Warning: contains plenty of spoiler for Game the Thrones Season 7 for this reason far, plus part inevitably wonky predictions for Sunday"s finale.

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After plenty of long month of wait for video game of Thrones to come earlier on, ns now have to compete with the horrible, horrible reality that it"s around to go away again.

Old Nan thinks she knows all about Winter, yet we recognize what the long Night really is: it"s those 10 sickeningly dragon-free months before Season 8 lastly gets here.

But enough of all that. The reality is we still have one deliciously lengthy episode still come go. So rather than garbage time worrying about next Monday, let"s emphasis on those sweet, sweet predictions.

From the case with Arya and Sansa to the unavoidable White walker invasion, below are the points I think are most likely to take place in the Season 7 finale...

1. The Starks will certainly unite versus Littlefinger.


On the surface, Littlefinger"s scheme to division the Starks appears to be working a treat. If you believe the theories around Arya, though, it"s not that simple. This is a difficult one to call (Littlefinger is very good at the whole scheming thing), however after episode 6 manager Alan Taylor hinted at a surprise outcome come the story, ns think the most most likely option is that the Starks will certainly band together versus Petyr. If who at Winterfell does die I don"t think it"ll it is in Arya or Sansa, put it that way.

2. Cersei will attempt to double-cross Daenerys...


Cersei just can't wait come welcome her new guests to King's Landing.Credit: hbo/priziv.org composite

This one"s pretty lot a guarantee. We understand from the hints Cersei dropped to Jaime that she"s planning come trick her guests in part way, and also from her perspective it renders sense, doesn"t it? The critical time she arranged to fulfill her adversaries she damaged them with wildfire, and it operated a treat.

I can"t guess what her relocate will be this time, however from the official episode picture we recognize she will certainly indeed fulfill Jon Snow and also Tyrion face to face. Perhaps she"ll attempt to take one of them hostage?

3. ...But this time it"ll walk badly wrong.


Cersei"s luck has actually run out. She"s no as smart as her dad was, and also so much she"s clung on come the throne through a mixture of thin will and pure aggression alone. It have the right to only last so long. As soon as Cersei tries to make a move against Daenerys this time, ns think it"ll be the straw that division the lion"s back. Daenerys will shed patience and also hit back twice together hard.

4. Cleganebowl will finally happen.


This one"s probably just wishful thinking at this stage, but when whatever goes wrong during Cersei and Jon Snow"s meeting I favor to think a fixed fight will break out. On one side the hill will be laying waste come anyone who gets in his path. Top top the various other side will be his long-lost brother the Hound.

Okay, therefore it could well no happen. However think about it: through the two sides meeting in King"s Landing, it"s literally never ever been much more possible. And wouldn"t it it is in the perfect finish to the Hound"s story arch to ultimately overcome his brother?

5. Cersei will die...


The fact is, the last pair of Seasons have actually been woefully bereft of high profile personality deaths. Someone big needs to dice in the final episode, and my money"s on Cersei. She"s not going to ally through Jon and Daenerys against the Walkers in a million years, for this reason surely fatality is the only means for she character"s storyline to finish? (As her ally, Euron Greyjoy is likewise on really shaky ground.)

6. ...But there will be casualties on both sides.

If the 2 sides finish up clashing ~ above Sunday, there need to be some an essential losses top top both ends. Ns don"t think Jon, Daenerys or Tyrion will be eliminated off just yet, so mine money"s top top a smaller sized character favor Greyworm. The likes the Ser Jorah is likewise at risk.

7. Jaime will certainly survive, and join his brother.

In a contest between your sociology sister and some badass dragons, there have the right to only be one winner.Credit: hbo

Deep down, Jaime"s well-known for a while currently just how unstable his sisters is. He to know she"s in the wrong. He"ll tho be ravaged if/when she gets eliminated (she"s transferring his child, after all), yet I think he"ll at some point see sense. He may be taken captive first, but at some point down the line I favor to think he"ll help his brothers in the war versus the White Walkers.

8. Bran will have one last vision.

One the the promo picture for episode 7 shows Bran sitting in prior of the fire, staring miserably into the distance like he"s done in absolutely every his scenes so far this Season. The finale of Season 6 closed v a vision the Jon snow being born in the Tower of happiness -- probably Season 7 will certainly go under the exact same path?

I"m not certain what Bran can see, but if I had actually to assumption: v I"d speak it could be something entailing Rhaegar and Lyanna. The episode is titled "The Dragon and also the Wolf", ~ all.

9. The White Walkers will breach the wall.

I supplied to think Season 7 would finish with the wall crashing to the ground. Currently I"m not so sure. The point is, the White Walkers don"t really require to totally destroy it come gain access to Westeros; they simply need come breach the in part way.

And now, of course, they have that re-animated dragon. If they desire to they deserve to fly end the wall in one unguarded location, unlock the doors from the inside and also let in their whole host of undead chums.

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Winter has actually never feel closer.

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