Be careful, "Game of Thrones" fans. Season 7, episode 6 was leaked in advance, yet watching it beforehand may just leaving friend an emotional wreck for four extra days.

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HBO has been a finish sieve this year, and after the Star India leak of episode 4, we now have two different HBO platforms in Europe accidentally airing episode 6 work in advance. So now Episode 6 is hike the Internet. Like Episode 4, illustration 6 is gift lauded as one of the finest episodes ever. However, unequal the pure awe that greeted "The Spoils that War," episode 6 is leaving plenty of fans in tears.

Here space some reactions:

I"m not okay ~ watching illustration 6, I just want to cry ???? so love breaking ????#GameOfThrones#GoTS7e6

— Emily smart (
EmSmartt) respectable 16, 2017

#GameOfThrones episode 6 had me crying!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????

— Mylbon Avila (
MylbonAvila) respectable 16, 2017

JUST WATCHED THE game OF THRONES S7 EP 6 LEAK and also I AM no OKAY THIS IS THE ideal EPISODE BY far I have actually TEARS and also I am SHOOK #GameOfThrones

— Selv (
Selv_am) respectable 16, 2017

I watched the leaked illustration of #GameOfThrones & that was every too much & currently I have a headache from crying.

— Beth Johnston ???? (
bethrajohnston) august 16, 2017

I am not sorry i watched the leaked version of illustration 6. Ns regret nothing. Finest episode yet of season 7. #GameOfThrones

— CHANEL ???? (
CHXN3L) august 16, 2017

I think the audience is going come be upset by the end of illustration 6 #GameOfThrones

— Flaurent Soki (
IamFlaurentSoki) august 16, 2017

I can"t even define my feel for episode 6. Ideal EPISODE YET!! #GameOfThrones

— open minded (
FrangelTy) respectable 16, 2017

That illustration is too lot to handle!ep. 6!!!???????? this division my love #GameOfThrones

— Cherries (
cherry_codimdim) august 16, 2017

As if i wasn"t emotion emotional enough ... I have just cried my eyes the end at #GameofThrones episode 6 that"s simply been leaked ????

— Leigh-anne Prentice (
Leighanne_Ox) respectable 16, 2017

I"ve watched the leaked episode 6 the #GameOfThrones 3 time today. IT"S the GOOD. This illustration is why it"s the finest show ~ above earth.

— R o u s e together l e ® (
Rouselle) august 16, 2017

The aftermath of episode 6. #gameofthronespic.twitter.com/XRhWryDuTt

— Britni (
brit_tweets) respectable 16, 2017

It is ironic the HBO and the "Game of Thrones" showrunners space in this frustrating leak/hack predicament once Season 7 is truly your shining moment. Every illustration is far better than the last, and the ratings have reflected that.

We"ll need to see just how HBO handles these inner episode leaks in the year (or two?) before the final Season 8 premieres. Season 7 only has actually this illustration 6 and also then the illustration 7 finale come go. Hopefully the finale isn"t leaked in advance, too, but it absolutely wouldn"t ache the ratings. It just might hurt human being who stumble on spoilers online once they didn"t want to recognize anything in advance.

Season 7, illustration 6 will certainly air (again) top top Sunday, Aug. 20 at 9 p.m. On HBO.

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