Spoiler Note: This is our book reader’s recap, intended for those who have read the A song of Ice and Fire series. The post and also the comments ar may contain spoilers from the novels, even if it is or no that product has showed up on the display yet. Due to the fact that no, we are not all Unsullied now. If you have not read the books yet, us encourage girlfriend to inspect out ours non-book-reader recap, by Oz the Thrones!

At Winterfell…

The tension between Sansa and Arya is reaching a boiling point. Tonight, it starts when Sansa comes upon a pensive Arya overlooking the courtyard, and also the younger sister shares a touching memory the Ned watching she shooting an arrowhead at a target over and over. Together she reminisces, it seems as though there’s the old Arya in she face, expressive and human, speaking of her father applauding her aim. However the mankind slides away together Arya accuses Sansa of helping the Lannisters kill their father. She produce the letter Sansa was required to compose in season 1, together proof of she sister’s betrayal. A distressed Sansa protests she had actually no choice, gift a son then. Arya bile recalls the work of Ned’s execution, revealing she was in the crowd watching. Upset now, Sansa points the end that Winterfell would certainly be unable to do without her actions required to win the fight of the Bastards. Arya observes the the north lords would reject of Sansa if they uncovered the letter. The sisters part ways with a divide in between them farming greater through the day.

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Later, Sansa frets over the argument, talking it over with Littlefinger and also worrying she’ll lose the north lords if they discover the letter. Littlefinger works his snaky magic, stoking her paranoia when feigning help, and implanting the idea the Brienne might be required to intercede in this struggle (which would more than likely wind up harming Brienne)…

Which is why Sansa bring away the possibility to send Brienne away when a raven come from King’s Landing. Cersei is demanding the Lady that Winterfell’s presence yet she won’t be going- her lady knight will be sent out in her stead. Brienne protests, and also wants to at least leave Podrick behind to clock after Sansa, yet she insists coolly. It’s only after Brienne has left the we see Sansa’s uncertainty.


Deciding to hunt because that the letter in Arya’s room, Sansa makes an uncomfortable discovery among her sister’s things- what looks prefer several human being faces. Unfortunately, she’s uncovered by her sister before she deserve to leave. Arya remains calm, and talks to she sister around the game of encounters she played in Braavos. She describes how they both want to be different world when they were young, and also now she can become anyone- perhaps also Sansa, if she has actually her face. Toying with the knife Bran gifted her, the threat appears clear, and Sansa is terrified. Rather of acting, Arya withdraws and also hands the knife to she sister.

All in all, ns don’t find anything about this storyline specifically interesting. Over there are little pieces of it that have been fun, choose the strict edited montage of Arya and Littlefinger’s subterfuge last week, and the unique acted scene between Sansa and Brienne this week, but as a whole, the storyline is an unsatisfying head-scratcher. We have the right to guess that this story’s trajectory is headed towards an can be fried confrontation whereby either Littlefinger or Sansa will certainly be gotten rid of from the game. (With Brienne eliminated from Winterfell, the last person who can physically come nearby to contending with Arya is turn off the table.) however being able to know the technical allude of a plotline isn’t the same as appreciating or enjoy it it on an emotional or dramatic level.

And the habits of the distinct sisters frequently just doesn’t make sense. While Arya’s lack of to trust in Sansa is rather understandable, offered her traumas, she has shown humanity when stating Ned- and also toward strangers as newly as a few episodes ago. If we’re come put any kind of degree of faith in the possibility that Arya would consider killing she sister, we’d have to write turn off the humanity she’s presented us. And also without that confidence on the viewer’s part, there’s no actual tension, regardless of the horror-movie to win in “Beyond the Wall”‘s Winterfell scenes. At the end of the day, the feels like the display just essential something for the actresses to perform at Winterfell and all they could come up v was, “…..fight v each other??” Alright, moving on!


On Dragonstone…

Daenerys and also Tyrion are having actually a chat after the boys have actually headed up north for their annoyingly heroic mission. Tyrion correctly points out to Daenerys that Jon Snow has actually moon eyes because that her, ~ the queen is pouting a bit over Jon’s departure. It seems as despite Dany doesn’t want to admit her feelings because that the King in the North but her Hand is unfailingly honest.

In various other business, they talk about meeting through Cersei, and also the likelihood that his sister to plan a trap for them. (Highly likely. That course, it’s Cersei.) They return to the subject of exactly how to rule, through Tyrion cautioning versus ruling by fear. The burn of the Tarlys is weighing ~ above his mind- yet not top top hers, Daenerys is certain it to be the appropriate thing come do. However he has an additional concern- her successor. Dany isn’t a pan of this object either, due to the fact that talking around who will certainly follow she on the throne method discussing she death.

But luckily she won’t have to take component in these conversations because that long. Because Daenerys receives a raven, dons her many gorgeous new white spined coat, and flies far from Dragonstone v all 3 of she children. Whereby to? You’ll see.


In the frozen north beyond the Wall…

The magnificent 7 (plus assorted wildling redshirts, yet let’s roll with seven) trek right into snowy north territory, v Tormund passing the time by ribbing southerner Gendry and talking frankly v Jon Snow around Mance Rayder, the King beyond the wall whose pride gained too plenty of killed. It’s feelings Time for the travelers, apparently- Gendry confronts Beric and also Thoros about selling the off once he join the Brotherhood without banner in great faith, though the Hound shuts down his “whingeing” ideal quick.

Jorah and also Jon open up as well, stating their fathers. The Valyrian steel knife Longclaw to be a gift from the later, elder Mormont; Jon takes this opportunity to sell it back to Jorah, the man who should have actually inherited the priceless blade. Jorah admits he broke his father’s heart and has no insurance claim on the knife now. Interesting way he mentions the sword serving Jon’s kids after him, but because Jon is a fire wight (per George R.R. Martin) the odds that him being able to conceive a kid seem incredibly slim. Daenerys emphasized the she’ll never ever have youngsters besides her dragons in this illustration as well. A basic parallel, or space they walk somewhere with it?

Later, the frequently gruff Hound isn’t interested in Tormund’s friendly overtures, and is great to find through the wildling’s chatter that the mrs he’s head over heels for is Brienne of fucking Tarth. Tormund wants to do ‘great huge monster’ babies v her. Ns don’t think B is down with this plan.

Nearby, Beric and also Jon have a heart-to-heart about their shared acquaintance the mr of Light, and also their resurrections. The men acquire philosophical about their survival, and also the purpose of their fight. They’re fighting because that life, Beric insists, though the enemy, death, constantly wins in the end. A contemplative Jon realizes he’s the shield the guards the worlds of men- that’s right, Jon, you have the right to flounce from the Night’s Watch however you’re never off the clock.


Moving deeper right into the North, with snow falling now, the guys spy something relocating in the distance and oh christ, it’s a FREAKING BLUE-EYED WIGHT be afflicted with leaping the end of the storm.

Thoros and also Beric irradiate up their flaming swords and also go to town, but the Hound freezes in ~ the sight of flames. The be affected by each other tears increase a couple redshirts- yet Thoros dives in there v his knife ablaze. The damn point is ~ above fire, yet it tho digs the teeth right into Thoros, slapping him around until ns can’t think he’s quiet alive. However alive he is, enduring long sufficient for the others to kill the undead creature. This wight hunt…is starting to seem choose a not an excellent idea, fellas.

Storm and also bear passed, the men continue their search, as Jorah and also Thoros discuss their long-ago meeting during the Greyjoy Rebellion. I m sorry it transforms out, Thoros doesn’t actually remember. The Red priest to be famously very first through the breach, and Jorah second behind him…but Thoros always was a drinker, and also still is.

Soon they come up mindless wights being led through a sole White Walker, and seize the possibility they’ve been wait for, by laying a trap in the kind of a tiny campfire to draw the undead to one spot. Surrounding the creatures, the fight is quickly over. Jon engages the White walker in one-on-one battle, and also shatters him v Longclaw…..and every wight but one drops, unexpectedly lifeless. Their animation has completely disappeared, other than for one screeching wight the the group quickly subdues and bags up.

And that’s as soon as they listen it. The sounds the tell castle this just went native not-so-good to holy-fucking-terrible. The sound of thousands of wights putting through a pass, rumbling end the snow and also headed her way.


They need help, no doubt about it, so Jon provides a hail-mary pass and sends Gendry running earlier to Eastwatch to have actually the man send a raven.

The team now has actually no an option but to run across a frozen lake, till they’re surrounding in the center and waiting to battle- and then the ice begins to rest under the load of the wights. The undead military pauses, unable to pass over the water.

Gendry runs like hell, and barely manages to do it every the way to Eastwatch, wherein Davos is wait to traction his new foster boy inside.

Hours pass, and the remnants of the original group huddle on the frozen rock in the facility of the lake. Together the men sleep, Thoros dies, succumbing come his wounds and the cold. Beric kneels for his friend, and also the Hound surprises us by joining him through a word of comfort. “They say it’s among the better ways come go.” but now it’s time come burn Thoros’ body, for this reason the Red priest doesn’t rise.

Now that the men have had actually time to rest and think, Jorah ideologies Jon v an observation: the realizes the all the wights (but one) died when the White walker did, an interpretation perhaps there to be a connection. They realize if that White walker was the one who turned them, the would median they have actually a means of death a most them in ~ once. Yet right now they want to bring a wight earlier to Daenerys, no kill the one they’ve captured.


That’s as soon as Beric sees, it’s not simply wights penning castle in. Above the lake, city hall them, is the Night King himself and his White Walkers.

After the Hound takes to chucking rocks at a wight, they find that the lake has ultimately frozen over once more. Which method that the living space screwed. Yep, it’s time come fight, and for Beric to do the flamey thing with his knife that I never get worn down of.

The guys dive right into fighting the masses of the undead, using dragonglass tools to stop and also kill them. As they’re fighting, Jon protects their prize- the wight they’ve already secured. It’s a bloody, brutal battle, v the redshirts conveniently falling. Tormund fights favor hell and is nearly dragged come his death into the lake by a horde that wights, but is conserved by the Hound. (See, Hound, he grow on you!) as always, Jon is breathtaking with his sword, however there’s plenty of wights, and also no means to success this battle. The swarms keep on coming and also it’s just a issue of time prior to they lose. The masses space crowding castle in, and also the finish is near, however then!


The dragon’s flames increase over them, as Dany’s children blast the lake v fire, melting the water and wights alike in a spectacular display. The dragon queen extends she hand come Jon, however he’s busy fighting the undead and can’t accept quite yet. The fights off the wights as his compatriots rise aboard Drogon (with the tied-up wight in tow).

That’s once the Night King calmly provides his move, spear in hand. As Viserion flies overhead, the Night King raises his arms and also takes aim. The icy spear stabs right into the dragon, sending out it crashing come the lake, bleeding and dying as its mother looks on in horror.

Jon urges Dany to take off together the Night King grabs one more spear. He continues to struggle with the wights, until he’s pulled into the water himself.

Daenerys and also Drogon barely miss out on being speared by the Night King’s 2nd throw, as they’re compelled to leaving Jon behind in the lake.


Jon survives the water, barely, and drags himself onto the surface, but the wights establish he’s there. Longclaw or not, that can’t organize off a legion the the things. And then v the crowd, a spot of fire knocks beside the creatures. It’s Benjen, through his flaming flail! he leaps off his horse, gives it come Jon and also resumes his fight with the wights. Together Jon rides away, that sees his uncle autumn under the swarm the wights.


On the other side the the Wall, the Hound claims farewell come Beric and also Tormund, and prepares to depart v his ghoulish prize- the wight.


Daenerys is having actually a harder time leaving, still hoping and also waiting atop the Wall; her patience is rewarded as the equine arrives v a just-alive Jon.

Inside she ship’s cabin, Jon is had tendency to, and Dany look at his deep scars, ones the should have killed him.

Waking increase later, Jon apologizes come Daenerys, wishing they’d never gone top top the hunt, however she isn’t sorry, since now she knows around the Night King. And she and also Jon will damage him and also his military together.

He thanks her, calls her Dany…and his queen. That bends the knee, though not physically due to the fact that he’s still bed-bound and also all. An emotional Daenerys accepts his hand in hers. “I hope i deserve it.”


Beyond the Wall…

The undead minions that the Night King drag large chains, hauling the great mass that a carcass. The human body of a dragon is traction from the lake- bad Viserion. (No word on how they managed to affix the chain to the dragon there is no going IN the water.) The Night King approaches, laying his hand on the beast for a moment. And also then it happens- his eye breaks open, unnaturally bright blue.

The Night King has actually a brand-new mount.

Stray Thoughts:


Iceland is worth every penny of the places budget, with the significant chilly vistas subsequently blending seamlessly v the scenes cleverly shoot on set in northern Ireland. “Beyond the Wall” watch absolutely gorgeous, from start to end.

Duo Deus Ex Machina: Boy, GoT loves their deus ex machina, don’t they? It’s acquiring to be a little much though, and two in one episode (Dany showing up at the last second, and then Benjen) is certainly excessive.

The tiny Moments: Tons of good little moment throughout the episode, mainly in the north as the males travel from one ar to another and also interact, sometimes with unexplained character combinations. Tormund to be a unique superstar this week. His moment discussing Mance Rayder’s pride ties in neatly with Jon establish his pride isn’t much more important than survival, and also Jon bends the knee at the end. Then there’s Jorah & Jon (nice to deal with the sword question), Beric & Jon, Tormund & the Hound, Thoros & Jorah, Gendry calling the Brotherhood out, and also so lot more.

I median I quiet cried: For all my objections of the Arya-Sansa business, ns really go tear up as soon as Arya to be talking about Ned city hall her.

The Ties that Bind: it would’ve been a lot more effective for audiences when Viserion dies, if the display had made much more of an effort to ever present Dany bonding with any type of of the dragons as well as Drogon. That seems like a misstep to me, despite it was still affecting because of the exhilaration from Emilia Clarke, and also because the the overall implications that the scene.

D + J: When it comes to Dany and also Jon being a Thing, I perform think that Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington have chemistry and I’ve liked the tiny moments they developed this season as a pair of really Busy however Still Pretty world liking the cut of every other’s jib. The power duo of Jon and Dany appears so evident that civilization hated it prior to they ever met onscreen, however I’ve do the efforts to stand up to that urge and also give that a chance. The blood relation in between them doesn’t bother me; it’s the Targaryen way. It’s no an extremely facility relationship together of yet, though. Ns would like to view the unpreventable power struggles between them explored under the road, however I’m not certain Game of Thrones has the time because that it. ASOIAF will have that time, and also I have the emotion that this is in George R.R. Martin’s game plan. Hopefully he will face the dynamics in ~ play in this pairing if this is undoubtedly where he’s headed. Either way, happen them together is no a guarantee for happily-ever-after, through Jon essentially the walking dead as a fire wight and Daenerys not someone who trusts or shares her throne readily. This is no a happy finishing show, but we deserve to enjoy the journey and the sweet moments.

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How Bout the Lake Though, great Views: offer it up because that the cast and the stunt team, since damn that was intense. Also knowing Tormund would make the (spoilers), ns was tho suddenly convinced he was going to die. The was harrowing. Significant direction top top Alan Taylor’s part.

RIP Thoros, Benjen and Viserion : to water one out for ya. And then a couple of more because that Thoros, since consistency. (The HBO Viewer’s overview confirms the Benjen offered his life to save Jon for this reason we have the right to mark the off together gone.)