcoming imperial wedding. With her pair absent, Cersei had to console herself v all the wine she can get her hands on. Not that we blame her, that course. She open minded opposed she father regarding her engagment come Loras Tyrell (not that her disagreements have done much good so far), and even admitted come Tyrion the Joffrey is a monster, i beg your pardon is quiet a bit of one understatement. King Joffrey’s psychopathic tendencies reached a heat pitch in season 3 as soon as he crossbow-ed negative Ros come death and also later gleefully plan to serve Robb’s head to Sansa at his wedding feast. Ugh, this kid.


Varys, Shae

Varys had much better watch his back, because during season 3 he had actually a hard time masking his facial expressions anytime Joffrey threw a temper tantrum. To be fair, he to be probably just distracted after ~ Littlefinger foiled so numerous of his plans, many notably his move to wed Sansa come Loras Tyrell. That tried to lay the groundwork because that a brand-new scheme by supplying Shae money come hightail it the end of king’s Landing; he defined that she a distraction because that Tyrion, whom Varys sees as the only person capable of conserving the kingdom. However Shae refuse to leave, both due to the fact that she loves Tyrion and also because she desire to safeguard Sansa.


Daenerys, Daario, Barristan Selmy, Jorah Mormont, Grey Worm, the dragons

Daenerys Spriziv.orgmborn Targaryen dominated her method up the Ghiscari coastline in season 3, starting out with nothing however three young dragons and also ending through an army of freed Astaporian Unsullied, led by Grey Worm, and the whole freed slave population of the city the Yunkai praising her as their mhysa, or “Mother.” Ser Barristan Selmy revealed himself to Daenerys in Astapor, seeking her out after being unceremoniously booted indigenous Joffrey’s Kingsguard way back in season 1, and offered she his services and fealty as military advisor. Upon getting to Yunkai and also declaring her intention to free its slaves, Dany is met through mercenary company the 2nd Sons, including their heavily flirtatious and opportunistic lieutenant Daario Nahaaris. In order come test your loyalty, Daenerys bespeak Daario, Jorah, and also Grey Worm to sneak into Yunkai and open its gates, which lock pull turn off successfully. In the food of occasions Daario add the second Sons’ leader and declares the mercenary group now faithful to Daenerys. Meanwhile, Jorah Mormont’s unrequited feelings for Daenerys continued to simmer.

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When season 4 begins, Daenerys sets her sights on the next slaver metropolis increase the coast: Meereen. She dragons continue to grow, but they’re now showing higher ferocity, even towards Daenerys herself. And also they are ending up being far too large to save chained or caged….

That’s everyone! (We think.) The premiere illustration of season 4 chin does a an excellent job of proceeding the miscellaneous spriziv.orgy threads native this allude on, and also it really cleanly introduce the Dornish and their objectives. We’ll view you ~ above April 6th, once A Spriziv.orgm that Swords begins its intense conclusion!