What to execute with a season of television that wasn’t specifically well-written, but was endlessly satisfying? So lot of the high quality of Game the Thrones Season 7 relied top top the narrative infrastructure the show had already built. Season 7 added almost nothing brand-new to its countless storylines in terms of nuance, twist, or complexity, yet it didn’t really need to. In the end, that was enough to clock the storylines we’ve been complying with for six prior periods converge, tangle, and hit all of their inevitable, long-awaited story beats. The didn’t do for specifically narratively ambitious TV, yet it sure was entertaining.

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This was an especially true of the Season 7 finale, which to be arguably the finest episode of this entire, paint-by-numbers season, even if all of the epic points that happened in its 79-minute runtime were points were occasions the audience already knew to be coming. Game of Thrones may have built its call on the unthinkable killing of its key characters, but, seven seasons in, it’s playing by the same rules as many other TV shows. However it also has dragons and six periods of carefully-constructed plot and characterization, which yes, really does placed it front of the game.

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Here’s everything that went down in “The Dragon and the Wolf”…

Everyone walk to king’s Landing

seven episodes into Season 7, and also it’s quiet a novelty to see many of the Game that Thrones actors together in one place after so many seasons of them scattered across Westeros and beyond. As well as Sansa, Arya, and Littlefinger, usually every personality whose surname you in reality remember was in King’s Landing as component of the meeting Tyrion has organized to convince Cersei that she requirements to earlier the frak turn off while the Dany help the North fight the ice zombie army.

If anyone assumed this would be straightforward sell, climate they clear haven’t been paying attention to Cersei for the last couple of seasons. Bitch it is in crazy. Together she describes to Tyrion in your one-on-one conference (that in which method doesn’t end with him dead), she has never cared around the world; she has actually only ever before cared around the world who issue to her. That team used come include much more people. Now, it seems to be down to one: she unborn child.

at first, as soon as Cersei sees the wight Team Dany brought ago from past The Wall, she appears willing to do the pragmatic decision. After her convo through Tyrion, she agrees come pledge she troops come fight together Dany’s in the fight of the life vs. The dead. It’s the maturation decision, one that can have even won her part points in the subsequent fight for the throne, have to Team life come out of this one on top.

that course, it’s also a lie. Cersei has actually never put her faith in the power of camaraderie. She to trust in gold. The Iron bank has assisted secure her an military of mercenaries indigenous Essos, one that Euron Greyjoy has gone to collect under the guise of heading back to the safety of the iron Isles. While the North and Dany fight for the stays of every living person in Westeros and also beyond, Cersei is making use of that time to bolster her position.

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it’s the last straw because that Jaime, who is much more similar come Jon Snow 보다 Jon might think: he, too, trust in the strength of a promise, in spite of his “Oathbreaker” moniker. He gave his word that he would join the fight, and also he intends to. (It most likely helps that Brienne scolded the on the subject, too.) Cersei insurance claims she will certainly kill him before she lets him go, but she’s not that much gone yet, and Jaime rides because that Winterfell. Concern is: will certainly he phone call the others of Cersei’s to plan or will certainly he keep his sister’s confidence? It seems to be a tough habit because that him come break.

Littlefinger it s okay what’s comes to him 

The best scene the the whole night was one that was seven seasons in the making: the justice of Littlefinger. It to be Littlefinger who started this entirety mess between the Starks and the Lannisters when he killed Jon Arryn and had Lysa create a note to Catelyn claiming the it was the Lannisters that did it. He has actually been pulling the strings all follow me and, finally, he gained his comeuppance.

The reality that it was at the hand of Sansa, one of the characters who has actually been many hurt through his scheming and also who has been as well often actors as the victim is specifically fitting. Ns don’t think the Game the Thrones writers were together clever as they thought in trying to make us think that Arya and also Sansa were transforming against one an additional (it’s no clever come purposefully lie to her audience in stimulate to surprised them — the lazy writing), however the satisfaction of see Sansa and Arya job-related together to protect their family and also one an additional was no tainted through it.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss created the Arya/Sansa interaction assuming the the Game of Thrones audience would accept the these two characters who have respectively been v so much and have finally discovered one another again would not collection aside their relatively small differences in order to confront the darkness the the people together, yet we walk not. We are smarter viewers 보다 that. We pay attention.

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Game that Thrones wasted episodes of beneficial Sansa/Arya personality time do the efforts to do Littlefinger pertinent again and also to expand his downfall, but at the very least we acquired this ending. At the very least we obtained to see Sansa and Arya contact each other strong. At least Ned and also Catelyn distinguishable finally, after so countless years, obtained some justice. And it was their daughters who carried it to them. 

The Night King bring The wall down

Of course the big, plot-smashing occasion of the night come in The Night King’s destruction of The wall from atop Ice!Viserion. Again, we all knew it was coming, yet watching a enormous structure that has actually been stand for thousands of years come under so easily made that mark. Tormund doesn’t even try to pretend there is anything the Wildlings hold The wall can do. “Run!” that screams as soon as he sees Viserion flying closer.

This is every Jon Snow’s fault, of course, because that his selection to go past The wall surface to capture a wight, but there’s no time to suggest fingers now. It won’t assist anyone. No, the just chance the living have now is to fight (and to begin crafting a dragonglass spear to take under Viserion). Carry on Season 8.

Rating:★★★★★ great


The Hound and also The Mountain meet again, supplying a small pre-Clegane key banter. (Well, The Hound does many of the talking.)

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Dany is persuaded that she can’t have children due to the fact that “the witch who murdered she husband” called her. Jon helpfully points out that the witch who eliminated her husband could not it is in the many trustworthy source. 

Bran ultimately makes himself valuable this episode, not only helping Sansa and also Arya lay out the evidence versus Littlefinger, but additionally telling Sam (who is now at Winterfell) the Jon’s true lineage. Maybe he might have pointed out that to Sansa and Arya a tiny sooner?

of course, Bran’s exposition voiceover comes over the shooting of Jon and also Dany consummating your love/lust/whatever. Yep, she’s he is aunt. It’s tough to phone call if she will certainly be more bothered than that or by the truth that, according to Bran’s flashback, Jon is the legitimate heir to the steel Throne.

Cersei’s discussion that, if Dany’s dragon can’t loss the wights, then that can? is heartless, yet kind of valid.

one of the an ext fascinating, low-key, character-driven scene of the episode came in the conversation between Theon and Jon. Jon didn’t seem particularly interested in skip Theon’s betrayal, but he does forgive him because that it. Possibly even more importantly, he imagines Theon together both a Greyjoy and a Stark, and also believes that Ned Stark’s tradition lives on in ~ him. The speech convinces Theon to pursue Yara (finally), i beg your pardon is an excellent news in my book, even if i don’t think the Theon demands to it is in redeemed. He has actually suffered more than any kind of person ever should. Therefore, ns am no rooting because that Theon’s redemption. Ns am, however, rooting for his healing, and I think that might involve rescuing Yara — or at least trying.

The tradition of Ned stark was called upon several times in this illustration (working well with the dependence on things that have actually come before). We view his promise to Lyanna ~ the birth of Aegon “Jon” Targaryen. Us hear Jon and Theon comment on him. And, we see Sansa and Arya shortcut over absent him. No love because that Catelyn, though. Also bad. She to be a badass, too.

will certainly Jaime death Cersei? that seems more likely now an ext than ever.

Cersei is given the possibility to kill Tyrion, yet she doesn’t. As much as she no Tyrion, she still seems to take into consideration him family, and she doesn’t have much of the left. Scenes between these 2 are always some that the most exciting because, as much as lock dislike one another, they respect one one more immensely, too. In one more life, they could have been great friends. No so much this one.

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