Hello, tenderness readers. Your consistent recapper Kayti is turn off riding a dragon into fight this week, so i am right here to to fill in. Also, HOLY EFFING R"HLLOR.

Let’s earlier up a tiny bit and also take stock. We’re in the last stretch now, not simply of this season however in game of Thrones together whole. If girlfriend did not sit back and simply marvel at the truth that we’ve recently had actually Jon, Dany, and Tyrion in a room with each other a few episodes ago, you need to do so. This week lugged us a Stark boy reunion that was an in similar way simple and complicated. Over there is a pure happiness in seeing Arya, Sansa, and also Bran all back together at Winterfell, however the trickier component is that they have actually all been v extraordinary things and also are no longer who they once were.

“The Spoils of War” was, in plenty of ways, about identity. Both Cersei and also Jaime are focused on paying their Lannister debts as part of who they are. Jaime holds the heat in battle, and also chooses not to ago down but to try and death the mommy of Dragons even after every hope is important lost. In the North, Bran is no longer Bran, but the Three-Eyed raven (much come Meera and also his sisters’ dismay). Arya is no much longer water dancing, she’s besting Brienne in a sparring match. Sansa is Lady Stark, however it"s to be a hard-won title and also position. Jon doesn’t desire to bend the knee due to the fact that he constantly takes the next of right, no might. And then yes Dany, who is supposed to it is in a price of hope and freedom, yet also has retained Jon and Davos her detainees (of sorts) and also becomes a merciless warlord to prove a point.

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game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-4-the-spoils-of-war-jamie-bronn picture via HBO
With every one of this walking on, it’s easy to forget around something choose The Night King, despite this episode did not. And also while there to be a few things that felt crammed in (Theon and Jon’s reunion to be barely a footnote among all of this, and the less said about the romance-focused gossiping approximately Dragonstone the better), mostly, “The Spoils of War” had a perfect balance in between the show’s two greatest fortes: conversations in between two people and also incredibly intense battle sequences. And it to be spectacular.

The collection has constantly done action an especially well, yet the “loot train battle” (as HBO referred to it in your “explore the episode” segment) was likewise a reunion the sorts. We experienced Bronn again, as part of the Lannister army (now allied with the Tarlys). But we also saw Tyrion top top a perch over the fight watching his brother’s forces being lit increase by Dany and her dragon. It was relatively obvious ~ the failures of she fleets at the hands of Euron Greyjoy and also the Lannister’s plundering of Casterly Rock that Dany would have no recourse however to usage her dragon (or at the very least one) to do her situation in Westeros. Walk full-on dragon-rider mode, she walk not usage Drogon as a threat, but as an action item. He killed a many people, horribly, alongside the Dothraki horde. And while Jon Snow’s idea about the dragons being a symbol of expect is a pretty one in theory, this is war. Cersei blew up the whole Sept that Balor critical season. The has gained real in the southern too, lord Snow.

The mechanics that that fight were also truly astonishing from both a narrative and also filmic perspective. It was a thrilling coda to an illustration that was currently quite good. However to present not only the Dothraki yet Drogon into the mix of fight … ns couldn’t aid but just be awed at exactly how visceral it all felt, exactly how hopeless for the Lannister army, how terrifying, and also how confusing. Ns was top top Dany’s side, for sure (despite every one of fantasy lore saying the dragons space not our friends). Yet when Dothraki and their badass skills started chopping off equine legs and also then we observed the result of Drogon’s regime of fire … well, i honestly began feeling a bit bad for the peons of Westeros. It to be dirty, messy, unclear, and chaotic. In spite of incorporating a mystical creature, the was one of the most horrifically grounded battle sequences we’ve viewed on the show.

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part of the was down to personal connections, specifically at the end when Tyrion yelled out to his brothers — the one who let that escape and also whom he never hated — to fall back. Instead, the went after ~ Dany and was practically torched through Drogon, until Bronn conserved him and also they tumbled down right into the water. Dead? Or simply wishing castle were? It almost doesn’t matter. Dany decimated the Lannister military (or the tail that it, anyway), and though the gold has actually reached king Landing intact, the battle now feel a bit more even overall.

there is something come be claimed for a TV display that can offer you heart palpitations when watching it. They are rare. However one the the an excellent joys of this season of video game of Thrones (and lot of critical season) is that it yes, really is delivering a host of significantly satisfying scenes and storylines the are starting to make some of those shakier episodes and seasons feel choose a far-off memory. The like when Sansa and also Arya both identify that though they are earlier at Winterfell, lock went through hell to obtain there. “Everyone that knew challenge is dead,” Sansa says. “We’re not,” Arya replies, including later, “Our stories aren’t over yet.”

Rating: ★★★★★ fantastic

Musings and also Miscellanea:

— i was therefore happy to check out that rascal Bronn again.

— Drogon’s dimension is yes, really astonishing. I liked how the giant crossbow go hit Drogon however didn’t death him, if only to prove to united state (and Dany) the the dragons are not invincible, and that she does require some strategy (like avoiding giant crossbows).

— The Dothraki space so badass, and also their entrance was spellbinding (and terrifying).

— Dracarys!!!!

— Matt Goldberg mad some an excellent points last week about how Littlefinger feels favor the product that a bygone era in Game that Thrones. However, he’s to be so integral to so many facets of the show, possibly we just don’t understand what his endgame is?

game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-4-the-spoils-of-war-sansa image via HBO

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— “I’m no Bran … not anymore.” Bran keeps do the efforts to affix to the admin that weirwood.net however can’t it seems to be ~ to gain a strong signal. I also felt bad for Meera, a character that is greatly forgotten and also ultimately dismissed without much fanfare. Five well!

— I’m beginning to feel like all of Arya’s house of Black and also White stuff was for naught, and maybe i’m okay through it. Because no one she might be assassinating together a faceless guy (even Walder Frey) could bring me as much happiness as seeing her train with Brienne.

— couple of things feeling less essential than safety time with Tycho Nestoris and talking about the iron Bank.

— Davos is together a gossip!! He was also specifically quippy this week. But I feel like he’s likewise foreshadowing part Jon and Dany romance, even if she is technically his aunt.

— “King eye … that doesn’t sound right. King Jon? No …”

— The Stark kids reuniting gave me FEELS, and I really really miss out on Robb.

— So stop talk around these youngsters of the woodland etchings, which start out as circles and also rough shapes, and then turn right into photorealistic illustrations of the 4 White Walkers that the Apocalypse. Yet seriously, ns would favor to view them discover that lore a many more. (You deserve to read much more about their history here.)