HBO’s Game that Thrones played some long-held cards in Season 7’s penultimate episode, giving us a true clash that fire and also ice. It was a face-off that had both sides coming away v something castle needed. For Dany & Co., they left with a wight to present Cersei. Because that the Night King, that now has actually an ice dragon.

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Fellowship that the Wight-Catchers 

If you no reminded that Lord that the Rings at least once throughout the food of this episode, then you weren’t payment attention. From the machismo-driven camaraderie of the group to the sweeping helicopter shots that the gang making their way over snowy mountaintops, this was TV’s worthy prize to that other book-to-screen fantasy adaptation. I half-expected the group to begin pledging their tools to the cause. (“You have my hammer!” — Gendry)

however you may feel about the prominence of capturing a wight to bring to Cersei, this was an epos journey to clock play out. On any other TV present — or even earlier seasons the this really show — the zombie polar bear strike would have actually been the orgasm of an illustration and/or season. On Game the Thrones Season 7, it’s simply the warm-up to the main event: a battle between Dany’s dragons and also the Night King’s military of the undead.

game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-6-image-jon-snow image via HBO
It says a lot about how much Jon has currently ingratiated himself to Dany the the mother of dragons would even risk going to conserve him and the others. After seeing the children of the Forest’s drawings on the dragonglass wall, she seems an ext invested in this war against the dead, but she is still much from convinced that the undead army is as negative as the sounds. That alters in “Beyond the Wall.” when some major things taken place in this episode, Dany seeing the White Walkers through her very own two eyes may have been the most necessary moment the all.

Seeing is believing

when Dany sets she mind come something, it often tends to happen. Before, Dany’s ultimate goal was to sit ~ above the iron Throne. Now that she has actually seen the military of the undead — and lost one of her kids to it — the steel Throne has actually seemingly been knocked the end of the #1 clues on her top priorities list.

that being said, Dany’s early stage decision to go save the Fellowship of the Wight-Catchers seems as lot driven by her an individual feelings in the direction of Jon/Jorah and her frustration over having sat out so many significant battles as it does any type of deeply-held id in the danger of the Night King.

“If we hadn’t gone, ns wouldn’t have seen. You need to see it come know,” Dany tells Jon at the finish of the episode. Now, she believes, with the implication gift that, if Cersei sees the wight they have actually captured, she as well will believe it.

game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-7-jorah picture via HBO
The follow-up inquiry is: will belief adjust anything for Cersei? i don’t think so. This days, Cersei is a true revenge junkie. She doesn’t have any an individual beef with the White Walkers. Tyrion and also Dany, on the other hand? Punishing them will offer her the revenge resolve she values above all else.

The death of a dragon

Game that Thrones went over and past with the visual impacts in this episode, especially when it pertained to the manifestation the the dragons and also the autumn of Viserion. The dragon went down in a wail the fire and blood, slipping beneath the ice to his not-so-final relaxing place. No one living can tear their eyes native the mournful sight.

The death of Viserion is crucial on plenty of levels. Because that Dany, it is not only the death of a child, however the lose of one of her three significant weapons. For the Night King, the is the get of a major weapon, one that can possibly it is in the crucial to his crossing and/or devastation of the Wall. For viewers, it is a leveling of the playing ar in the battle between the dead and the living. Once Dany had actually three fire-breathing dragons on her side, the outcome seemed inevitable. Now, it’s much more murky.

On an additional note, Viserion’s fatality is the point that bring Jon and also Dany together. Though the display has been flirting v a romance between these two since their very first meeting a couple of episodes ago, the heart-eyes really came out in “Beyond the Wall.” First, when Dany was required to leave Jon behind to conserve Drogon, herself, and the others, and then again upon Jon’s awakening adhering to his presumed death. (This man has an ext lives than Beric Dondarrion!)

Emotionally and also physically exhausted from what they have actually just experienced, over there is no time or energy for performance or wit. Jon apologizes for his part in the fatality of Viserion, and also bends a figurative knee to his new queen. Dany basks in the not-deadness of Jon, clutching his hand to repeat both that them the they space together and, at least for this moment, safe. No doubt Jon’s bannermen will have actually something to say about Jon pledging allegiance come a Targaryen, but, in this moment, over there are only heart eyes.

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Arya seemingly contemplates sororicide 

all of the joys the the Fellowship plotline were nearly overshadowed by the WTF-ness the the Winterfell storyline. If Gendry regulated to collection aside his differences with Beric and also Thoros, two men who straight-up sold him to Melisandre in Season 3, Arya and Sansa, 2 sisters in a family lacking in members, couldn’t manage to carry out the same.

perhaps there is a edge of the multiverse in i beg your pardon Game of Thrones might have marketed the Arya intimidates to death Sansa storyline, however this is no it. When I obtain that Arya has actually suffered heaps that trauma that have actually made it difficult for she to type emotional bonds, she comes off favor a psychopath in “Beyond the Wall” with fairly little straight lead-up come the about-face.

With far better writing or direction, this plotline may have actually worked. After ~ all, Sansa and also Arya share a facility past and also are both being manipulated by Littlefinger, but, instead, the interpersonal drama below is rushed and also sloppy. The illustration does little to shot to explain Arya’s certain emotional state or motivations, for this reason she come off choose the unhinged villain-of-the-week in an illustration of Merlin.

This feels an ext like an excuse to make Littlefinger pertinent again 보다 it does organic character advance for Sansa or Arya. Or probably Game that Thrones has trouble writing relationships in between women? possibly both. I don’t know.

that doesn’t aid that Arya’s threats space centered approximately her face-stealing superpowers. The ability to use rubber encounters nicked from the props department to convincingly pretend to be someone else has never been my favourite plot an equipment in Game that Thrones. The present has never ever made any kind of real effort to provide this magic trick a reasonable (probably since it’s impossible within this TV show’s human being building).

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yet if we need to indulge in it, part questions: Was the Arya pretending to it is in Sansa when Sansa sent out Brienne away? who else has actually Arya to be pretending to be through her numerous faces? are the distinguishable girls actually faking your feud to litter Littlefinger off? precise anything can happen in this storyline in ~ this allude and it would certainly be just as logical together its set-up. Frankly, the logic of any storyline based on the Starks letting Littlefinger walk around Winterfell openly is suspect.

Rating: ★★★★ Very an excellent


Gendry deserve to run really fast. Must have been all the rowing. 

In one more example that Season 7’s magically-shrinking Westeros, Gendry makes it earlier to Eastwatch, Davos sends out a Dany a raven, and Dany flies her dragons beyond the wall surface in the time it takes the wights to check the ice. Forget Gendry, provide that crow a gold medal!

poor Sansa. She’s acquired one sibling who is hiding peoples’ encounters in she bag and threatening to death her and another who additionally doesn’t seem to care if she is alive and casually bring up her rape.

speak of Bran, possibly he can lend his sister some insight into Littlefinger’s shenanigans for this reason they have the right to get back to the undead military at hand? so far, his Three-Eyed Raven-ness has been pretty useless.

Brienne is somewhat confident the she will certainly be safe under Jaime’s treatment in king Landing. Through the decisions he’s been making lately, I’m not so sure.

speak of Brienne’s potential masculine suitors, Tormund is so far gone ~ above the yellow-haired beauty he is waxing poetic come the Hound, aka the least interested party ever, around how he desires to have her babies.

game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-7-kit-harington photo via HBO
major plot point: It appears that, if you kill a White Walker, all of the wights that turned will certainly die, too. Basically, we are playing through vampire rules.

go anyone rather feel choose there were a lot of no-homo moments in this episode? Or, in ~ the an extremely least, simply a the majority of random references to happy sex?

Overall, the direction in the wight battle was good, however it can have to be staged better. The wasn’t always clear why the wights no attacking and also what their relative positions were to Jon and the remainder of the Fellowship.

Benjen is official the Patron Saint of lost Starks. His thinking for not going through Jon come escape the wights to be a little thin. It to be like woodland Whittaker in Rogue One all over again.

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Tyrion didn’t acquire in ~ above the activity beyond the Wall, yet he go ask Dany some tough questions about her permanent plan.

Dany wants to break the wheel, the says, but how carry out they ensure the it continues to be broken? good question.

Jumping off of that, there to be a the majority of mentions that Dany’s childlessness in tonight’s episode. She won’t have an ext children, she speak Jon and also Tyrion. But, to rest the wheel because that good, it seems more important to rest the concept of monarchy altogether. Is this where that idea starts?

Meanwhile, Jorah casually lugged up Jon’s future children when stating the property of Longclaw. Hmmm… have the right to the re-alive have actually kids? ns don’t understand what the rules space on this one.

that course the dragon called after Dany’s terrible brother would certainly be the one turned to the dark side.

I never realized how much ns cared about Tormund till I believed he to be going come die.

R.I.P. Height Knot.

“Fear makes civilization do stupid things. I’d go with anger.” Why no a healthy and balanced balance that both, Arya?