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Greetings and glad tidings to you all and also welcome back to one more Game that Thrones recap of epic Unsullied proportions. Hopefully, things room going much better for you 보다 they space for Team Targ.

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How the hell carry out you write a recap, together opposed come a novel, on that episode? Revelations, infatuations, annihilation. Shit… drop your weapons at the door and let’s provide it a shot.


The meeting of the Minds

We rubbish no time and get right to the case at hand… the meeting of Jon and also Dany. The waves crash as Jon and agency are met through Tyrion and Missandei, in addition to some chummy Dothraki soldiers and a inquiry to hand end the weapons (don’t offer them fucking Longclaw, dammit. Shit.). Jon offers the “I desire that back, MF” look come the man, and also then we space off to the races.

Davos makes little talk with Missandei, well, since he is the freakin’ man and also could still market ice come Wildlings. He virtually sells it to Dany in a few.

Then… evidence of the dragons.

Mel and the Merman

Overlooking the enntrance gate is Varys and Velvet together the Spider inquires as to why she wouldn’t want to greet the King in the North. Mel admits that they walk not component on great terms and tells the Spider that she made countless mistakes. And also then, the curveball (or was it a slider?)… Varys tells Mel that she need to not go back to which she replies that she has to die in Westeros, similar to him. Right here is mine question… was this simply a jab at Varys or is there much more to the story about the an enig of that (or what) the Spider really is? A male has countless questions.


You was standing in the presence of 1000 Titles

I’m no going come recap every solitary word that what we all watched in unison. But I will say that i am invariably content with the method this conference was handled.

My fear was the we would be subject to an encounter that has been six seasons in the making and we would witness five minutes the it, in which method inexplicably led to believe that anyone in the room would work-related together in joyful adoration. The didn’t happen. Dany want a bending knee. Jon said, “no thank you.” and also what could have to be a “we gotta gain this story moving” quick moment finished up encapsulating the an initial 20 minutes of the episode. Because that that, ns am thankful. It deserved the time investment.

After trading unpleasantries, Dany issues an apology on behalf of residence Targ because that the previous crimes her House had actually committed versus House Stark. Jon explains that he needs her assist and that he demands hers.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and also Conleth Hill together Varys. Photo: HBO

Dany speak what she has actually been through and also accomplished. Davos tells what Jon has actually been through and accomplished. Jon claims his case and as Dany tells Jon the he is in open rebellion, Varys operation in with news of the past episode’s captures and also casualties.

Theon’s Rescue

A ship complete of Greyjoy males rescue Theon, a scene consisted of in the episode assumingly to show that Theon isn’t tho floating while wait to be caught in the wake up of Gendry’s rowing. PTSD continues to garner no sympathy, especially during wartime.


Shame, Pt. 2

Euron come in KL through his “gifts” Ellaria and also Tyene and also presents them to Cersei (notice the Ellaria glare at the Mountain). I guess he is maintaining Yara because that himself? Euron then asks Jaime because that advice worrying “fingers in the bum.” The dude is fuckin’ nuts.


For some Reason, I continue to Underestimate Cersei…

But no anymore. Particularly after the strategy revealed at the end. Cersei take away Ellaria and also Tyene come a cell and also gives Tyene a kiss of fatality involving poison similar to Myrcella. In epic Cersei style, she notifies Ellaria that she will be required to watch every one of it. Cersei is ruthless however justified, considering what they go to chaste Myrcella. This is just one of the numerous ways the display has to be fantastic… in making us watch the tragedies affiliated while justifying the means in which the is brought out.

The Sand snake moments in the history have had actually their issues, but this end to Tyene and also presumably Ellaria was pretty damn solid and incredibly well-acted by everyone in the room.

Later, in the land of Fortuitous Incest…

(insert your very own imaginary butt-cheek snapshot here)

Cersei goes come make sure her ally, Jaime, stays loyal. Ozzette acquired to see Jaime’s target cheeks again, and also then, there was the annoying knock on the door.


Hell Yes… the steel Bank

Finally, the iron Bank and Tycho have concerned collect top top the exceptional credit map balance the the realm. Cersei provides her account about the current situation in the war and that Dany has actually pains the financial institution considering what she has done come the slave trade. Cersei urges Tycho to remain in KL and also that the debt will be payment in full.

Grumpkins and Snarks

Jon and Tyrion discuss their corresponding issues and Tyrion suggests that Jon ask for something reasonable. So, the does. Tyrion ideologies Dany about giving Jon accessibility to the dragonglass, unsure about the nomenclature. She asks about the knife in the heart statement, and also of course, that is dismissed.


Jon and also Dany lastly have a opportunity to fulfill without the Dothraki Daycare and discuss their similarities. Dany gives Jon clearance to mine the dragonglass which to be a great decision… together it ends up, she going to need some help.


Finally, us head North whereby Sansa is doing a damn an excellent job of to run the fort while Baelish fiendishly observes. Simply as Sansa seems to it is in doing just fine on she own, Petyr Baelishes the end the “battle in the mind” phrase when again grabbing her attention. And also I repeat, the SOB isn’t dying anytime soon.


Stark Reunion Time, pt. 2!!

Finally, Bran and Sansa reunite and meet under the Weirwood. Sansa speak Bran that he is the mr of Winterfell. Yet Bran notifies Sansa the he have the right to never be a Lord since he is the Three-Eyed Raven. He climate recalls what taken place to Sansa which was too lot for she to relive.

Headline: Jorah Mormont Miraculously Healed: “The Climate adjusted Me”

Ebrose gives Jorah the “once-over” and pronounces him healed from greyscale and enables him to leave. Jorah and also Sam re-superstructure a moment of thanks as Jorah heads because that Dragonstone. Ebrose scolds Sam while offering him praise and also then conveniently gives him a rather huge writing assignment together punishment. Better than having actually to compose “I am Sam. Sam ns am” a million times, i suppose.


Cersei Draws second Blood

Again, I will certainly not underestimate Cersei anymore. If Dany and agency discuss the strike on Casterly Rock and also Tyrion speak to his expertise of the sewer system, the Unsullied arrive and take the Rock together planned. What castle didn’t know was that the mass of the Lannister military weren’t also there and also were busy taking care of business at the more enticing location of Highgarden, all while Euron verified up in ~ the absent to take out the Targaryen fleet.


Jaime makes his method upstairs for what would presumably it is in our final scene through the Queen the Thorns in ~ Highgarden. While the scene would absence a pains death, the pains realization the this would be the finish of Lady Olenna to be a lot to digest.

There were quite a couple of revelations in this scene: the reality that the Unsullied would have the ability to hold the Rock for a bit, however would run out of food and be forced to march every the means across Westeros come get back due come the fleet being burned; the great Jaime learned in previous failures introduce to Robb Stark defeating the Lannisters in ~ Whispering Wood; and most notably, Jaime’s realization that Olenna had been the reason of Joffrey’s demise. Granny Lemon Cakes walk out, but at least she went the end in style with indigenous of wisdom around the monstrous Cersei, coupled through a departing absent in the nuts come the Lannisters. I wouldn’t have actually expected anything less.

Episode 703 an individual Awards

Favorite activity Sequence: The acquisition of Casterly rock looked visually bad at the beginning, but much better when the Unsullied stormed through the gates. However it was overshadowed by the reality that it yes, really didn’t matter.

Favorite Quotes:

“Picked up part scars follow me the road.” –Jon

“This place has actually changed.” –Davos

“This is Jon Snow. He is King in the North.” – Davos automatically following the 1000 titles

“I give you what no other man could give… justice.” Euron (while staring in ~ Jaime)

“You shall have actually what her heart desires… once the war is won.” –Cersei come Euron 


“Does she like it gentle, or rough? A finger in the bum?” –Euron to Jaime (the burn continues)

“We invest in endeavors us deem most likely to be successful.” –Tycho Nestoris

“No better place because that low pursuits than in ~ the ground.” –Tyrion

“And currently the reins weep o’er ours halls.” –Olenna

“That was my prize mistake, a failure of imagination.” -Olenna

Favorite Sequence: as well damn many to select from. Jon and Tyrion, Dany and also Jon, anytime Davos speaks, the finish of the Snakes, and also the stole Bank!

The “Ow, that Shit hurts Award” goes to: The Lannister who obtained the spear come the chest, and Jaime finding out that the QoT took the end Joffers.

Overall Thoughts: by far, my favorite episode of the season come this point although the various other two to be respectively an extremely good. Ns was surprised to view Bran so disconnected native the emotions the the reunion. However he has seen a lot and also is obviously tho sorting points out considering his brand-new responsibility. Regardless, it was weird.

Through all that has actually transpired, Dany is finding out that obtaining the throne may be a more challenging objective than what she may have actually previously thought. Exactly how long till she loses confidence with Tyrion and jumps on a dragon? Jorah will most absolutely be a welcome sight, and it is becoming abundantly clear the she will certainly most absolutely require Jon’s help in the future.

What say you, great peeps? Voice far below.

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