I think Locke and his crew are singing that tune in the illustration shortly before it ends as well. Ns love the various variations of the song from the books/show they've used to convey different moods.

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I simply watched it back after this post, and I was still suprised the this ending.. That is just so out of a sudden, i love it

Personally i disliked it. Ns feel that it's tonally wrong and also doesn't belong, yet that's simply me. The present has remained consistent with installation the theme, except for this one moment and also I feel prefer it really division the immersion.

I simply finished that episode best now and also it's been so long because I watched this ep (during its initial broadcast 4 years ago). Ns wasn't expecting the end-credits song to it is in so optimistic lol, it's sooooo no GoT but I uncovered it fitting to exactly how the illustration ended. It's like I to be watching a 90s teenager romcom film. I loved it!

Just watched this episode on my rewatch. I had totally forgot about that finishing credit track so it really hit favor a punch. Just out of the blue.

The music began playing ~ above the original air date during the scream. It kind of destroyed the experience. It to be hilarious to watch.

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