It transforms out that HBO doesn"t have to just look out for hackers as soon as it involves Game the Thrones season seven leaks.

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In a shocking error, HBO Spain appears to have actually broadcast episode 6 "Death Is mine Enemy" 5 days ahead of its main release, with the episode apparently also accessible on-demand for subscribers prior to being removed.

As pointed out on Reddit though, the was much more than sufficient time because that it to it is in ripped and also shared, so the web will be full of even more spoilers 보다 usual today, which is why we won"t link to the thread about the leak.

Footage has also appeared ~ above YouTube, Instagram and also other streaming services, for this reason maybe just don"t find Game of Thrones now to be safe.

"We have actually learned that the upcoming episode of Game the Thrones was accidentally posted for a brief time on the HBO Nordic and also HBO Espana platforms," claimed HBO in a statement.

"The error shows up to have originated v a third party vendor and the episode was gotten rid of as quickly as it was recognised. This is not linked to the recent cyber incident at HBO in the US."


Weirdly, it"s not also the first time that HBO has actually leaked an episode of that is hit series as critical year, season six"s "The Door" to be accidentally exit 24 hours prior to it was because of air by HBO Nordic.

Last week, the HBO hackers exit a Game of Thrones episode synopsis the was illegally acquired from the 1.5 terabytes of data the the hackers have actually allegedly stolen, together executive emails and also purported casting information.


Earlier this week, unrelated come the HBO hack, four civilization were arrested in India after being accused that leaking "The Spoils that War".

The fourth episode that season seven verified up online 2 days before its HBO debut ~ a digital copy to be stolen from global broadcaster Star India, through the company immediately launching an examination with Mumbai police.

Game the Thrones (legally) continues on Sunday (August 20) on HBO in the US, simulcast in the early on hours the Monday morning (August 21) on skies Atlantic in the UK.

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