Sex, death, reunions, destruction, and also Cersei’s hot new chain letter close the end an uneven season in “The Dragon and also the Wolf.”


Well, the over. After a rocky Season 7, Game the Thrones regulated to dust itself off through “The Dragon and also the Wolf,” a decent—if overlong—finale episode complete of crying men and stone-cold females in hot dresses. Go you gain the deaths you were hoping for? walk you have to suppress a laugh at exactly how jaunty the Night King looked, bouncing up and also down top top his dead dragon?

Here’s every the essential stuff the went down:

Dany has actually a huge Get-Together

It could have to be a good party, if Jon and also Daenerys had lugged pasta salad and deviled eggs rather of a zombie in a box. “The Dragon and also the Wolf” witnessed just around every major character ~ above Game of Thrones collection at the dragon pit in king’s Landing. Old friends (and enemies) were rejoined and new acquaintances to be made, yet with every these characters and relationships—many of i beg your pardon haven’t been stated in numerous seasons—it seemed that even the personalities themselves were having actually a difficult time remembering just how they were an alleged to understand each other.

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Then there to be the zombie. If Cersei had actually known that the big unboxing was the culmination of the most tedious and nonsensical storyline in Game the Thrones history, carry out you think she would she have actually been much more appreciative that the effort? probably not. Currently that she’s around to be a mommy again, Cersei has actually no time for other people’s problems. After lie shamelessly in her promise to aid Daenerys and also Jon v their imminent zombie threat, Cersei promptly tells Jaime she has actually no intention of doing any type of such thing—and then sends him packing, ostensibly clearing the course for some warm Ironborn action with Euron following season.

Speaking the Cersei: if you believed that she to be going to present up through her infant bump on display in part dumpy T-shirt dress, girlfriend obviously don’t recognize your queen an extremely well. She may be with child, yet that didn’t avoid her from looking chic and also slinky in formfitting black color chain mail—her best outfit since the one she wore to punch up the city last year.

But just due to the fact that you touch her stomach and also smile a many doesn’t median there’s yes, really a baby in there. And also if over there is, who’s to say who the dad actually is? (Prepare to be surprised by a newborn with the creepy confront of creepy Qyburn.)

Theon gets His Groove Back

Poor Theon’s torment top top Game that Thrones has actually been therefore never-ending the I suspect viewers are simply as noble of it as Theon himself is. This episode, he cried a bunch, he obtained a huge loogie in the face, and also then he acquired beat up.

This time, though, Theon actually punched back, earning ago the respect that the last couple of Ironborn at his disposal. Now they’re turn off to rescue Yara, which—well, I’m certain there’s someone the end there that cares about Theon and also the Ironborn.

Jon Snow’s Butt

We’ve checked out Jon Snow’s target before, but last time the happened, he’d simply made the difficult trek earlier from beyond the grave and was frankly not at his best. This time, Jon to be rested and radiant because that his huge boat day with sexy Aunt Daenerys—and the made that clear the he there is no been acquisition it basic on leg Day.

But when sex to be happening in Dany’s floating boudoir, Sam and also Bran were ago in Winterfell, finally piecing together the long-standing secret of who, exactly, provided Jon such a perky tiny booty in the very first place. (Hint: it wasn’t Ned Stark.) will the truth that Jon—not Daenerys—is technically the rightful heir to the Targaryen throne placed a damper on their burgeoning romance? will the revelation the their very own incest gross them out, or will it include a distinct frisson the the taboo to their bedroom activities? many pressingly, currently that we understand Jon’s actual name is Aegon Targaryen, walk this median he’s going come dye his hair blue? Let’s hope not; incest is one thing, yet blue hair is really not a great look for someone through Jon’s coloring.

He’s invested seven seasons tormenting us v an infuriating combo the chicanery, bitchy little glances, and a case of vocal fry poor enough to make also a Kardashian role her eyes. No should worry about any of the anymore, though, due to the fact that now Littlefinger is dead—and through Arya’s hand, just as we all predicted.

Of course, if it to be Arya who actually walk the executing, and it to be Bran who listed some key intel, the mass of the credit for Littlefinger’s death can walk to Sansa. She was the one smart sufficient to see v Littlefinger’s machinations, and also the only one with sufficient sparkle to do him to crawl on the ground if weeping and begging because that mercy.

Not just was that a very satisfying fatality for among the series’s many obnoxious characters, however it was also extremely to solve to see the Stark sister (along v their brother the tree) top top the same page for pretty lot the an initial time ever. If these two store it up, they could actually execute some damage.

Winter Is Here

Wait, no winter below already? Well, now it’s snowing in king Landing, the wall has fallen, and the zombies, after ~ a very long walk, are lastly marching south.

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O.K., see: the method it works is that once dragons space just consistent dragons, castle shoot continuous flame. Yet when castle come earlier as White walker dragons, they then shoot one-of-a-kind blue flame. No, it’s no ice; whatever blue no ice. It’s simply blue. It’s also magical—more magical than constant dragon fire, and also apparently more magical 보다 the wall surface itself too. For this reason goodbye, wall, and hello, White Walkers.

Hopefully, this doesn’t median that we’re walking to need to spend every one of next season dealing with these guys. Since it transforms out the while the White Walkers are fun and also scary together a looming, far-away threat, they’re actually pretty boring as primary villains. Has anyone rather noticed that they don’t even talk?